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New: Neko de Gomen! v03 ch16-17

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Neko de Gomen! v03 ch16
Neko de Gomen! v03 ch17

Baseball and obligatory onsen fanservice chapter double release. The next two chapters will introduce a multi-chapter story arc. Already cleaned these two chapters along with the last two chapters for Neko Kissa’s first volume.

Work on Greed Packet Unlimited has been slow. Realised I didn’t do anything beyond cleaning p54… edited it so all I have to do is insert the text for the Stasis Fencer and Thermobaric Buster entries. I’m slowly cross-checking with various English articles on thermobaric weaponry, i.e. “自由空間蒸気雲爆発” is the Japanese term for UVCE (Unconfined Vapour-Cloud Explosion). I wish the same could be said for Stasis Fencer; however, since it uses “静止空間”, I’m currently having trouble finding the perfect English equivalent because absolute stillness in space contradicts the General Theory of Relativity. I’m currently leaning on “Absolute Aether”, or just “Absolute Space”.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak from ch06 of GPU!
I managed to obtain high-res scans of the colour pages for ch06 and the rest of the future chapters.

Also, in case anyone is curious, here’s a scan from the Greed Packet Unlimited Drama-CD Book included with the January Issue of Dengeki Maoh:

(Click for high-res version)

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom:
Sugita Tomokazu (plays Pantech)
Miko (plays Ringo, a character included for the drama-CD)
Hikasa Youko (Plays Preke)
Amane (Plays herself, a member of the band Cool&Create)
Toyosuki Aki (Plays Sony)
Beat Mario (Plays himself, a member of the band Cool&Create)
Sakurai Takahiro (Plays Casio)
Kamiya Yuu-sensei (Plays himself, the creator of GPU)
Tamura Yukari (Plays Nokia)

Not included in the group shot:
Fukuyama Jun (Plays Cella)

The drama-CD from the Dengeki Maoh Booklet is different from the one included with the limited edition of the 4th volume of Greed Packet Unlimited. I don’t know if either of these CDs are circulating online. I rarely watch anime, so I don’t really know anything about these seiyuu, either. Though, Gamerkun was happy enough to tell me that Sugita Tomokazu is the closest thing to a troll working as a seiyuu. A fitting role for Pantech, who is a troll bent on griefing others. Also, I like Sugita Tomokazu’s homo-erotic voice (the kind of voice I would like to lull me to sleep). n_n;

Recently, my package that contains Ichinensei’s 7th volume has arrived, so the Ichinensei project page has been updated accordingly. It looks like the series is going to end on the 8th volume. Although I have made such predictions since the cliffhanger from the second volume; however, *massive spoiler* seems like the kind of thing the author can’t easily sweep beneath the carpet without the use of a massive idiot ball.

Also, one of the Ichinensei chapters is dedicated to Kancho:
Is Kancho common knowledge, or will I have to include a note for it in the future?

My favourite chapter in the 7th volume is the one where Rin (though, considering how I’ve seen “す・・・鈴” on at least three occassions, her name is probably Suzu) got in a fight with her little brother and decides she wants a little sister instead, so she asks her mother how babies are made with negative success. Eventually, Miho tells Rin that babies are made when two people who like each other kiss, which leads to Rin trying to snog Iori. Well, in any case, I’ll be looking forward to the high-quality scans for this series.


@Shadow: I already have three dedicated proofreaders (four for GPU). I don’t think I can competently coordinate with more than that many. However, if you happen to spot any errors, feel free to point them out so I can fix them.

@Anonymous: Thank you very much for your dedicated help over the years, Anonymous. I’m pleasantly surprised to see fanart for Ooi Masakazu’s serials. Thanks for sharing!

@Qaxis: You’re welcome. The scans for volume 4+ in that link are for magazine scans. After working on Catling, I don’t feel like working with magazine scans ever again. It’s too much work for such a little result. Though, in the event when I finish scanning Greed Packet Unlimited and no Koi Neko volume scans appear online, I’ll probably try scanning Koi Neko myself. However, if it comes to that, I have to decide whether it’s worth buying an extra copy of volume 4 just to scan 2 chapters… >_<;

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v6 ch38-39; Neko Kissa v1 ch14

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v6 ch38
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v6 ch39

Sorry for the long delay. That’s it for Ichinensei ni Nacchattara until the RAWs for the 7th volume appear online. The anonymous scanner tends to take several months after the release date before uploading scans.

Speaking of which, before volume 6 appeared online, someone did offer to scan it. Thankfully, anonymous informed me of the anonymous scanner’s RAWs for volume 6, which was good because the previous person was trying to solicit donations for scanning stuff (Well, it’s a little more complicated than that, but I don’t quite agree with trying to make money off other people’s work). Sadly, I had to boycott several communities because of this.

Neko Kissa v1 ch14

2 more chapters left to go.


@dayrains: Wow, thank you very much for making the effort to clarify the matter concerning the Hourglass of Urðarbrunnr. I appreciate it. Your own speculation almost seems to be relevant to the situation in the Greed Packet chapter. Though, I wonder where Kamiya Yuu picked up the word if it’s not known to someone who has studied Norse Mythology.

@Dumbledork: You’re welcome. One thing I think is important for writers of fanfiction is proper understanding of the source material. Basically, it’s more helpful to read the original Japanese book rather than a localisation or scanlation if you want a clear idea of the kind of character you’re going to be working with.

For example, I noticed that you had Yume use the word “precious”, which was something I used in the Ichinensei scanlation. In the original Japanese manga, Yume repetitively uses the word “kawaii” to describe everything, which I translated as cute, adorable, precious, and so on to avoid repetition.

@JackBassV: That’s interesting! Thank you for sharing.

@Sandor: The original sentence was “実は半分猫なんです”. The man-bear-pig reference was an addition to fill up the bubble, and possibly elicit at least a brief smile. You do make a good point about avoiding things that would conflict with the time period set in the manga. I’ll have to be careful about that. Though, I think man-bear-pig isn’t quite like making a reference to Youtube or Nicovideo. While it is indeed a reference from a programme made after the manga, it doesn’t contain information from the future in itself. Like, in chapter 7, it would be inappropriate for me to make any of the characters mention things that happened to Michael Jackson after the manga (i.e. Michael Jackson being dead at the time I edited the chapter).

In any case, you should wonder what has been removed or changed in any scanlation that you read. At the moment, I really can’t think of one scanlation that can be exempt from scrutiny. So, if you’re ever curious about anything, feel free to comment on it and I’ll try to provide the original so you can see how much has been changed.

@dayrains: Ah, too bad there’s no mention of the Hourglass of Urðarbrunnr in the first 30 or so volumes of AMG. Thank you for checking. Also, it’s nice to know Okusan is finally out of its hiatus period. I was wondering when the second volume will be published.

@Shadow: Hello, Shadow. I’m surprised to see a post by you here. How are you? The proofreaders are volunteers who have their own schedule. It would be difficult for me to predict when you should expect a chapter if it has been held up in the proofreading process.

@jonwii: I don’t have RAW scans for Nagano Akane’s two volume serial, “Zettai Ryouiki Princess Sweet Holy”. Also, I don’t quite understand if you are asking for an online import shop, or a digital download store. I checked yahoo.comics, but it seems they don’t have that story by Akane-sensei for sale yet (I think it was a mobile phone manga, so it would make sense if it appears for sale in a digital download store).

Anyway, it is for sale at BK1:
And a guide if you need help with purchasing items from BK1.