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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v03_ch16

Sunday, February 15th, 2009


Well, that’s it for Miho’s Birthday Party from hell.

Also, it looks like Tamakoshi Hiroyuki’s new serial “Last ~For the Sake of our Future~” ended on its second volume, and while looking for a review, I came across this sample of the omake in Ikage-san’s blog:
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Curious, I went to Takakoshi Hiroyuki’s Blog, and he made a comment about possibly continuing Gacha Gacha and drawing Akira-chan again. -_-;;


@Anonymous: I haven’t read past the second volume of Puchi Hound yet to be honest. The reason being that each volume takes about 14 months before they’re compiled, so after waiting for a long time for the second volume, I decided to just let the story accumulate before I plunge into it again (I like reading series in one sitting). Though, your comment made me go over the first volume to refresh my memory. While Nekoneko is one of my favourite illustrators, her abilities don’t exactly transfer very well in a manga format (Kind of like the illustrator Tinkle). Anyway, the first volume of Puchi Hound can best be described as Kazuma and Kotori talking to each other, while Tail sits quietly and plays with her cat, Pochi. Kazuma is the typical antisocial guy with really, really long legs (They’re loo~ooong~) who wears contact lenses to hide the fact that his eyes are red. Kotori is a coercive girl with a mysterious background who just so happens to be Tail’s best friend even though Tail only met Kotori for the first time during her first encounter with Kazuma in the woods (Kotori also has a sword that can come out of her body and she’s insanely strong). Tail is a dog version of one of Nekoneko’s cookie-cutter characters that she uses in quite a number of illustrations, and she’s supposedly way stronger than Kotori (who is a monster according to Kazuma) when she’s serious, but that has yet to be demonstrated since she can’t fight at all (How she even got in the hunter school is a mystery to Kazuma). Pochi the cat is just cute. Unless something really interesting happens in the third or fourth volume, there’s an unlikely chance I would be motivated to try and scanlate this title.

@Zerfines: You’re welcome Hopefully Puchi Hound will become more interesting.

@Kamino Neko: You’re welcome. I’ll include direct download links in the posts then. The only problem is that if I were to fix the chapter and change its version number, that means I have to fix both the blog entry and the project page.

@Anonymous: Err, I have various ideas about the nature of the bananas without their seals joke, but I’m not quite sure Miho meant it THAT way. Hopefully Zaorish will come to the rescue and prove that I just have a sick imagination. Something innocent like the bananas with the seals are the most delicious, while the ones without the seals are rotten, spoiled, used, etc.

@Anonymous: Ah, speaking of checking for scanlations of a manga on a daily basis. One series I’ve been following religiously since it was first picked up by a scanlation group is “The World is Mine“. That manga needs more love~!

@Tive: Ah, cool, I hope you had a fun trip. Ooi Masakazu is a really cool artist, and I like how he improved so much since the first volume. Another good serial by him is “Joou Ari” which went up to like 3 volumes.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v03_ch15

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Finally back to this crazy series. Chapter 16 is going to be a lot of fun~!

Thanks to everyone who commented and e-mailed me about the arrival of the scans for the third volume.


New: Koi Neko v02_ch15

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

This chapter has been brought to you by the chichikurabe.


@gary: I’m not responsible for the content hosted on mangafox.

@acme: Yes, if the tankoubon RAWs come out for Rotte no Omocha, there is a good chance I’ll work on it. Though the scans anonymous sent for the first five magazine chapters are of a tankoubon-like quality, most likely due to the Japanese scanners editing and cleaning it before distribution (The magazine scans for the omake chapter that was include in the second volume were pretty dirty).

@anonymous: Yeah, they are very nice and clean scans.

@Guest: The step of editing is a vestige from when I updated the pages daily with angelfire. Now, I only update it whenever I have to fix or update a page since I’m using an FTP programme that takes time to load, and I’m very sporadic with progress anyway.

@Malekit: Sorry about that, I’ll see if I can move the chapters for the 4th volume of Okitsune-sama de Chu onto the server for direct download (The chapters are on an external hard-drive that I don’t have access to at the moment).

@Anonymous: Thanks for the heads up for the third volume RAWs of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara, it is appreciated. I’ll see if I can finish a chapter for that soon.