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New: Koi Neko v02_ch14

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Miyabi Love Attack~!


@Anonymous: Thank you very much for the magazine RAWs for the first five chapters. The character profile included in the back of the first volume lists the heroine’s name as Astarotte Ygvar and romanises the title as Rotte no Omocha.

@Axis: Yes, I still remember you. Anyway, I don’t follow the weekly magazine releases for ToLoveru Trouble. I’m currently on the second volume, so I can’t answer your question, sorry.

@acme: I think my favourite characters in Rotte no Omocha at the moment is Ingrid (The loli who lives in the tower) and Elíka (The vampire girl who Astarotte visited). Speaking of Elfleda, that bell around her neck must be noisy considering its size. As for your question concerning Ichinensei ni Nacchattara, it’s an enterobiasis cellophane tape test to detect pinworm eggs in the anus. The tests are issued in the 1st through 3rd grade of Elementary School in Japan if I’m not mistaken.

@CH: Yeah, I’m going to do some Koi Neko for a little while.

@Vended: I’ll look over Sakuranbo Syndrome since I haven’t read anything by that author. Though, the 10 volume total is a little intimidating. Thank you for the suggestion.

New: Neko de Gomen v01_ch05

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Thus ends the first volume of the original compilation.

While it is fairly obvious, the chapters titles in this manga are based on other titles (particularly movies):
The Birth of Super Cat Yayoi:
スーパーマン誕生 (The Birth of Superman)

That Girl is in Heat (あの娘は発情期):
*I have no idea. Does anyone know?*

Panic in Outdoors School:
パニック・イン・スタジアム (Panic in Stadium)

Back to the Catgirl:
バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー (Back to the Future)

When a Cat Changes into a Swimsuit:
彼女が水着にきがえたら (When She Changes into a Swimsuit)


@Axis: Hello Axis, it’s been a while. Yeah, I kind of ordered more than I usually do. I was also hoping to snag the 4th volume of ToLoveru Trouble, but it’s still out of stock.

@Nibor: You’re welcome. Here’s some more Ichinensei ni Nacchattara to boost blog quality.
Image Hosted by
I’m also anxiously awaiting the tankoubon scans, since some of the early stories, especially Miho’s birthday party from hell, are hilarious.

@Guest: No, I do not have any plans to scan any of those. I did try debinding and scanning a 32 page story from a magazine, and learned that scanning is really time consuming and tedious.

@Sandor: As commodorejohn pointed out, the Nuku Nuku manga has been licensed and localised by ADV. Actually, there are two mangas in that universe, one by Moriyama Yuuji and Takada Yuuzo serialised in Action Comics, and some kind of remake by Takada Yuuzou serialised in Kadokawa Comics. I have the one by Moriyama Yuuji and Takada Yuuzo (Which has been licensed by ADV), but haven’t seen the remake by Takada Yuuzou.

@acme: Hello acme. What would be an even bigger coincidence is if you picked it up for the same reason I did (p88 of volume 2). Rotte no Omocha was the only manga in that order by an author I was not previously familiar with.

@clone#10000001: Indeed, it’s almost like the characters in Gacha Gacha were living in an endless time loop.

@commodorejohn: Konna Panic doesn’t really have chapters. It’s just one long spree of pages that lasts for five volumes.

Scanlation is illegal, whether or not it has been localised. So, it’s mostly a matter of efficiency and courtesy rather than legality that most groups drop a series once it becomes licensed. The basic idea is that if it’s being translated by professionals, then the scanlator can move on to a different series that hasn’t been translated yet.

@Anonymous: If it’s the tankoubon scans rather than the magazine scans for Rotte no Omocha, sure! The characters are really goofy and endearing. Also, I like how the story steps on the toes of certain taboos (A 23 year-old father has a 10 year-old daughter, think about that for a minute). I don’t think such a story would ever be localised in English. Thank you for your time.

There might be delays…

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Click thumbnail for a high-resolution screenshot.

From left to right, top to bottom:
レッする!アイドル (3) (Ressuru! Idol)
できたらいいな (Dekitara ii na)
Dual Soul One Body (2)
ななみくす! (1) (Nana mix)
ストライクウィッチーズ 天空の (2) (Strike Witches Tenkuu no)
かみんぐ・ど~る (1) (Kaming Doll)

ロッテのおもちゃ! (1) (Rotte no Omocha!)
ロッテのおもちゃ! (2) (Rotte no Omocha!)
ルテナン・スカーレット (1) (Lieutenant Scarlet)
ルテナン・スカーレット (2) (Lieutenant Scarlet)
夢渡りプルチネッラ (1) (Yume Watari Pulcinella)
夢渡りプルチネッラ (2) (Yume Watari Pulcinella)

狩霊士 (3) (Shureishi)
あきそら (1) (Akisora)
グリードパケット∞ (1) (Greed Packet ∞)
我が家のお稲荷さま。 (3) (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)
ぷちはうんど (4) (Puchi Hound)
一年生になっちゃったら (3) (Ichinensei ni Nacchattara)

おまもりひまり(4) (Omamori Himari)
まじょま (2) (Majoma)
ちょこっとヒメ (5) (Chokotto Hime)
bee-be-beat it! (1)
VITAセクスアリス (1) (Vita Sexualis)
あそびにいくヨ! (4) (Asobi ni Iku yo!)

マイティ・ハート (5) (Mighty Heart)
明日のよいち! (8) (Asa no Yoichi)
葵さまがイかせてアゲル (1) (Aoi-sama ga Ikasete Ageru)

Oddly enough, despite the fact that the package was ripped up pretty badly during its delivery, none of the books were badly damaged. Well, Vita Sexualis suffered the greatest battle wounds with a small dent in the bottom left corner that continues for about 20-30 pages.
Image Hosted by

Also I’m really bothered by the creepiness depicted on the cover for Chokotto Hime’s fifth volume. o_o;;

Unfortunately, this might delay releases for a short time. n_n;

Thank you very much for the comments, if you happen to have any questions or spot an error, please let me know. n_n

@danccm: It seems that the encoding for the site went a little haywire. I think I fixed it, but if you continue to have problems, please let me know.

@David: I’m a little over 14/46 done with the editing for the 5th chapter of Neko de Gomen at the time of this post. So, it’s going to be the next thing I release hopefully.

@Anonymous: Gacha Gacha is over. Well, the way Tamakoshi Hiroyuki did end it with “First Part: End” does sound kind of weird. As another user pointed out, if the story is ever continued, it’ll probably be with a whole new set of characters. At the moment, Tamakoshi is working on “Last: For the sake of our Future” and “Que Sera Sera”. I haven’t read either story yet.

@Yuribou: Progress for Ichinensei ni Nacchattara’s third volume is on hiatus until the tankoubon RAWs appear online. I do have the physical book in my possession. So, there’s a slight possibility that I’ll be evil and post spoilers in a future update. At the moment, I quickly peeked to see if the story ends at the third volume, and found out that it is still ongoing.

@commodorejohn: Neko de Gomen was one of those stories that I was hoping to see scanlated along with Konna Panic by Asagiri Yuu. Let’s hope that I can finish Neko de Gomen before the end of this year.

@CH: You’re welcome. I’m not worried at all about flamers, though spambots are a potential concern. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t compare such people to Phy, who happens to be an internet humourist who gave his approval in the manliest way possible (Go to his site to understand).

New: Koi Neko v02_ch13; Neko Kissa v01_ch06

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

At the recommendation of both Epagien and Gamerkun, I decided to use a blog to share my thoughts and news in regards to manga—particularly the ones being scanlated on this site—and receive fan comments.

Seems like a nice way to start the new year~!