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New: Ichinensei ch31; Neko de Gomen ch10; Neko Kissa ch12

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Ichinensei ch31

One more chapter before I have to wait for the next volume. I think it might come out this July.

Neko de Gomen ch10

Finally finished with the second volume, which means I’m 25% done.

Neko Kissa ch12

Only a few more chapters before I’m done with the first volume for this series.

In Greed Packet related news. I was able to find a stocked copy (opposed to a used one) of Dengeki Maou that has Greed Packet’s 20th chapter. The magazine also included a Greed Packet fandisk with wallpapers, four character songs, a promotional video, a video of a live action performance, and two karaoke versions of the songs. Also, according to the character profile in the magazine, ケイス (Keisu) is romanised as Keys. I translated it as Kes based on the mobile phone she represented. Although, the same character profile romanised セラ (Sera) as Sela when it was romanised as Cella in the 3rd compilation’s character profile. So, it might be prudent for me to wait a little more before I update the first chapter to 2.0 status.


@Chase-san: Thank you for your input. n_n

Japanese tend to use maru (〇) to censor names. In Greed Packet’s case, all of the Seiyuu and Donald Duck had maru censoring them. The character names weren’t censored, though some of them have slight variations in spelling to the original mobile phone like Sony’s surname.

@Archer: Doujinshi are copyright infringement in Japan, just like fanart is copyright infringement, fanfiction is copyright infringement, fantranslation is copyright infringment, and so on. Doujinshi aren’t legal at all. It’s up to the copyright holder’s discretion whether or not they wish to pursue anyone violating their intellectual property. Like Nintendo went after some doujin circles that were drawing Pokemon doujins. The main reason doujinshi aren’t pursued for the most part is because most of the people drawing and buying the doujins are fans who support the original creators. Biting the heads off their fanbase over petty copyright infringement has a high potential of destroying any given company’s relationship with their fanbase. So, to answer Chase-san’s question of how Kamiya Yuu gets away with using names like Sony, it’s largely because such companies have little to gain and much to lose over the matter.

@epagien: Thank you very much for the scanner suggestion, epagien.

@Baka: Thank you very much for the scanner suggestion, Baka.

Unless anyone else has a suggestion, I’ll check to see if I can purchase one of the models Baka and epagien suggested locally. If I can’t find either of them, I’ll try to import one.

I use Photoshop 7 for editing manga. I sometimes use Irfanview if I really need to resize an image. Though to be honest, I’ve been extremely lazy about that and use Photoshop 7 to resize most images, and I haven’t noticed any substantial moire problems caused by Photoshop’s admittedly rather mediocre resizing feature. Using Greed Packet’s first chapter as an example, any moire patterns you see in it were there in the original books. Your post was interesting, I was under the impression that moire patterns were created by scanning an image at the wrong resolution settings, and that all one needs to do is scan it at different resolutions until one finds the resolution that doesn’t create a moire pattern. I’ll keep what you said in mind. Thank you.

@dayrains: I actually got that CD in your link from the Dengeki Maou. Though, I’m not hardcore enough to pursue obtaining any goods related for Greed Packet (I think the oddest item was a Nokia dakimakura). If you’re interested, I can upload the contents of the CD (though some of it is already online, like the promotional video).