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Greed Packet Unlimited Again

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

My additional copies of Greed Packet Unlimited arrived, and I finished debinding the first volume, which took me almost three hours, with a hair dryer (I’ll probably try an iron next time since the glue behaved more like chalk than a syrupy mess). I’m starting to gain a further appreciation for the amount of time that goes into debinding and scanning books. Well, there’s still the scanning part, so if anyone has any additional suggestions on that, feel free to comment.

In other news, volume four of Greed Packet Unlimited is due to be released on the 27th of November with a drama CD attached to first edition copies. Curious to find out who does the character voices. Would be pretty funny if Yama-chan, the person who does the voice for Disney’s Donald Duck in Japan, does the voice for Casio. n_n;

Also, on the matter of version 2.0 of Greed Packet’s first chapter. I think I’ll wait until after the 4th volume arrives to see if Keisu’s name is romanised. I romanised it as Kes based on the phone she’s named after. The character introduction in Dengeki Maou had her name romanised as Keys. Dengeki Maou romanised Cella’s name differently from the romanisation used in the 3rd volume, which is why I’m hesitant to go with Keys.

As for my stunning lack of progress for my other projects.

Kimama ni Updown ch05: Translated (being cleaned)
Neko de Gomen ch11: Translated (being cleaned)
Neko Kissa ch13: Transcribed/Cleaned
Wadatsumi ch6: 10/38 Edited


@Geese1: Yes, hopefully KamenWriter finds time to send more scans for Koi Neko.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Are you talking about people like Shuuhou Satou, and his website? While I think the idea is rather nice, I’m still curious how sustainable it’s going to be in comparison to the model used by Yahoo Comics (In Yahoo Comics’ case, I prefer the printed version over a online version that’s laden with DRM and a 80 day reading period).

@dayrains: I have to wait for the scans for Ichinensei’s 6th volume, so it’s in the same boat as Koi Neko for now. =P