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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch52-53

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch52
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch53

Special thanks to Jonathan for scanning this volume for me. Ichinensei v9 is due to be released on the 12th of February. Koi Neko ch60-62 are in the proofreading stage.

Well, we’re approaching a new year. There were a lot of set-backs, and things that demotivated me from accomplishing what I wished to finish this year. I had to replace a monitor, and I’m barely starting to get used to this new one. I also built a new PC, which has taken away a lot of my time, though I selected a new motherboard, CPU, and memory with an emphasis on low memory latency, which is a vast improvement over my previous one that was around a decade old. Decided to get 16gb of memory (previously 4gb), and found that 12gb is sufficient for the way I normally use my computer (I like to multi-task).

The lack of a niche manga-related community in line with the themes of my projects that isn’t run by unfair, greedy administrators, and apathetic or greedy members does sour my mood when I work on certain projects, and I don’t know what I can do so I can forget about those kinds of people. I’ll be honest in saying what happens is that instead of focusing on how to write dialogue, I keep entertaining negative and destructive thoughts of empowering the people these people are being unfair towards, which has a high likelihood of ultimately inconveniencing everyone else. Finding a community that doesn’t upset my sensibilities would help in allowing me to focus properly. Since good communities don’t seem to exist, I’m going to be experimenting on this blog to see if there’s any other ways I can distract and motivate myself.

Lately, I’m starting to notice a lot of manga that are similar to “Ichinensei ni Nacchattara”. Like on Nicovideo, there’s a free digital manga called “Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita”. Unlike Ichinensei, which is a gag and social commentary (was a slice-of-life) manga, this is more of a wish-fulfillment-type manga. When I read comments on 4chan through an archive service concerning InN, there’s a lot of people openly expressing autogynephiliac fantasies about becoming young girls, and having platonic/yuri relationships with other girls, and this Nicovideo manga seems to be specifically aimed towards those kinds of people.

After purchasing a PSP over a year ago, I noticed that a lot of people are using an import store called Playasia, who are advertised just about everywhere (their gimmick is that they have free international standard shipping). I don’t know how many readers will benefit from this, but there are cheaper, faster, and safer alternative to Playasia if you want to import games. Just to give an example, usually sells new games for at least 18% off their standard price; however, won’t ship games overseas, which isn’t a problem because there are forwarding services (also’s shipping sucks for light things like games). Just to give an example of a good forwarding service is J-shoppers because they don’t have a handling charge, and their EMS shipping is 5% off.

Here’s an example, an 8,190 JPY PSP game from has a 1,491 JPY discount at 18% off. A single PSP game generally weighs 200g and the shipping costs 1500 JPY (1425 5% off) for Europe and 1200 JPY (1140 5% off) for North America. Of course, this is with one game. If you buy two at 400g, then the shipping is 1800 JPY (1710 5% off) to Europe, and 1500 JPY (1425 5% off) to North America. Limited Edition boxsets with artbooks and soundtracks tend to weigh around 1000g (2800 Europe/2400 NA), which means you’ll have to do a bulk order to beat Playasia’s free international standard shipping for these kinds of games, but the extra you have to pay is still more than worth having EMS shipping over free standard shipping without tracking. Also, Playasia is pretty bad for preorders and popular limited edition titles; they have a stupid tendency to accept orders and then only ship with a first-come-first-served policy with little communication ( has a better understanding of how many units they’re going to stock and close preorders as soon as this total is met).

The only caveat with using is that does have a tendency of splitting orders. So, if you order 5 titles, there’s a chance will decide to split them into 5 packages that you have to pay the shipping for separately since jshoppers does not consolidate multiple packages. In any case, I hope this is useful for at least someone out there. Once you start using a forwarding service, you then have access to most Japanese online stores if you’re interested in tokuten (shop specials) and the like, though some shops like Toranoana will not ship to a forwarding service, but they’re one of the few exceptions that I know of.


@weasel, Tsu, Anonymous, viaggero, Kay, Met, PPHifi, Ultimate, anne, asda, uli, and Masashi: Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. I hope you all have a merry Newtonmas, and a happy New Years.

@Archer: I don’t do the cake-thing for birthdays. Hahaha. More like another day where I have to consider when to lop off my head and have it cryogenically frozen.

Greenie: Thank you. You don’t have to worry about me stuffing myself on cake. Actually, you should be more worried that I don’t eat enough. I’m on the lower end of a healthy weight; I tend to forget that there is a concept called eating when I preoccupy myself with things that are interesting. As for your request, I only have personal copies of “Nyatto” and “Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!”. I would have to order additional copies if I were to scan them, and I’m currently strapped for cash in my frivolous item budget with my recent computer part purchases and the myriad of book titles coming out. With that out of the way, I believe that I saw a digital version for “Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!”, so I don’t think you would need to wait for someone to scan a copy of that series.

@Anonymous: Thank you for the moral support, Anonymous. You’re welcome, I’ll try and do my best this year, and try not to let things distract me as much.

@sensualaoi: Wow, how many books is a year’s supply for you? I generally do 10-20 books a month. Koi Neko is also the first manga I read out of all the books in my orders.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch51

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch51

Today is my birthday. It’s the Truth™.

Ichi ch52-53 are still stuck in the proofreading stage along with Koi ch60.


@Anonymous: Kona only mentioned 4chan as an example.

@weasel: The issue isn’t with the drawing in the Ichinensei chapter, but rather with using the source image in the credit page. Objectively, the photograph itself is relatively benign. However, at its best, using it feels distasteful to me in the same way as using someone’s photograph of their family that they thoughtlessly uploaded to Facebook before the internet started circulating it for their own devices.

@Anonymous: If true, that sounds worse than my previous Facebook example. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’m glad I took this seriously. The worst part is that I doubt the people responsible have been brought to justice. From what I recently learned from Rick Falkvinge, the opposite is more than likely, which is infuriating.

@sandor: The omake page was Archer’s idea. I thought it was funny because I know someone who was aspiring to be a vagina inspector. Your simplistic version would make for a decent demotivational poster, though.

@Anonymous: The photograph’s association with Highlander Syndrome has become a sort of meme. I doubt Masakazu has any knowledge of its origins, so it’s eery how things developed this way. Though speaking of memes, I still haven’t figured out the source for the “Morocco” meme Masakazu used in an older chapter.

New: Ichinensei v08 ch49-50; Koi Neko v07 ch56-59

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Ichinensei v08 ch49
Ichinensei v08 ch50

OK, serious time. Ch51 of InN introduces “Highlander Syndrome”, which is a total fantasy created by some South Korean (South Korean Website). One of the photographs used to illustrate a Highlander Syndrome sufferer (the obviously young girl with a cigarette in her hands) was used as an illustrative reference by Masakazu in Ch51. The problem is that according to my proofreader Kona, it’s:
“The picture of the unfortunate Russian child named “Natasha” (referred to as “Sammy” elsewhere), probably on an imageboard like 4chan where it has been circulating randomly for years. Rumor has it that she was molested and possibly killed by her father, although it’s very difficult to find any actual information. Regardless, the picture is in extremely bad taste, IMHO.”

Is this true? I’m not talking about the molestation and murder, but rather that this photograph has been circulating across the internet before it was used by the South Korean website, and ultimately used by Ooi Masakazu. Originally, I was going to include it in the credit page just to point out one of the myriad of references used in InN; however, this kind of thing is indeed in rather bad taste like Kona pointed out. So, I’m wondering if there’s a way I can salvage this in a tasteful way, or if I should scrap the whole idea, and then ask Archer to come up with something else (a fair number of Ichinensei’s credit pages are Archer’s ideas). Ch51 is technically past the proofreading stage, and this is the only thing holding it back.

Koi Neko v07 ch56
Koi Neko v07 ch57
Koi Neko v07 ch58
Koi Neko v07 ch59

Nateinu sent scans for Koi Neko v08 ch60, which is in the proofreading folder. He hasn’t scanned the rest of the volume yet.


@Athena`: Minoru only finds out about Yayoi’s secret toward the very end of “Neko de Gomen!”. Well, he does briefly figure it out in an earlier chapter, but Yayoi uses a time machine to travel back in time to prevent that from happening by bludgeoning him nearly to death.

@Geese1: You’re welcome. You are perhaps the most dedicated fan of Koi Neko that I have ever seen.

@Zerfines: Yeah, my spelling is also really crappy. I have to use an English spell-checker for it.

@sandor: After this, Mashima Etsuya drags his feet until the 12th volume before revealing more details. While it’s not a powerful cat with ill intentions, a character introduced in v08 called Inaho kind of fits in that role.

@Archer: Shinta probably doesn’t have to worry about issues such as statutory rape. Nao is known throughout the community and commutes to school, so she has an identity in human society. The other cats are a different story.

New: Koi Neko v07 ch53-55

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Koi Neko v07 ch53
Koi Neko v07 ch54
Koi Neko v07 ch55

Sorry for the long wait~! The rest of Koi Neko v7 is in the proofreading stage along with ch60 of Koi Neko v8. The same goes for Ichinensei v8. Kona has been extremely busy with life (it takes him 2 hours to proofread each chapter), so thanks for being patient.

At the moment, I’m currently doing the second stage cleaning for Greed Packet Unlimited’s 4th volume (90/194 complete). After this, I’ll typeset/translate the 12th chapter, and check with SemiBitter to see if he finished the 3 colour pages for ch12. Once that’s done, I’ll check to see if Umeboshi (JtE proofreader) is alive and still interested in helping to fix ch5. Of course, if either of those two are dead, then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands…


Archer: Ah, I see. You also suggested Wadatsumi.

kra096: Thank you for the offer. However, SemiBitter is already helping with Greed Packet Unlimited’s colour pages. I have a terrible internet service, so it’s not feasible for me to upload and download .psd files, which is part of the reason I mostly work alone. I also hate writing translation scripts. It’s way, way faster and less tedious to do the typesetting on my own.

@drunkguy: Thank you for the words of encouragement, Drunkguy. My favourite scanlation group was KEFI, but their key staff members became busy with life, so they’re no longer around.

@commodorejohn: You’re welcome. Some time ago, I was worried that I blacklisted your comments when I blacklisted the words “John1, John2, ..” when there was an invasion of John Bots (e.g. John912). I’m glad that wasn’t the case. Actually, if anyone’s comment doesn’t show up within 48 hours, please feel free to let me know. Also, I try my best not to delete comments—even if they’re flames or trolls—unless they’re from bots, but sometimes I make mistakes.

@Anonymous: Ah, one thing about a formal Japanese education is that it doesn’t train you to read manga unless the manga uses the standard formal Tokyo dialect. It’s for this reason why some manga aimed towards an adult demographic are easier to read; there isn’t much slang, or nonstandard dialects (e.g. Kansaiben). I chose to work on Gachax2 as my first project because I knew it was going to be localised in English, so if I messed up and made mistakes, then it’s not as big of a deal.

@noneedtoreply: I already replied to your comment in the last entry’s comment section, but I noticed that you were talking about the anime community, rather than the scanlation one. In your case, it sounds like you’re dealing with mostly younger people. I haven’t tried it with anime, but with games it’s just a matter of finding people around your age-group or older. I would recommend IRC or newsgroups, since no one has to really use them nowadays (younger people use streaming sites).

@Rachid: Thank you. Short of things like dying, or having a serious conniption, I’ll try my hardest to finish Greed Packet Unlimited, Ichinensei, and Koi Neko. I don’t know about my other projects, or any new projects, though.

@Crissa: To be honest, I’m a rather mediocre translator and writer. I spend a lot of time researching things, which is why I can catch some idiomatic expressions. Also, Archer and Kona are really good proofreaders, who fix my writing so that the end result reads sensibly. Like you, I have moments where some characters don’t make sense, like Shinta and Wakaba from Koi Neko are sometimes really difficult to understand when they’re talking to each other without straight-forward characters like Nao joining in. It’s for this reason why I want to work with Umeboshi, since his Japanese is really good (though he doesn’t know much kanji), so I can learn better ways to portray things in English.

@digitalromance: I thought about that for a year or so, and I don’t think that would work for a number of reasons.
1) I don’t have any skills that attract people. I can only provide information. The things that attract people is original content, or fileshared content that they can’t easily obtain elsewhere.
2) If I’m a moderator, then there’s nothing stopping me from becoming a bully. I think you’ve seen on other boards where moderators lock topics, delete people’s posts, and other shenanigans similar to police brutality. Also, since my dissatisfaction is from people being insufferably unfair and apathetic to this unfairness, then it would only be a matter of time before I would be confronted by such people. If I fight with them, then there’s a chance that they will punish me for my impudence.

Basically, there’s a low chance that I can start a community, so it would be a waste of time that distracts me from my scanlation hobby. Even if I somehow start a successful community, I don’t think it would last long before I initiate a fight and inevitably lose, which likely means the end of my scanlation hobby.

@Nekochild: Ack, you’ve been waiting for at least 20 days~! Sorry about that. =(

@DatGuy: Thank you. I believe Gari from Solaris-SVU might be more deserving of the “hardest working mofo in scanlations” title. There aren’t very many one-person scanlators like me who do most of the scanlation tasks on their own, but Gari has been doing it for much longer than I.

@Indighost: As far as I know, I don’t have an estimated date when I will die. However, the longer it takes me to finish my projects, the higher the percentage I’ll die from an accident and never complete them. n_n;

@Chase: I didn’t realise you were an editor, despite the advice you gave in the past. Actually, I don’t have any idea what projects you edited. Speaking of which, I haven’t visited that board ever since I lost my temper two years ago.

@SeraphicMist: Actually, I’m an unrepentant drama-llama. I started scanlating at the tail-end of the first-generation scanlation era, and have been a part of some drama fest with Dynasty Scans, or more particularly, their editor Quincy. I started scanlating Gachax2, and Quincy contacted me to let me know that they were also working on it, and they would like for me to join them as the translator (if I didn’t, then one of us would have to quit). I agreed to join them because I thought I could learn stuff. After we did the second chapter, I noticed that Quincy removed the honorifics, and I asked Quincy about it and he told me that he didn’t like them, so I asked if we could do two versions. Quincy gave me a lot of conditions, like I was only supposed to release my version after theirs, and that I’m not allowed to release on torrent trackers or report it to sites like mangaupdates. I decided to be rebellious and release mine as soon as I finished them, but I kept to the agreement not to release mine to trackers or report it to news sites, so it was pretty much a private thing for people that visit a certain forum board. Later, I started working on Mai-Otome, which I did report to news sites, and someone saw that I was working on Gachax2, and reported it to mangaupdates. Quincy found out, and quickly removed me from the Dynasty Scans team. I don’t know if I gained a bad reputation for doing this; Casusby later became the head of the group, and I did the translations for Bakuretsu Tenshi for them without any drama-llama stuff on my side.

I do agree that some scanlators are nonsensical and silly. Some of them are like fanfiction writers who use other people’s characters without permission, and then make an original character that no other fanfiction writer is allowed to use. In scanlation terms, it’s the same as if a French team takes my scans and translations, and uses them without my permission for their own release. There’s zero reason for me to become upset with them if they do this.

The most important thing that I care about in this hobby in relation to other scanlators and readers is that they support the original mangaka, and that’s really it for me. I saw a vote on mangaupdates, and a lot of users have a really messed up morality where they think it’s OK to download scanlations unless it’s localised in their region. I never understood this because technically everyone is obligated to import the originals. This is why I included links to BK1, so people can import manga through SAL shipping, which is actually cheaper than walking to their bookstore and purchasing the localised version depending on the region.

Well, in any case, thank you for your previous help. I hope Batoto turns into a good environment for people. The more I read his posts, the more I think the administrator, Grumpy, is a good person.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch48; Neko de Gomen v6 ch42

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch48
Neko de Gomen v6 ch42

According to the ftp, I released 350 chapters for a total of 2.4gb worth of content. I’ve been scanlating for 7 years now. I find it hard to believe I spent that much time working on manga. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my current projects before I die.

My motivation for working on manga was to improve my English, Japanese, and to learn various other skills. Haceldama has been helping me since the beginning (I didn’t start properly crediting him until several chapters later). My current host, Gamerkun, was helping for a short while (Mai-Otome and Gachax2), and Kona has been helping me ever since Mai-Otome. Had some help from Mr. Sleep for a short while (Koi Neko v1), and I don’t have a firm idea when Archer started helping (I know it was a little before Greed Packet Unlimited’s first chapter). Archer and Kona have been an enormous help over the years, and I think I’m rather lucky that both of them are helping me. Most of the policies I use in my releases are thanks to Haceldama.

With that being said, my pace has slowed down due to a waning enthusiasm. All things considered, I guess this is natural. The project that has suffered the most from this is Neko Kissa; I like working on Neko Kissa when I’m in a certain kind of mood, but I haven’t been in such a mood ever since I started becoming disillusioned a great deal by the communities I used to participate in. Haven’t had any luck whatsoever in finding a community that I feel comfortable participating in without upsetting my sensibilities, and the ones that are decent are either too fast for a person like me (4chan) or dead (Mr. Sleep’s community).

Well, in any case, I’m 10/24 finished with Koi Neko’s 58th chapter. Nateinu debinded his copies of volumes 8-10 of Koi Neko, and is slowly working his way through scanning them. Once I’m done with the last two chapters from the 7th volume of Koi Neko, I’m going to do 2 more chapters of Ichinensei, and then proceed to finish the 3rd and 4th volume of Greed Packet Unlimited.


@Lasserine: Someone pointed out a possibility of patching scanlation overlays through a pdf plug-in. I haven’t heard further details from this person, so I’m currently putting any efforts to translate Aoi Umi no Sashimi (and a couple other things) on hold for now.

@Anonymous: I also noticed that someone was doing Okusan by Masakazu Ooi as well. Well, I hope those groups persevere in their efforts.

New: Koi Neko v07 ch52; Neko de Gomen! v06 ch40-41

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Koi Neko v07 ch52

Special thanks to Nateinu for scanning this volume.

Neko de Gomen! v06 ch40
Neko de Gomen! v06 ch41

While it’s not as relevant, I’m amused that when I went to look up Kakefu-kun, a reviewer known as the Angry Videogame Nerd reviewed the NA localisation of “Kakefu’s Jump Heaven and Speed Hell”, which is known as “Kid Kool” in North America, only a few days before I researched Kakefu-kun.

AVGN: “Is that Kid Kool? What happened? He looks nothing like the guy on the cover. Now that’s what you would call cool. Shaking his fist at a wizard. A dragon humping his leg.”
North American Cover:

Japanese Cover:

I love how the North American packaging changed that derpy-looking Japanese kid into a badass to deceive people and increase sales. Though, the Japanese localisers are more nefarious in being deceptive with their covers to fish for sales, like with the Ultima III: Exodus (Japanese “ウルティマ・恐怖のエクソダス”) localisation and port:

Despite appearing everywhere in the packaging and manual, none of those characters appear in the game. The Japanese commercial advertising Ultima III: Exodus spends 3/4 of its time focusing on the bust and thighs of the pink miniskirt cleric/mage, which has led to a lot of people purchasing a difficult RPG only to find she doesn’t exist in the game. With that being said, looking up Ultima on Pixiv brings up a lot of fanart for the nameless pink miniskirt cleric/mage.

In any case, Ichinensei’s 48th chapter and Neko de Gomen’s 42nd chapter are currently in the proofreading stage. I started working on the Neko de Gomen drama CD. There are 10 tracks:
Track 01: PINKの奇跡 (Pink no Kiseki) Song: Transcribed
Track 02: 〈第一幕〉彼女の異常な日常 ( Kanojo no Ijou na Nichijou) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 03: 猫でごめんあそべ (Neko de Gomen Asobe) Song: Transcribed
Track 04: 〈第二幕〉かみら南蛮アタック ( Kamira Nanban Attack) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 05: それ行け!やよい (Sore Ike! Yayoi) Song: Instrumental
Track 06: 真夜中すぎのModerato (Mayonaka Sugino Moderato) Song: Transcribed
Track 07: 〈第三幕〉オールキャスト総進撃(前編) ( All Cast Soushingeki [First Part]) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 08: NYAN NYAN NYAN!! Song: Instrumental
Track 09: 〈第四幕〉オールキャスト総進撃(後編) ( All Cast Soushingeki [Last Part]) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 10: 1mのアリバイ (1m no Alibi) Song: Transcribed

I was hoping to transcribe the first part of the voice drama, but those hopes were dashed right when I heard the first word out of Shiraishi-sensei’s mouth. Despite there being a lot of scenes taken from the manga, the voice actors in this speak really fast, and it’s difficult for me to figure out what they’re saying word for word. I don’t know any Japanese-to-English fansub translators, so I’m not sure what I can do, since I seem incapable of brute-forcing my way through the first word (unless it’s kagaku/science).


@dayrains: Ah, OK. Thank you for the information regarding “Chitose Get You”.

@Proto: Ah, Christmas in July. I’m glad you’re happy. Look forward to the next chapter that’s coming soon!

@Nekochild: Thank you. The Japanese reviewers weren’t clear on whether the game was good or bad. When you speak of Yui and Disgaea, do you mean his fanart and doujins? I wasn’t aware that he did anything official for that series.

@Chore Boy: You’re welcome. It’s tankoubon. There’s a number of people that write it as “tankoban” for some reason. The simplest would be to refer to the compilations as “tanks”.

@viaggero: Thank you for the link. I saw that series on Yahoo’s webcomic reader, though I only read the first chapter then.

@Waspire: You’re welcome. I hope your copy of Ichinensei arrives safely.

@Archer: Something I’m wondering is if they temporarily removed that content merely to give “Witcher 2″ a R17 rating in North America, so they could stock the game at normal retailers to increase sales. “Witcher 2″ is rated R18 just about everywhere else, including Japan.

@Anonymous: There’s three of you, so I don’t know if you’re all different people. But I only own one copy of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” for personal reading. I was under the impression that it was serialised in an online magazine, and that it was fully scanlated. One of the first google results for the Japanese title is mangafox, which kind of bothers me.

The only manga I scanned is Greed Packet Unlimited, and I bought 2 copies for each volume. I doubt I’ll have time to order another copy of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” and scan it, since I’m busy with my own projects. I have a feeling that I might have to scan the rest of Koi Neko myself if Nateinu burned himself out. With that aside, there’s a chance that a digital version of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” might be available for sale at some point in the future here:

(They have digital versions of a lot of works published by ASCII Media Works and Kadokawa Shoten.)

Speaking of which, a digital version of Moriyama Daisuke’s “World Embryo” is available here:

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch47; Neko de Gomen! v06 ch39

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch47

Finally back to this series. Special thanks to Jonathan for scanning the 8th volume.

Neko de Gomen! v06 ch39

Yayoi versus the bank robbers Ishiba and Shade. This chapter has been stuck in the proofreading stage for less than three months. Though, it’s over 60 pages long. Ch40-41 are still in the proofreading stage along with Koi Neko’s 52nd chapter. NdG’s 42nd chapter is less than 20 pages away from being finished.


@unKanny: That sounds cool. If you can make, or show how to make such a plug-in for a PDF reader, that would be great!

@Anonymous: I tried to find an extensive list of changes for localisations and ports, but it seems no one has compiled such a thing that one could peruse at their leisure. The wikipedia article I linked is incredibly pitiful in content. I’ve seen some games that will show artistic nudity, but still remove/change things. Just to list one, the PAL and NTSC localisation for Breath of Fire IV removed a hot spring bathing scene, and a scene where a female party member drops her pants in front of a bunch of sailors. Changes similar to this also happens in Japan. For example, in 2005 Taito did a Playsation 2 port of a 1996 Saturn title called “Langrisser 3″ by Masaya, and someone thought the high-cut leotards of the female cast who are all 11-17 years-old were too risque, so they were redrawn.

As I mentioned, I haven’t kept up with newer games, so I’m curious about Disgaea. I only played the first game in that series, and I am unfamiliar with the rest by NIS. On a final note, the funniest changes I’ve ever seen are from the Japanese localisation for “Police Quest 2″, where all of the character graphics were redrawn to give them brightly coloured anime hair (seeing the black police sergeant sporting huge anime eyes and a purple afro nearly made me die from laughter).

@Kemm: Someone asked me about Puchi Hound several years ago. I believe I said that it’s unlikely since the story in the first couple volumes didn’t strike me as interesting. I prefer not to pick up other scanlator’s dead projects starting where they left off. I like working on things from the beginning. Also, as a reader, I hate it when I read a manga from one group and then have to switch to a different group for the rest of it.

@Anonymous: I don’t have any particular plans to work on Schoolmate at the moment. I have scanlated a few chapters of Azuma Yuki’s adult works in the past, though.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Schoolmate is like most of Azuma Yuki’s other manga: they meander until she somehow decides it’s time to finish it. I can’t remember the names of the characters, but the story is essentially about Maki being a precocious little brat that wants to be a gravure idol while neglecting her education when she found out that her agent, when Maki was modeling for children’s clothing catalogues, used to be a gravure idol. The story ends when Maki realises that if she does poorly in school, that means she gets to retake the same class that has her older brother as its teacher, which she considers acceptable. There’s some kind of social commentary, but the themes are so weak that you’re probably better off with some other manga unless you happen to like Azuma Yuki.

@Jammermole: I’m a fan of Saitou Kenetsu, which is why I did the Mai-Otome manga adaption. I tried watching the first episode of the Mai-Otome anime, and I hated the voice actress for Arika, and was disappointed in how SerGAR became SerGAY. Mai-Otome Zwei is based off the anime, so my knowledge from the Mai-Otome manga isn’t really applicable.

@Archer: The Exile link was interesting. It’s nice to know that companies are at least trying to pander to homosexuals. The TERA video wasn’t what I expected. If you asked a Japanese person to describe TERA in one word, it would be Eri-n. On 2ch, there’s a 25k+ discussion thread for them, and the last I checked, they were trying to port the models to Skyrim so they could live out their autogynephilic fantasies on a better game…

@Pricey: Thank you for your offer to help. The people who help me with proofreading are people that I’ve known for quite a while. I already have three people helping me, and coordinating with more than that would probably cause an increase in delays. However, if you happen to find any mistakes that they have missed, please feel free to point them out so I can fix them.

@Nekochild: The only basketball game I played was “Charles Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden”, which is less a basketball game, and more of an RPG commenting on RPGs, and other stuff with diabetes cultists, genies trying to steal the civil rights of duergar miners in Square-Enix-Goya chup mines, and so on.

Is “Rotte No Omocha EX” an anime? I remember years ago when I picked up the first two volumes of the manga and I commented on how Yui was an unfamiliar mangaka only to find out a year later that I actually talked to him a long time ago when he was known as Foxy, and he was doing fan art illustrations for “Wagaya no Inari-sama”, “Asobi ni Iku yo”, and “Ragnarok Online” (I found this out while I was clicking links to old bookmarks).

Aren’t the two Strike Witches books in the upper left corner manga adaptions? Speaking of which, is “Strike Witches: Hakugin no Tsubasa” a good horizontal shooter? The horizontal shooter I derived the most enjoyment from was “Cotton 2″ by Success for the Saturn. Due to Irem’s influence, most of the horizontal shooters I played were really difficult.

@dayrains: “Chitose Get You” has an anime adaption!? Wow, that’s news to me. Thanks for the heads up! Surprised I haven’t seen it advertised.

New: Koi Neko v06 ch50-51

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Koi Neko v06 ch50
Koi Neko v06 ch51

Thus concludes this volume. Special thanks to SemiBitter for doing the two-page colour spread for Koi Neko’s 50th chapter.

Neko de Gomen v06 ch39 is still in the proofreading stage, and ch40 is 26/46 complete.

Speaking of Koi Neko, my copy of the 11th volume arrived recently.

*Click for a high-resolution Image*
From left to right, top to bottom:
アイドルプリテンダー (1) (Idol Pretender)
おくさん (3) (Okusan)
となりのランドセルw (1) (Tonari no Ransel w)
ぷちはうんど (7) (Puchi Hound)
蒼海訣戰 -世界編-(1) (Soukai Kessen -Soukaihen-)
ドリームハンター麗夢alternative (1) (Dream Hunter Rem alternative)
まほマほ (1) (Maho Maho)
To LOVEる―とらぶる― ダークネス (4) (To Loveru Trouble Darkness)
妄想奇行―Adolescence Avatar (Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar)
コイネコ (11) (Koi Neko)
うららちゃんのナカの人 (2) (Urara-chan no Naka no Hito)
これはゾンビですか? (5) (Kore wa Zombie desu ka?)

As I mentioned before, Mashima Etsuya is using 3D models to help with the poses for Koi Neko, which has also led to the character designs being slightly different, especially for Nao (she’s much lankier). The fanservice scenes in the 10th volume look to be merely a phase, though the 11th volume was extremely long and drawn out. The only chapter with any real meat on its bones was ch91 where Inaho explains Nao’s origins to Mikadzuki. Speaking of Inaho, I can’t tell if Inaho is male or female. I’m assuming Inaho is male, but being a servant of Inari makes me unsure.

Despite being a fan of Miyashita Miki, “Tonari no Ransel w” felt really generic. Well, it is being serialised in Shounen Jump SQ, so it’s par for the course, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on a perpetual hiatus like her older serial “Pixy Gale”. With that being said, the one-shot included in the volume is good, and more along Miki’s cynical style. It’s about a guy who is pretty much never going to have sex, and he’s visited by someone to help him lose his virginity with any available girl because it just wouldn’t do for him to become a wizard and join the Wizard Space Federation, and then proceed to teleport into space stations to systematically murder the imbecilic crew members with magic missiles and fireballs. =P

NOT LIVES was really good. The main character kind of reminded me of Takatou Iori from Ichinensei, except with an ambition to program the most entertaining game rather than obsessing over some love interest. I was strongly considering taking it up as a project, so I went to see if there were RAWs available, but it seems someone already started scanlating it using the magazine scans. Too bad!

BLANGEL’s second volume was released a little over 4 years after the release of its first volume. I don’t even remember the exact reason why I picked up the first volume. Well, the first chapter was ridiculous in how over-the-top violent it was with the heroine having a deep-seated hatred for weaklings who can’t take care of themselves (she saves some boy who was being bullied, and takes him out to a forest to beat him up until he turns into the werewolf that was responsible for murdering/raping people, which further pisses off the heroine, cementing the concept that Nice Guys™ suck).

Serialised in the same magazine as BLANGEL, “Dream Hunter Rem alternative” by Koga-R is a manga-adaption of an anime series that is a couple decades old (80s-90s). The anime was originally an H-anime before the creators realised that the story was too interesting to be pigeon-holed in the adult-only category, so they scraped out the sex scenes and converted it into an all-age anime, which explains the fantasy bikini armour stuff and the design of the dreamscape monsters Rem fights. Koga-R also did an R-18 version of Dream Hunter called “Dream Hunter Rem XX” (Not Safe for Work). Considering the huge gap of time between the anime and manga, I find the disparity in the character designs to be interesting. It’s easy to tell the anime was made in the 80s-90s by the style of the noses.

While I don’t really have a specific dislike for fantasy bikini armour, I do find it annoying when there’s a roleplaying game or comic where the male characters are all wearing full suits of armour, and the female characters are wearing impractical sexy armour. If the chainmail bikini is good enough for the female fighter, then it should be good enough for the male fighter as well. I believe Archer was also poking fun at this. Thankfully, modern videogame designers have fixed this discrepancy by allowing players to outfit their male dwarf fighters with bikini armour and dresses for their dwarven empires (see Gemclod).


@david: Here

@dayrains: Someone actually e-mailed me recently about Neko de Gomen. He was offering to send scans of some illustrations that were included on the opposite side of the pages for the table of contents found in the original 8 volumes. Though, those illustrations are already available on J-comi, so I declined. This person also sent me transcripts of translations posted on newsgroups back in the 90s, which was really cool. He offered to do production work if I were to do video releases of the drama-CD with translation subtitles at the bottom. The only problem is that my listening skills are abysmal. It’s hard enough for me to understand what people say in English. I usually need to have captions if I want to enjoy movies in English and Japanese. One funny thing is that my host, Gamerkun, has a good ear and sometimes transcribes the Japanese and sends these transcriptions to me so I can parse and translate them for him (he does Spanish fansubs based off English fansubs).

Well, I’m two chapters away from finishing Neko de Gomen’s 6th volume, so I’m going to have to see what I can do with the drama-CD.

@Anonymous: I consider Somethingawful to be a microcosm of the typical person in society, albeit with a slightly nerdier bent. They’re against lolicon, I think, because they believe it promotes and fosters an unhealthy sexual desire for real children, and something about people using these works to groom children into thinking sex with adults is OK. Then there’s also the typical human trait where people are obsessed over sex and food, and other people in relation to these two things. I remember one thread on Somethingawful where the majority of users were throwing a fit over how someone eats a steak.

I saw the thing about the word “loli” being treated like a dirty word in the TVTropes thread on Somethingawful. The topic of the word “loli” did make me wonder if it’s just a term used by Japanese people familiar with games, manga, and anime like the terms tsundere, fujoshi, and so forth. I don’t believe I have ever saw the word used in a normal conversation outside of those things.

To be fair, the censorship for those games you mentioned is pretty typical for mainstream localisers. I haven’t kept track with localisations, so I don’t know if the attitudes have changed recently. Surprised that TERA was localised. One funny thing about the Elin race from that game is that exclusive-paedophiles find them to be disgusting because of their abnormally-wide hips kind of like how Yume from Ichinensei is disgusted by Ion because of her breasts.

Essentially, I think any problem with SA is the same problem with humanity as a whole. I wouldn’t want to wish anyone who uses their forum boards death; as a fellow human, I exhibit some of their problems as well. This is why I think the scientific method, critical thinking, and skepticism are important since they’re the only things we have to recognise and subdue these human faults so we don’t make poor decisions.

@Calc-Yolatuh: I like the LPs on Somethingawful, too! I also enjoy the writing of Richard Kyanka and Zack Parsons. I like the Debate and Discussion part of the website as well. I don’t visit the anime board though; that section is frequented and moderated by terrible people. By terrible, I’m mostly talking about how they think it’s perfectly fine for them to pirate manga and anime that aren’t localised in the United States without a guilty conscience. Also, one of the stupid moderators was trying to defend “Panties And Stocking With Garterbelt” as something that doesn’t pander to paedophiles (as if this is a terrible thing) when it’s by Gainax, who are notorious for creating a child-grooming simulator with nude graphics of an underage girl among a library of similar works.

New: Koi Neko v06 ch49

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Koi Neko v06 ch49

Archer finally had time to proofread this chapter. Archer does a thorough proof-editing job that extends far beyond correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, which I feel is worth the wait. In any case, the 11th volume of Koi Neko was released recently, and I updated its project page to reflect this with the cover and links. Surprisingly, the 11th volume’s cover is the first one not to have Sakurazaki Nao on it… actually, it does have a Nao…

Like I mentioned two updates ago, Ichinensei’s 8th volume is due to be released on the 12th of June, and I updated its project page to reflect this. I finished scanning the 3rd and 4th volume of Greed Packet Unlimited, so I’m debating whether or not I should order an extra copy of Ichinensei’s 8th volume to scan it myself.

1) Nateinu debinded the 7th volume of Koi Neko, but I haven’t heard back from him since I last e-mailed him over a month ago. If he disappears without a word like KamenWriter or Spiritovod, then I would have to order extra copies and scan Koi Neko myself.
2) Kamiya Yuu finished his first light-novel that he wrote and illustrated himself called “No Game No Life”. He’s still recovering from his surgery, but says that he plans to work on Greed Packet Unlimited later this year, which means the 5th volume might get released next year.
3) What I suspect to be the same anonymous scanner that did most of the previous scans for Ichinensei is likely to do Ichinensei’s 8th volume a few months after its release. The only benefit for me to scan Ichinensei myself is that I might have an easier time joining the two-page spreads. I believe the anonymous scanner crops the images, which leads to me having to redraw a sizable amount of art to join the spreads. Usually this isn’t a big deal, but certain pages like p116-117 of v4 and 056-058 of v7 required a lot of time and work for a mediocre result if one looks at them carefully.

Anyway, like I said in a previous post, Suihei Kiki released a doujin sequel of Mika ni Harassment, which can be bought by clicking the banner to Melonbooks on the lefthand-side of this website. Unfortunately, the PDF is password protected, which means a password recovery tool is needed in order to apply a patch to it. I own APDFPR because I hate, hate, hate PDF files. However, APDFPR costs 49 USD, which isn’t feasible for a casual user who’s probably only going to use it for just one pdf file.

Does anyone know of any pdf password removing and image extracting tools that are free and compatible for most operating systems?

In any case, this is how a patch works. This is the raw page:

This is the patch page:

This is the patch page being imposed on top of the raw page simply using HTML code:

Essentially, a user downloads the pdf file, and then extracts the images from it. Then they open an HTML file that will take the extracted images and impose the patch images over it. The patch images are rather small if they do not have any redrawing portions on them. The above sample patch page with a little redrawing for Koi Neko is 16.3kb vs. the 51.6kb of the raw page, and this is without compression.

In any case, I had this idea when people pointed out how J-comi is less convenient than reading a scanlation. Though, J-comi would have to host both the raw page and the patch page on its server unless it’s possible for them to code something where J-comi draws from the user’s hard-drive for the patch pages to apply the patch images to the raw images, but I don’t know enough about coding to know how one would do this.


@Yo_L2: I import manga, which means I don’t have the luxury to leaf through the books like if I were in a bookstore, so it’s necessary for me to google the manga and mangaka for more information so I don’t regret making a purchase. Generally, this means I’m limited to mainly publishers and mangaka with an online presence. Of course, I do extra research for mangaka of projects that I work on.

Well, I hope my explanation for the patching process makes sense.

@Calc-Yolatuh: I had to try out various methods before I settled on a code that is compatible for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. Some people suggested really stupid things like tables… ughh… I’m glad I found out about “absolute; z-index:”.

@Drunkguy: Thank you for your efforts. Disappointing that no one responded. =\

@Anonymous: Actually, there has been efforts on the Somethingawful boards to make the users less horrible and bigoted. Though, right now it’s limited to their irrational fears and thoughtlessness towards transpeople and people with mental disabilities. I really don’t know if they’ll realise that most paedophiles aren’t child molesting monsters like how most homosexuals and heterosexuals aren’t monsters trying to have sex with other people that violates our current consent-based morality system where people ought not to exploit and take advantage of other people. =\

I saw the thread on Somethingawful discussing TVTropes, and “Ichinensei ni Nacchattara” actually was brought up in that thread. Though, none of them actually read the manga, and judged it based on what was said by someone on TVTropes who was defending its article. One thing that is inarguable is that Ichinensei ni Nacchattara does include risqe illustrations that definitely pander to lolicons and paedophiles. I don’t think this pandering is evil simply because there’s no peer reviewed scientific studies that indicate that this causes harm. Though, I’m willing to change my stance if there’s proof that it does cause harm.

Personally, I feel a little sorry for paedophiles, since they’re treated unfairly. Probably worse than transpeople even. In the past, women and children were being treated like property, animals, and sex toys, and even though we’re recently trying to adopt a morality system that says it’s wrong to take advantage of people, there’s still vestiges where people still think certain things are all right. For example, the logical conclusion of this morality is something similar to Antioch’s reasonable proposals, which were mocked because the violation of Antioch’s guidelines for consent would make a lot of people rapists.

And this is where I disagree with Somethingawful, their policy is to sweep paedophiles beneath the carpet, ban them from their forum boards, and chase them off websites as if they’re lepers with some kind of contagious disease. I think it’s better to educate and support people so they don’t make bad decisions. There’s a manga publisher that panders to lolicons and paedophiles that has a better grasp of the situation than Somethingawful. I don’t remember which one, I think it’s LO or Rin, but I remember someone showing off an advertisement from one of those magazines for clinics and stuff to help these kinds of people with their urges if masturbating to lolicon material isn’t enough for them.

@Nekochild: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 is due to be released on June 12th.

@Calc-Yolatuh: It’s kind of weird, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of them are closet paedophiles. Kind of like how homosexuals that grew up in areas that demonise homosexuality take on an outer guise of a stereotypical homophobic. That kind of thing is really unhealthy because it does nothing to address their urges.

@waspire: I originally picked up Ichinensei ni Nacchattara because it was a genderbending manga. I took it up as a project specifically because it had material that panders to lolicons that might bother people. I was debating whether to work on Ichinensei or a shounen manga called “Soukai Kessen” that has subtle—yet obvious—homosexual elements between the male characters.

New: Koi Neko v06 ch48

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Koi Neko v06 ch48

My internet has been acting crappy, so let me know if the download is corrupt. One of my proofreaders, Archer, is really busy, so it will be a while before the last three chapters are ready to be released.

Anyway, I just found out that Suihei Kiki, the mangaka behind “Mika ni Harassment” decided to release all of his doujins digitally on Melonbooks. This includes his “Mika ni Harassment” remake, which apparently is an all-age R-15 manga rather than an adult R-18 manga. So, I decided to create a banner for his works on Melonbooks on the lefthand side of this site (Refreshing might be necessary). Melonbooks accepts western credit card payments, but if anyone needs a guide on how to purchase from Melonbooks, please ask!

If you enjoyed the “Mika ni Harassment” manga, please consider showing your support by purchasing the digital sequel. I’m going to buy it as soon as my internet is straightened out. Suihei Kiki has shown goodwill by not including any DRM for all but the first couple douijns being sold on Melonbooks.

One thing I’m curious about is if the .pdf is password protected. If it isn’t protected, I’m going to do something unique that functions like a translation patch people use for games and stuff. Basically, it’s where I take all of the layers of a normal scanlation but remove the background layer so it’s just the redrawing, cleaning, and text. I then make an html file that takes the images from the pdf and uses them as a background image with the scanlation portion imposed over it. I thought of this idea when people pointed out how J-comi would be more convenient if it was like a scanlation, rather than the raw images with a text translation next to it. If this doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll create an example with one of the manga I worked on. I think it’s an interesting idea, because the patch images generally amount to 10-20kb for images without any redrawn art and around 60-120kb for images with the art redrawn, so they’re fairly light-weight and quick to distribute.


@Yo_L2: Thank you for your patronage. It’s simpler for me to maintain conversations when I have something to say, which I usually don’t. It’s easier for me to respond to questions, though.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Normally, I research the mangaka of the manga I work on. In Shiina Kazuki’s case, his works are being published by Kill Time Communication (KTC), and they’re one of the few publishers that make their webpage worth visiting to check out the contents of whatever they’re publishing (they’re also progressive with digitally selling some of their works without DRM). Though, most of their publications are adult-oriented (NSFW) or pseudo-adult seinen light novels and mangas. Doi Sakazaki, the mangaka who worked on “Yomeiro Choice” was also doing adult works for KTC at some point (though most of his adult works were for a different publisher).

Actually, that reminds me, there was an all-age seinen manga serialised in KTC’s Comic Valkyrie a long time ago by Przm Star called “NEKOTAMA!!” that was never compiled into a volume, which annoyed me since I was looking forward to it. I have yet to see the magazine raws for it, which is regrettable.

@Drunkguy: I rarely, if ever, post on Mangaupdates, either. Usually I only check the forums if one of the 5 recent topics catches my interest while I go there to report one of my projects. Well, if you do start a topic about J-comi somewhere, let me know (with a link). =)