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New: Greed Packet Unlimited v01 ch02

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Greed Packet Unlimited v01 ch02
Greed Packet Super Limited

Spiritovod, the person who scanned the first chapter, got owned by real life, so I scanned this chapter. This is my first scanning project, so the quality is rather rough. I believe the black construction paper I used made some of the tones rather inconsistent and harsh (For example, the first panel of p61). Then again, some of the tones in the original book were a little hard on the eyes (For example: The blocky patterns on p74-75 were there in the original). In any case, I’m going to try something a little more uniformly black than the construction paper I used to see if that boosts the quality of the scans for the third chapter.

The hotfile link is for the contents of the Greed Packet chara-song and visual CD. More information can be found on Greed Packet’s project page.

Speaking of which, I added direct links to a few online shops that ship books overseas on Greed Packet’s project page. I figured it would be helpful for those that don’t have a preferred service, or those using a service that inflates the prices of their books. Out of the services I linked, BK1 is the cheapest for small orders since it still allows shipping methods other than EMS, but BK1 is Japanese-language only (fortunately, there is an English guide for those who would find it useful). If there are other services, feel free to make recommendations. I was thinking of adding a link to mangaoh, but they’re not that much different from HMV, and sites like benippon are just a pricier, less comprehensive version of BK1. I’ll do this for my other projects that are still being printed once I’m satisfied with a format.


@Remi: You’re welcome.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Moving back, the doujin that Tamakoshi Hiroyuki did for Shanana was just a Comiket only type of thing. I managed to obtain a copy, though I have to wait until it arrives to see if the story is continued. I found out the magazine that Shanana was serialised in, Comic Bunch, died and is going to be resurrected by January of 2011. So, it’s possible the series was dropped due to that, rather than Tamakoshi or Shanana’s author being dissatisfied with the publishers.

Though, speaking of J-List, I’m only familiar with them as an English-language import service that exploits their customers by inflating the prices of their printed books. Like, for example, an artbook that costs 1500 JPY at any competitive import-service (i.e., bk1, mangaoh, HMV, etc.) costs 25 USD at J-List. I’m not familiar with the illustrators who are dealing with J-List and can’t seem to find information about them.

Nevertheless, I am quite interested in how things turn out for those who do experiment with publishing and self-publishing online.

@Zuu: You can use any of the scans on this website so long as it’s non-profit. I tried to see if I still had the .psd files for Miniature, but it seems the CDR they were on turned out to be corrupted.

@Anonymous: Kona used to lurk on 4chan and would sometimes keep me up to date of certain discussions back when I was working on Boukun Tyrano-san. In any case, the quick-pace at which threads are created and deleted makes the site kind of incompatible with a slow person like me.

@Anonymous: Awesome, thank you very much for the link for Ichinensei’s 6th volume! I’m also puzzled by the fact that Japanese RAWs for Greed Packet Unlimited aren’t circulating online.