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Neko de Gomen! v03 ch12-15

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Neko de Gomen v03 ch12
Neko de Gomen v03 ch13
Neko de Gomen v03 ch14
Neko de Gomen v03 ch15

Each of these chapters took about 2-3 days to finish cleaning/editing, which surprised me considering how exhausting the previous chapters were to clean and typeset. Looking ahead, my favourite chapter is still a little ways off (It’s ch20). When I first began this project, I mistakenly assumed the story in chapter 20 would be in the second volume.

Chapters 38 and 39 of Ichinensei still need to be proofread. I don’t have an estimated time when this will happen, but expect those two in the near future.


@yby: You’re welcome. The product description for volume seven of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara describes the series as a “super popular lollipop comedy”. Houbunsha’s Mangatime Kirara Forward magazine doesn’t strike me as being as cutthroat about the persistence of its serials unlike ones serialised in magazines published by companies like Kadokawa or Shuueisha. Speaking of which, here’s the cover for the upcoming 7th volume:

Looks like the infamous high schooler-type powered suit might be making a comeback.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Eek! Sorry about nuking your comment. =(

I don’t believe I had any plans to work on Shanana. Too bad the series ended inconclusively on its 4th volume. I did receive my copy of the Shanana doujin: シャナナのひみつ (Shanana no Himitsu). I don’t know if there are scans for this online, though. It’s a rather thick doujin at 124 pages. Basically, it’s a data book describing the character creation process, the five scenarios used in the four volumes of the manga along with three unused scenarios, and how the series was going to end if it continued.

Speaking of which, the first volume of Tamakoshi Hiroyuki’s latest serial “Double Heroine”, serialised in Rival Comics, was released earlier this month. Like Shanana, Tamakoshi-sensei is working with a writer, though it’s a different one this time. I ordered that book along with a preorder for Ichinensei’s 7th volume and some other manga. I like Tamakoshi Hiroyuki’s art, despite how repetitive his story-telling became with Gacha Gacha. On that note, I wonder if he’s going to continue Gacha Gacha. Right now, he’s doing BOYS BE: Next Season for Kodansha’s Shounen Magazine.

@Shiroyama Koichiro: I do not know when I’ll be doing another Koi Neko chapter. It’s wholly dependent on whether the volume scans (not magazine scans) appear online, unfortunately. Greed Packet is suffering from a number of issues that I’ll repeat here:
#1: I still need to finish the Stasis Fencer and Thermobaric Buster entries in ch01. Procrastination has kept me from doing these.
#2: The item from Norse mythology called the Hourglass of Urðarbrunnr. In Japanese, it’s written as “ウルザルブルンの砂時計” (Uruzaruburun no Sunadokei). Does anyone know anything about this? I suspect it’s not really an item from legitimate Norse mythology, but rather from some other media. My first suspicion is the manga “Ah! Megami-sama”.
#3: The proper romanisation for the tentatively named Kes. I forgot about the poll I was going to implement so readers can decide what they prefer. Though, considering the insanely long delay, GPU v05’s release isn’t too far off (this might include her profile).

Once I’m finished scanning all of Greed Packet Unlimited. I might go ahead and scan Koi Neko myself.

@Sandor: Ah, I remember sewing most of the double pages for Neko de Gomen all the way up to ch51 around the same date. That was fun! Though, I did miss a couple, like the double page for ch15. Wadatsumi, Mahou Shoujo Rukana, and Greed Packet were to blame for the rest of the dates for Neko de Gomen ch 11. My release schedule stabilised somewhat when I stopped making too much time for those series.

In any case, did the man-bear-pig reference at least amuse you a teeny-little bit, or did it only serve to annoy you? If it’s the latter, I can remove it. Also, if it is the latter, it would be best not to recommend that I watch Christopher Walken on Youtube. Otherwise more odd things are liable to sneak their way into future Neko de Gomen chapters. Actually, this has been happening since chapter one. I’m serious! Go read the the series again and see if you can spot more references. Most of them are way more subtle than the man-bear-pig one, though.

I do try to keep any of my own insertions or comments to only the occasional instance to create as little unnecessary clutter. I remember reading a discussion on mangaupdates concerning scanlation editors peppering releases with their own comments and opinions about what is happening in the manga (i.e. some of the Futari Ecchi scanlations), and one reader expressing annoyance, which I took somewhat to heart in my own arbitrary policy.

@Zaorish: You’re welcome.
1) I did not get earthquaked or tsunami’d. n_n;;
2) I’m not certain about Mangatime Kirara Forward’s censorship policy. I remember in the first volume of Ichinensei, the word “unko” (poop) was censored. The word “unko” was also censored in the first chapter of volume six. In any case, considering the amount of detailed nudity in Joouari (another serial by Ooi Masakazu), I believe the censorship in Ichinensei is based on Mangatime Kirara Forward’s rules.

@Anonymous: Your Iori x Ion comment reminded me that I saw Ichinensei ni Nacchattara fanfiction of all things while browsing Google. Personally, I think Ichinensei is a terrible series for fanfiction, since the creator retcons and changes the names of his characters. Like Rin’s name is written later on two occasions as Suzu. Anna’s name was written later as Anzu (I mistakenly wrote it as Anko). And Rin’s little brother’s name is pretty much unknown; one of my acquaintances thinks it’s Yuu. Though, the funniest error is when Yume introduces herself in the first chapter as Mei (this one is actually fixed in my personal copy of Ichinensei v1, which is a third print).

New: Ichinensei v06 ch37; Neko de Gomen! v03 ch11

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Ichinensei v06 ch37

Two more chapters left to go. As Galen pointed out, volume 7 is due to be released on the 12th of April.

Neko de Gomen v03 ch11

Thus begins the third volume of this series. Again, special thanks to Galen for scanning the original volume covers. The inside flap contains a photograph of Nagano Akane and her assistants (Nagano-sensei is the second from the left). These people are all about 20 years older now.

Nagano Akane is still producing manga, though most of it is the cheapish kind of seinen manga featuring OL, idols, nurses, school girls, and the like. However, it seems Nagano-sensei has a new serial that was recently released, featuring a mad scientist character and fantasy-type setting that might be interesting, called “Zettai Ryouiki Princess Sweet Holy”. Though, the term “zettai ryouiki” is the area of exposed thigh skin between the leggings and skirt of a character…

Anyway, sorry for the unexpectedly long delay. The fourth and fifth chapters of Greed Packet are finished as far as editing is concerned (they just need to be proofread). However, I still have to edit the final entry for the 2.0 version of the first chapter. A couple matters of note did cost me a number of weeks, and unfortunately they remain unresolved:

The first matter being the colour pages that were included as previews of each manga serialised in Dengeki Maoh’s site. I thought I downloaded those images to my scanlation project’s image folder, but evidently I did not. It also seems Dengeki Maoh changed their website, and deleted the archive of single page previews for all of their manga, so I can’t go back and download them again.

The second matter being an item supposedly from Norse mythology called the Hourglass of Urðarbrunnr. I tried researching this and couldn’t find any information concerning such a thing or anything similar.

As for progress on my other projects, I already cleaned all the pages for Neko de Gomen’s 12th chapter, which is only about 20 pages long, so that should be finished in a short matter of time. About 1/3 finished with the Mahou Shoujo Rukana one-shot in Suihei Kiki’s Mika ni Harassment compilation. The rest are all in various states of being cleaned or translated.


@Anonymous: You’re welcome. Though, I do have some bad news. It seems Ichinensei ni Nacchattara has recently changed its release rate to one chapter every two months. Though, this is probably necessary to maintain the quality of each chapter due to Masakazu Ooi working on multiple serials simultaneously.

@Tsu: I celebrate Secular Family Gift-giving Day. A belated Merry Christmas to you, Tsu. n_n;

@Anonymous : What’s annoying about those bots is that I sometimes worry that genuine comments accidentally get deleted along with the spam. They usually plague entries that are about a month old.

@Sandor: Yesasia and Jlist deal in USD. If someone from elsewhere (e.g. Europe) purchases an item from them, their currency is converted to USD. You make a good point about the USD’s drastic drop in value, though.

I don’t have any Tankoubon RAWs for Koi Neko. KamenWriter, the person who scanned most of the 4th volume (sans two chapters), disappeared. I’ll probably scan them myself in the event Tankoubon scans don’t show up by the time I’m finished scanning Greed Packet Unlimited. Speaking of which, I received several e-mails with links to the Koi Neko’s magazine RAWs. After working on the magazine RAWs for stories like Nekobyouneko’s Catling serial, I’m extremely hesitant to ever work with such things ever again. n_n;;

@Márcio: I don’t think I made any progress on any of the other stories in the Mai-Otome Zwei Comic Book. Though, I might do the story by Chako if I do find myself with extra time.

@Anonymous: I didn’t die in a car accident yet.

@Anonymouse: At one point, I thought I would just make a no-scanlation content manga rant update just so I could close that older entry to cease the deluge of spambots. However, I’m unsure if people would appreciate scrolling down manga rant blog entries for the entries with the download links. Well, those people could certainly scroll down the RSS feed as a compromise, but it’s up to visitors to decide whether or not they want to see me make frivolous manga rant entries.

@tazmanian: I believe Sandor also suggested using a Capcha, but I personally find those things to be annoying. Though, just to point out something I think few have noticed, you don’t have to type in an e-mail address to leave a comment in this blog. It’s only there if you want me to e-mail you. The spambots certainly aren’t lacking in the massive number of e-mail accounts at their disposal . Anyway, if the spambots start infesting recently created posts en masse, I’ll probably have to implement a Capcha.

@Sandor: I think I might be able to quicken the release pace for Neko de Gomen since the chapters are now shorter. That and I’m getting closer to the one chapter I wanted to work on since I started this project. I’m not familiar with this Cowbell…

@geekdiva: You’re welcome. Milk Sylphid from Neko Kissa is one of my favourite characters to write dialogue for. I just noticed Neko Kissa is over seven years old. I’ve been following it since the first volume. Toto Nemugi has been working on it off-and-on, taking breaks to work on his other projects like “Rei kara Hajimemashou (Let’s Begin From Zero)” serialised in the same magazine. I believe Neko Kissa is still ongoing, although currently in the middle of another break.