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New: Koi Neko v04 ch28

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Koi Neko v04 ch28

Special thanks to KamenWriter for scanning this chapter (and the future chapters). I’m looking forward to the 29th chapter because it’ll be the first Koi Neko chapter where I get to use the colour pages from the magazine scans. Yay!

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish any of the Mika ni Harassment chapters for this update. So, to give the false impression that there’s more, I added three of the oneshots I did in the past under the One Shot menu entry.

Macchi: Narikiri Anko-chan
Takamura Masaya: Tsuttsukumon!
Kumeta Kouji: Umi-chan’s Friends

Finally, I changed the file host for all of the hentai scanlations to mediafire. Let me know if there is any problem.


@MrEngenious: Ah, thank you for the advice.

@kokodin: Yes, I intend to work on Ichinensei’s 5th volume as soon as the RAWs for the tankoubon (not the magazine scans) appear online. I don’t have a good estimate when this will happen. It seem the scanner generally takes like 1-4 months to scan it.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Koi Neko’s paper quality is relatively good in my opinion. Well, the tones on page 005 did turn out a little weird (which was the source of my doubts about cleaning this manga in the earlier post). The rest of the pages seemed to turn out much better than the scans I had for the first 3 volumes.

@dayrains: Ah, by main page, do you mean the project page for Ichinensei? I usually update the project pages whenever the cover for the newest volume appears in one of the online shopping sites (or when I receive my copy and verify the chapter count). Though, I only include the ISBN number, which makes me wonder if I should add more information like links to online shops that stock it (BK1, Mangaoh,, 7netshopping, etc.).

@Em: Actually, I was thinking of doing Soukai Kessen a couple years ago, but chose to work on Ichinensei ni Nacchattara instead. I would have to finish a couple of my ongoing projects before I can think about doing another one. Which reminds me, I went to look up some of Nanto’s other works since Soukai Kessen was the first manga I read by this author, and found out Nanto also did some adult manga. One manga in particular had a one star review by someone who mistook it as a typical hentai manga before becoming outraged that it was a BL manga. This review was part of the reason I thought about working on Soukai Kessen. =)

@vended: Thank you for the link. I’ll read over it to see if it interests me.

@DeltaBladeX: Thanks for informing me about the demise of savefile’s domain. I switched to mediafire. Hopefully that will work much better than savefile. Let me know if there are any problems.

@Galen: Ah, didn’t realise Chii-chan’s Menu Hanjoki was different from the previous yonkoma version. Interesting.