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New: Ichinensei ch30; Koi Neko ch32; Mika ni Harassment ch03; Neko de Gomen ch09; Neko Kissa ch11

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Ichinensei v05 Ch30

Koi Neko v04 Ch32

Finally reached the chapter I wanted to do for a long time, yay. n_n
Now to pester Kamen Writer for the last two chapters for this volume while I work on ch33.

Mika ni Harassment: A Child’s World

Well, that’s it for Mika ni Harassment~! Besides the one-shot, it’s nice to have one project out of the way.

Neko de Gomen v02 Ch09

The next chapter is rather boring. Fortunately, chapter 11 only has a little over 30 pages of content, and the chapters after 12 are only around 20 pages in length. So, once I overcome the next one, I’ll probably start pushing out chapters at a more steady rate.

Neko Kissa v01 Ch11


@Galen: Yeah, I noticed “Shinigami Trilogy” when I went to pre-order Koi Neko’s 8th volume. Didn’t realise Mashima Etsuya was doing a serial for Kadokawa.

@Archer: Probably an accident.

@Chase-san: The only thing I can do with Greed Packet at the moment is update the first chapter. I still have to wait for Spiritovod to send the scans for the next chapters.

@baka: Thank you for the additional fix. Uploaded a v1.2 of ch28 of Koi Neko.

@thejakeman: Hello, it’s been a while. Let me know if you ever finish writing a book or something.

@Anonymous: What are you scrolling down the posts for? Release Links? Well, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind if other people have issues with scrolling down the blog posts. One fast way to get around them is to press “Ctrl+f” and then type “New:”. That way, you can skip to the next post with release links at the press of a button.

Concerning Greed Packet Unlimited

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Found time to read my copy of the third volume of Greed Packet Unlmited, and it renewed my interest in this series a great deal. Though, one thing that annoys me is that the compiled version doesn’t have any of the colour pages from the magazine, so I quickly went through all of my books to find all of the magazines that had colour pages for Greed Packet.

While I don’t have a scanner, I’m going to see if I can obtain these magazines somehow (looks like I might have to buy most of them used, unless I find an online store that still stocks some of the back issues of Dengeki Maoh). If anyone happens to be able and willing to scan the copies of Dengeki Maoh with the colour pages, that would be appreciated immensely.

Greed Pack Unlimited:
2008電撃マ王02月号 (COLOUR)
2008電撃マ王09月号 (COLOUR)
2009電撃マ王05月号 (COLOUR)
2009電撃マ王06月号 (COLOUR)
2010電撃マ王03月号 (COLOUR)

Also, one thing that kind of bothers me is how I should romanise the character’s names. Kamiya Yuu romanised the given names for some of the characters in their profiles in the first volume, and a couple other characters in the third volume. Kes, the chief of the anti-phantasm force, still doesn’t have a profile, which makes me wonder what the proper romanisation of her name should be. So far, the characters names are as followed:

カシオ (Casio)
ノキア (Nokia)
ケイス (Doesn’t have a profile yet.)*
*I wrote Kes in the first chapter, based on the mobile phone she represents. Though, her name can be written as Keith, Kees, and Case.
ソニィ・エリクシオン (Sony Elycsion)*
*Sony’s surname is actually rather confusing. One of the omake “mobile phone” booklets that you get if you ordered Greed Packet Unlimited from Toranoana had it romanised as Elicssyon. I’m going to change the surname to reflect the email address used in the 13th chapter, “”.
セラ・ケイ (Cella Kei)
パンテック・カルテル (Pantech)*
*I don’t know how I should romanise his surname. Current possibilities include Kartell, Cártel, or just plain Cartel. I’ll probably have to reread the books to see if Kamiya Yuu romanised his surname somewhere. His surname is based off Pantech&Curitel. Curitel is written as キュリテル(Kyuriteru).
プリケ (Preke)*
Kamiya Yuu romanised her surname as Purike somewhere in the second volume, but wrote her name as Preke in her profile in the third volume, so that takes precedence.

So, at the moment, I’ll do the following for version 2.0 of the first chapter:
•Fix Sony’s surname. Change it from Ericssion to Elycsion.
•Include the monochrome pages Spiritovod scanned.
•Translate the page that describes the nature of Casio’s Stasis Fencer and Thermobaric Buster.
•See if I can make the text on the colour pages less hard on the eyes. Though, I’m not changing the text to white, since I want to mimic the way it’s presented in the Japanese version. Probably upload examples so other people can judge whether or not it looks better.

Though, with the uncertainty concerning the proper romanisation of Kes’ name. I don’t know if I should do this right away, or wait for the 4th volume to see if Kamiya Yuu gives her a profile. If there is anything else I should include, please feel free to suggest it.

Current Status:
Ichinensei ch30: 4/26
Koi Neko ch32: 4/24
Mika ni Harassment ch03: 2/42
Neko de Gomen ch09: 30/41
Neko Kissa ch11: 5/8
Wadatsumi ch05: 13/28


@baka: Ah, geez. Sorry about that, and thank you very much for pointing that out to me. I went back and fixed as many instances as I could find of Nao’s surname being written as Sakurabashi, and uploaded the chapters as a 2.0 release. If you happen to find any other instances that I wrote it as Sakurabashi (including the 2.0 release), please let me know so I can fix it.

@Tsu: You’re right. Chapter 31 of Koi Neko is strangely familiar to the “A City with No People” sequences in Chobits.

@Chase-san: If a manga is an adult/hentai manga, it usually will have a yellow seal on the cover that says something like “成年向け” or similar.

@Kamino Neko: Miyabi is actually older than Shinta’s father…

New: Ichinensei v05 ch29; Koi Neko v04 ch31

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Ichinensei v05 ch29

Three chapters left. I think I’ll restrain the Ichinensei chapters so I can double-release them with Koi Neko from now on.

Koi Neko v04 ch31

Special thanks to bel for redrawing the art on the colour double-page. Two more chapters left before I have to wait for the next batch of scans from KamenWriter.

Current Status
Ichinensei ch30: 0/26
Koi Neko ch32: 0/24
Mika ni Harassment ch03: 1/42 (cleaned/redrew all of the pages, so I only need to typeset it.)
Neko de Gomen: 20/41
Neko Kissa ch11: 2/8
Wadatsumi ch05: 13/28


@bel: Wow, that was fast. Thank you for your time. =)

@baka: It’s Sakurazaki (桜崎). If I wrote it as Sakurabashi (桜橋), I’ll have to fix it. Hopefully it isn’t like a previous error where I kept writing Arika Yumemiya’s first name as Akira (I was doing Mai-Otome and Gacha Gacha at the same time, and I kept mixing up Akira and Arika). Speaking of which, Okitsune-sama de Chu had a character called Sakurabashi Himeko. Well, in any case, thanks for letting me know about this, so I can fix it.

@Yuri-chan: Ah, OK. I don’t know what kind of policy I should take when a manga uses loan words in a way that is incorrect or extremely awkward. I’ll check to see what other people’s thoughts are on this. I’ll probably do something similar to the people scanlating Air Gear and put a note that it is indeed wrong, but leave it the way it is.

Though, on the topic of Engrish, my favourite is: “For something impoliteness is whether there is nothing?”

@Sandor: If you use a Japanese p2p service, you might be able to find the RAWs for Neko de Gomen! You can also check to see if someone already uploaded the RAWs online somewhere like jcafe.

As for doing a joint with ardneh or someone for Neko de Gomen. I currently don’t have the bandwidth to download or upload large .psd files, and typing up a script for every little minute piece of text would likely kill me. I didn’t check to confirm it myself, but if you want to know how ardneh release their chapters of Ushio to Tora quickly, you probably should look at the credit pages to see if they have a different editor for every chapter (this is how large groups like Snoopy Cool release their manga at incredible rates).

What’s even more disappointing is that I think I’m the only scanlator working on a series by Nagano Akane, whose most popular series is Fantasia which has an anime adaption. Despite being popular enough to have an anime adaption, no one has scanlated Fantasia. Worst of all, Nagano Akane is still doing manga nowadays, but all of her new works are rather boring seinen or adult manga that use office settings or idols, which probably increases the likelihood that no one will look up her older stuff based on the contents of her newer works.

@Calc-Yolatuh: I see. Your description of Needless’ dramedy reminds me Watanabe Michiaki’s “Violinist of Hameln”. Maybe I should check it out.

@Galen: Thanks for the heads up on Koi Neko’s 8th volume!

@Chase-san: Nyotaika is actually a seinen manga (青年), not an h-manga (成年).

New: Koi Neko v04 ch30

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Koi Neko v04 ch30

Sakurazaki Nao vs. Aizawa Ryouko

KamenWriter scanned this chapter and the next three differently, and asked me which ones I prefer working with last January. I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the quality of this chapter and the previous two, so I told KamenWriter to go with whichever one was the easiest to scan.

Though, speaking of Koi Neko. The next chapter has a huge advertisement on its colour 2-page spread. I kind of want to get rid of it, but it looks like it might be a little time-consuming. Perhaps someone might have enough free time to clean it for me?

EDIT: Bel already cleaned it. Thank you very much.

Included the monochrome pages that Kamenwriter scanned in case those can be of any use as a reference. Just need the text and advertisement over the moon fixed, and the page saved in .psd format.

Current editing status:
Ichinensei ch29 4/26
Koi Neko ch31: 1/24
Neko de Gomen! ch09: 12/41
Wadatsumi ch05: 2/28


@Yuri-chan: Thank you very much for the correction. In Japanese, the name was written as ”レ・ブル・ペルル” (Re Buru Peruru). My French is pretty poor, so I only cross-checked it with google, and went with it. Though, it’s pretty typical for Japanese to dump foreign words into a word soup, like the Japanese TV show “Gout Temps Nouveau”, so maybe I should keep it the way it is? Speaking of which, I remember overlooking a mistake in Mai-Otome, until someone pointed it out, when Erstin was counting “Un Deux Trois”, and “Deux” was written as “Duex”.

@bubu: I think a recap episode is supposed to be one where the watchers are presented with a summary of what happened in the story up to the point of the recap episode. What the mangaka is describing is basically airing an entire episode that people already watched in the timeslot for the next episode since the next episode wasn’t finished on time. Like if you tuned in to watch episode four of an anime, but they air episode three instead thus giving the watcher a strange sense of déjà vu, since anime normally doesn’t re-air. Perhaps I’ll just translate the term “Ochiru” as “fall” or “drop”…

@Sandor: Neko de Gomen has way more text than Ichinensei… though, after I overcome the next several rather boring and long Neko de Gomen chapters (there’s 2 in the second volume, I didn’t count how many there were in the third volume), and reach the point where I can actually do the interesting ones (i.e. the vampire arc, hanami episode, and the baby dinosaur who is being hunted by muscle men in speedos who are equipped with high-powered rifles arc), I’ll probably release chapters at a much more consistent rate (similar to how I was drat slow with Okitsune-sama de Chu until I reached the part Koko and Himeko were introduced).

@Calc-Yolatuh: I haven’t read Needless yet, but what do you mean by hidden parcel?