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New: Greed Packet ch03; Ichinensei ch34-35; Wadatsumi ch06

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Greed Packet v01 ch03

Umeboshi110 kindly offered to cross-check the translation for Greed Packet with his own copy of the first volume. Umeboshi100 also sent corrections for the first chapter that will be included in its 2.0 release as soon as the matter involving the proper romanisation of Kes is settled. This issue will also cause a delay in the release of the 4th chapter that is nearly finished with its editing (2 pages left). I’m hoping the 4th volume of Greed Packet, that is due to be released on the 27th of November, will contain the character profile for “Kes”. The March issue of Dengeki Maoh romanised her name as Keys, however that issue also romanised Cella’s name as Sela.

In any case, in the event people would prefer that I adopt a romanisation immediately rather than wait for the semi-official one, please feel free to comment. Her name is written in katakana as ケイス (Keisu), which is derived from KES, the former company name of Asumo. A small list of possible translations include: Kes, Keis, Keisu, Keys, Case, and so on.

In the meanwhile, I’ll still be working on Greed Packet Unlimited. So expect a batch release whenever this matter is settled.

Ichinensei v06 ch34
Ichinensei v06 ch35

Four chapters left before I have to wait for the 7th volume to be released.

Wadatsumi v01 ch06

Finally finished with the first volume of this series. One more volume to go.


@Anonymous: The product would mention that it has DRM explicitly labeled at the top of its product description. All of the Japanese sides (i.e. All-age doujin, aka Home) are accessible with the same account, so if you go to the professional software side, you will be presented with a larger variety of works with DRM. For example, the digital versions of Falcom’s games.

@Anonymous: That’s interesting. Thank you for sharing. Though, I’m still curious about what exactly started the meme of saying just Morocco. Like, did the meme originate from something like a comedy act, drama, comic, or movie? Also, after reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure a while ago, I noticed Ooi Masakazu used quite a handful of quotes and references that originated from that manga series (I think ch37 actually has a parody of those wacky Stands named after music groups from Jojo).

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v06 ch33

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v06 ch33

Special thanks to anonymous for uploading the scans for this volume. Also, someone by the name of MKoR sent numerous corrections for many of the chapters for Ichinensei’s first few volumes, which is appreciated.

Speaking of Ichinensei, in ch26 page156, remember when Iori tells his mother that he’s now Ioriko and then Iori’s mother says Morocco? While I don’t know what exactly popularised the term, Morocco is associated with sex reassignment surgery (aka SRS). Recently, I’ve seen a couple instances in media where people, when confronted with a convincing post operation SRS patient, will shout out “Morocco!?”

Also, I added buttons direct linking to various import sites on Ichinensei’s project page for those who might find them helpful. Considering the couple cameo appearances of Ooi Masakazu in Ichinensei’s 6th volume informing the reader that the 5th book is out, I’m under the impression he’s hoping to garner more book sales…

Finally, I’m working on Greed Packet’s 3rd chapter. This time I’m using the backside of my old physics textbook, and the quality of the textures has improved remarkably from the quality of the ones for the 2nd chapter. Currently edited 8/34 of the pages, so hopefully I can finish that in a timely fashion.


@CatzCradle: You’re welcome. Now I’m wondering if I should put a link to that guide on a more accessible location of this website. Thoughts?

@Calc-Yolatuh: Like anonymous said, the content on English DLSite is rather sparse compared to its Japanese side. So, if you’re planning to use their service, it’s highly recommended to register an account on their Japanese side so you have access to not only their doujin content, but a myriad of professional-level content as well aimed toward women, all-ages, and adults. Their digital book side lets you download the books as .pdf files, which is probably the closest thing to a legal version of a RAW I’ve seen. Though some publishers, like France Shoin, chose to have their .pdf content laced with bothersome DRM, (An interest tidbit is that France Shoin is one of the members of the Manga Anti-Piracy Coalition) which is a shame they have a negative perception of their online customers.

Most of DLSite’s competitors also accept payment from overseas customers—actually, most Japanese shops accept payment from overseas customers, it’s just that a number of them refuse to ship outside of Japan (e.g. Getchu, Toranoana, Melonbooks, etc.), so one has to use a forwarding service like tenso to work around that. The exceptions to this being sites like DMM and Digiket.

@anonymous: The only possible reasons I can think of why someone might benefit from using English DLSite is that an extremely small number of the products are translated into English, and one can write reviews in English to get points (I believe you have to write reviews in Japanese to get points for the Japanese side of DLSite).