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New: Ichinensei ch36; Neko Kissa ch13

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Ichinensei v06 ch36

Three chapters left to go.

Neko Kissa v01 ch13

Getting close to the end of the first volume of this series.

Sorry for the long delay, Wadatsumi’s table of contents has been vexing ever since the last update.

I can’t quite tell what the third Kanji is supposed to be. Since it doesn’t use furigana, it should be a relatively common one. I believe it’s the Ryakuji (simplified) form for a more complex kanji, but my closest guesses are “実りし” and “寝りし”, but neither of them make much sense in context. Unless, it’s supposed to be “守りし”…


@Anonymous: Your intuition is correct. Santa-san said, “『はい』は一回”. I added “more” as a slightly humorous reference to a movie I was watching while working on the chapter (Change the “OK to “What”).

@Chore Boy: I’m not dead yet. =P

@Anonymous: OK, thank you for the input. My copy of Greed Packet’s 4th volume is due to arrive on the 29th of November. Hopefully it’ll shed light on the proper romanisation of Keisu.

@neko-kun: Thank you for your interest in Koi Neko. Unfortunately, the scans you sent were magazine RAWs. If KamenWriter doesn’t return, I’ll probably see if I can continue Koi Neko after I’m finished with Greed Packet Unlimited.

@CatzCradle: Thank you for the feedback. I’m mostly curious concerning the most convenient location for that link. Like, would it be more useful if it was linked in the left-side frame of this site, or bundled together below the links in each projects’ page?

I’m inclined to put Yesasia in the same category as other unsavoury sites that inflate the prices of their items. Ichinensei’s first volume is 11.99 USD at Yesasia when it’s 620 JPY at any competitive online store. Worse than that, Miyama Zero’s artbook is 53.99 USD at Yesasia when it’s 2,940 JPY elsewhere. However, Yesasia has the redeeming factor of “free” international shipping for certain items. Though, that shipping really only lets one come out ahead of for small orders ( is cheaper than Yesasia when the orders are larger, and it’s shipped EMS to boot). Yesasia is probably useful for people knowledgeable enough to calculate whether using their service is a better deal than a competitive site like BK1, but I don’t think I can recommend them with a clear conscience.