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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v05 ch28

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v05 ch28

Accidentally finished this chapter faster than I probably should have. Only four more chapters left, and a five month long waiting period before it’s July. Doubt I’ll be able to constrain myself to releasing Ichinensei at one chapter a month. n_n;;

Current editing status:
Koi Neko ch30: 10/24
Neko de Gomen! ch09: 6/41
Wadatsumi ch05: 2/28


@Hailene: You’re welcome. If you happen to spot any errors, please feel free to let me know.

@Indighost: Ah, thanks for the input. You just reminded me that I still haven’t finished the script for Dynasty Scans concerning Bakuretsu Tenshi’s 2nd omake story involving the the author’s career as an animator. Just about every page in that 15 page story has a little verbose entry explaining some term concerning the anime industry (which I’m pretty clueless about). Currently stuck on a term for when production for an anime’s episode falls behind schedule so much that the television networks are forced to air a previous episode for that anime in the other episode’s time slot. In Japanese, Minoru, the mangaka, used the term “落ちる” (Ochiru) to describe this. Unfortunately, I can’t translate that term as “dropped” because dropped has its own implication and meaning different from the one Minoru is describing.

@Overboost: Looking at my own copy of Okawari Naporitan, it looks like it might be a semi-difficult book to scan undebound without a loss of data in the gutter. I think the only undebound manga I worked on is “Neko de Gomen!”. Nekogome’s recompiled books had a large margin from the gutter to the actual page content, so there was very little lost when it was scanned (only had to clean the gutter shadow in each page). In any case, thank you, and good luck.

New: Mika ni Harassment ch02

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

A Dog’s World

“Are you satisfied, Jon?”

Current editing status:
Koi Neko: 2/24
Ichinensei ch28: 4/26
Neko de Gomen!: 3/41


@commodorejohn: OK, thank you for your input.

@Hailene: Actually, Greed Packet is up to its third volume (though, I haven’t read my copy yet). I haven’t dropped it. Rather I’m still waiting for the scans for the second chapter. Hopefully, Spiritovod, the scanner, finds time to scan the rest of it. He’s probably busy with real life, and his other projects (He was scanning for several other groups).

@yby: The only problem with rapid succession is that it will intensify the waiting period for the 6th volume of Ichinensei. Which will likely cause a number of users asking if I dropped Ichinensei similar to when I was waiting for the 5th volume. I kind of want to avoid a repeat of that as much as possible. Though, if I remember correctly, dayrains or someone (david?) did suggest that I add more information concerning release dates for that series. Perhaps I should put an empty box where volume six is going to be in the Ichinensei project page with a speculative date, and a link to the publisher’s website.

Fortunately, Ichinensei is ridiculously easy in comparison to my other projects, so it’s possible that even if I rotate releases, Ichinensei’s chapters are still going to come out relatively fast (I feel I can do 8 pages of Ichinensei for every 3-4 pages of Koi Neko or Wadatsumi).

@Kay: OK, thank you for your input.

@Kamino Neko: OK, thank you for your input. The slowness with Koi Neko has been mostly due to me preparing all four of the next chapters at the same time (rotating/cropping/cleaning) before typesetting.

@dayrains: I didn’t notice the old house in the background until you pointed it out.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v05 ch27-27.5; Neko Kissa v01 ch10

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Nacchattara v05 ch27-27.5

I decided to do both chapter 27 and 27.5, and put them inside the same file. It’s nice being able to work on this series with high quality RAWs. n_n

Neko Kissa v01 ch10

Milk versus Artifact Spirit!

Anyway, I don’t know whether I should do Ichinensei’s chapters in rapid succession like I did for v04, or if I should mix up its releases with my other projects. I’m leaning toward the latter, since I received a lot of comments wondering if I dropped Ichinensei due to the long waiting period before the 5th volume was being distributed. Ichinensei’s 6th volume should be released around June-August.

Currently, I finished the translations for Koi Neko’s next four chapters, a translation for Wadatsumi’s 5th chapter, a translation for Neko de Gomen!’s 9th chapter, and a translation for Kimama ni UpDown’s 5th chapter. I took a break from editing Mika ni Harassment’s 2nd chapter to finish Ichinensei’s 27th chapter, so I’ll be focusing on finishing that chapter now.


@Ris: Ah, my e-mail is currently hiding at the bottom of each of the project pages. To answer your question: I haven’t read Mai-HiME EXA, so I doubt I’ll work on it. I did try to look it up, but I was unable to find much information on it or the mangaka, so the entire thing is a mystery to me. In any case, keep up the good work on your own projects.

@Overboost: Ah, thank you very much for the offer~! I actually would like to work on Okawari Naporitan, especially with HQ debound RAWs (hence the reason I didn’t do anything in regards to it when I found out it wasn’t a one-shot).

@Calc-Yolatuh: I haven’t read Gorio. Though, I did look it up and read a few chapters. My initial impression is Angel Densetsu (One of my top 10 manga series), but with better art and less insanely hilarious misunderstandings.

For me, Infinite Blade’s humour value lies in the absurd way Ken+ draws some of his characters. Like one is a medic sadist who takes a perverse pleasure from cutting up little girls before medically stitching them up (she has a goofy cat-like grin when she does this). I don’t remember there being much intentional humour; like I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh at the plethora of ultra-nerdy descriptions for the various locations, races, and technologies found in the manga.

@dayrains: I haven’t seen that series, but that’s mostly because I don’t really watch anime for the reason that it is so bloody expensive. I prefer not to pirate things that I have little to no chance of willingly purchasing due to pricing or DRM (The last thing I bought was used copies of Haibane Renmei). Though, I am interested in the anime adaption for “Wagaya no O-Inari-sama” and the upcoming anime adaption for “Asobi ni Iku yo”. Just waiting for the Japanese animation industry to crash, so they might start selling seasons in reasonably priced box sets (4000-5000 yen would be nice) rather than 2-episode DVDs for 5000-7000 yen.

@Poxky: There’s news for Ichinensei in this update~! =D

@Fiddler: Thank you very much for the RAWs for Ichinensei’s 5th volume. I appreciate it immensely.

New: Koi Neko v04 ch29; Mika ni Harassment ch01; Neko Kissa v01 ch09

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Koi Neko v04 ch29


Mika ni Harassment ch01

The first part of Suihei’s third work that was serialised in the same magazine as Kasumi Otoko no Ko. I made good progress on the second chapter, so hopefully I’ll be able to release that in due time.

Neko Kissa v01 ch09

Jenny is back…


@Sandor: If you look carefully at the lower right corner on page 001 of Umi-chan’s friends, you’ll see a suspicious stain on the blocks.

@Anonymous: Unfortunately, I haven’t received any word from the scanner, Spiritovod, concerning the scans of the further chapters of Greed Packet Unlimited yet. Possibly because Spiritovod is busy with real life (Spiritovod was also scanning for several other groups as well). Though, I didn’t know there was a Korean scanlation for this series. I did see a Chinese scanlation that’s up to the third chapter that had watermarks.

I was thinking of doing a 2.0 version of the first chapter of Greed Packet Unlimited. Basically, I was thinking of including the hi-res monochrome pages that Spiritovod scanned for pages 003-006, and adding a translation for page 054. Back when I finished the chapter, I was too burned to do either of those things. Speaking of which, the 3rd volume of Greed Packet Unlimited was released like a week or two ago. I updated the project page with the cover and ISBN to reflect this.

@Chase-san: Well, out of those two series that you suggested, do you have the tankoubon RAWs (not magazine) for Okawari Naporitan? I remember doing a script for the first chapter back when I thought it was going to be a one-shot.

Also, as far as I’m aware, the author of Asuka Hybrid, Ken+, only has one other series called Infinite Blade. Infinite Blade is pretty much an ultra-violent guro fest where cute little girls get their bodies torn apart by sadists kind of like Elfen Lied. It also has lesbians. I’m pretty much unable to read Asuka Hybrid without imagining one of the characters experiencing a fate similar to the kobold girl from Infinite Blade (her body was broken apart much like how one eats a ginger bread cookie starting with the limbs).

@Sandor: Sorry about the spam bot invasion. Usually they only invade older blog entries (though the previous one was back in December, so I guess that makes it an old entry). Though the one that was annoying you only had four unique IP addresses, so it was relatively easy getting rid of it. If the bots become a serious problem in the future where blacklisting fails to get rid of them, I’ll be sure to implement a capcha like you suggested.

Okawari Naporitan is a crazy story in the same vein as Boukun Tyrano-san. I would describe it as a parody of other genderbending mangas. Basically, the main character’s family is under a curse where they’ll spontaneously change to the opposite sex on their 14th birthday because their ancestor was some okama with GID (Gender-identity disorder), who kept visiting some temple over a hundred times. The transformation is only temporary, so long as the person doesn’t kiss anyone for one day. Though, the main character’s little sister decides that she would rather have an older sister, so she tells everyone at the main character’s school about how the curse works… the way the mangaka draws his male characters is like a pissed-off gorilla with its fangs bared.