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New: Wadatsumi v1 ch05

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Wadatsumi v1 ch05

One more chapter before I’m done with the first volume for this series.

I thought about Greed Packet’s colour pages, and decided to take snap shots for the monochrome pages to give an idea what pages would be in colour from the Dengeki Maou magazines. Considering the costs of importing all of the magazines, I think it would be prudent to spend money on the ones that are the most worthwhile to have in colour. While it would be nice to have high resolution scans of chapter one’s colour pages, it’s probably not worth spending at least 960+340 JPY for it. So, if the contents for a specific chapter looks like it would be interesting in colour, please say! n_n

Also, I’m going to need to purchase a good scanner. I bought a cheap, used one for practice, but found out it wasn’t compatible with my OS (Windows Vista), so I had to take it back. Most of the manga scanning guides recommend older scanner models, so I’m unsure what I should purchase. Does anyone have any recommendations? n_n;





Sorry for the longcat post, but I’m fairly serious about scanlating Greed Packet, so opinions are going to be important.

Current Status:
Ichinensei ch31: 5/24
Koi Neko ch32: 6/24
Neko de Gomen ch10: 28/38
Neko Kissa ch12: 2/8


@Sandor: You’re welcome. Chapter 10 of Neko de Gomen should be finished in the coming week.

@thejakeman: I don’t have an account for that social networking site, but I’ll try to look you up.

@n124: I’ll do the last one-shot, Mahou Shoujo Rukana, at some later point like I did with the Mai-Otome Super-H chapters after I finished Mai-Otome Arashi. There’s also two web comic stories for Mika ni Harassment that I’ll probably do later as well.

@neir: You’re welcome. Chapter 32 and beyond introduce one of the longest, most interesting story arcs in Koi Neko. Hopefully KamenWriter will find time to scan them. I have a feeling scanning manga is a lot of work.

@Conan O’Brien: Thank you for re-editing God Bless You by Yurikawa. For those interested (this is an adult manga), you can read three other stories by Yurikawa here. I’ll edit the project page for this one-shot to reflect this later.

@Pocky: I’m expecting the 6th volume of Ichinensei around June or July, so my slow release rate is partly due to that.