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New: Koi Neko v02 ch19

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Koi Neko v02 ch19

Looking at the publication date for this volume made me realise I’ve been scanlating for almost four years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue at a more respectable rate and finish some of these stories.

In any case, that’s it for the second volume of Koi Neko. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any of the volume RAWs for the 4th-6th volumes for Koi Neko. Well, I did see the 6th volume listed on sharedb, but it’s supposedly an incomplete/low-quality RAW.

There’s also a new one-shot manga by R. Koga in the hentai manga section of this website that I translated for a friend who had another friend edit it. It’s basically an unsubtle warning for parents not to neglect their child in order to keep the child from fornicating with the household cat. Speaking of fornicating with cats, I noticed a thread at mangafox about Shinta being a wuss for turning down Nao’s sexual advances. Personally speaking, if they ever become passionate, it could technically be labeled as bestiality (this is including the fact that Nao is unable to stay in a human form under certain conditions like when she has hiccups which would lead to an incredibly awkward situation during coitus). >_>;;

Anyway, considering that I’m still working on Wadatsumi’s second chapter at my usual slow pace, I think I should check to see if Spiritovod finished scanning Greed Packet Unlimited’s second chapter, although he’s probably busy. Which reminds me, Spiritovod uploaded Rotte no Omocha’s first and second volume, which Anonymous suggested to me as a project a long while ago. Fortunately, DBR picked it up a few days ago, yay~! Though, looking at the quality of the first tankoubon RAWs that they used… I think someone should send them the magazine RAWs for the first five chapters. Besides a few minor differences—like the roof update on the first page and panel of the first chapter—the magazine scans are of an exceptionally high quality.


@Ciel: You’re welcome. I’m pretty much working on Neko Kissa just to do the colour omake story in the second volume, hopefully I’ll scanlate it before everyone dies. =P

@Cytex321: Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to check each chapter. Please let me know which chapters in the hentai section are dead, and I’ll try to fix them.

New: Koi Neko v02 ch18

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Koi Neko v02 ch18

One more chapter before the second volume is finished. Yay~!


@ChocolatePope: Hm, “Neko de Gomen!” began its serialisation in 1989, so it’s nearly 20 years old.

@Deadlong: Thank you for the offer. Fortunately, I have high quality RAWs for both the first and second volume of Wadatsumi.

New: Neko de Gomen! v02 ch07

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Neko de Gomen! Ch07

Let’s play~!


@Anonymous: Thank you very much for reporting that error.

@ChocolatePope: Yeah, I’m doing the same with manga like Gantz (I try to wait a year before I read the manga up to the latest chapter). I’m currently going to focus on Koi Neko with Wadatsumi on the side until spiritovod finishes scanning Greed Packet Unlimited or Ichinensei’s 4th volume appears online.

@Anonymous: Ah, you’re welcome. I was almost tempted to make an omake page where Minoru-kun shoots dolls of other celebritities. Though, that doesn’t answer the question why Minoru-kun was aiming at the Michael Jackson doll in the first place…

@Sirian: You’re welcome. Going by the consistent quality of the scans, the Ichinensei volumes feel like they’re scanned by the same person.

New: Neko Kissa v01 ch07

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Neko Kissa v01 ch07

I nearly forgot about this series. orz


@Lenturix: Ah, my bad. I suppose I biased my assumption of what you meant based on the way it was done on the original RAWs and how its white-stroked-black-text was much thinner than the 1 pixel thick white stroke I used in the scanlated version of Greed Packet Unlimited.

@Allenby: Thank you for reporting this error. It seems there is something wrong with some of the files after savefile moved servers or something. I was unable to delete/edit the file that was giving that error, so I had to upload another file. So, there’s two files for the chapter.

@Galen: Yes, hopefully the tankoubon RAWs for Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v4 appear online soon. Though, the colour pages from the magazine scans are nice to have. I really liked the chapter with the girl who believes that she’ll fall into hell if she steps off the white lines painted on the ground three times.

@Ciel: You’re welcome.

@OCH: I’m not dead yet. Though, while I was editing Neko de Gomen, in one of the panels Minoru-kun shot a Michael Jackson doll and a few days later Michael Jackson died. o_o;