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New: Wadatsumi v02 ch07

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Wadatsumi v02 Ch07

Wadatsumi vs. Misogyny


@anonymous: Thank you very much for letting me know about that error so I can fix it.

New: Mahou Shoujo Rukana; Neko de Gomen ch18-19; Neko Kissa ch15-16

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Rukana

This is Suihei Kiki’s debut work that was printed in Square-Enix’s Gangan Powered, and the last story in the Mika ni Harassment compilation. In spite of the rather lukewarm reception outside Japan, Mika ni Harassment’s infamy in Japan allowed the compilation to become a #1 seller at, which is probably the reason Mika ni Harassment got a Drama CD despite being only three chapters long (the Drama CD is based off the second chapter, I believe).

Speaking of Mika ni Harassment, Suihei Kiki decided to do a 5th year anniversary doujin for Mika ni Harassment. Unlike the work that was serialised in GanGan Powered (A shounen magazine aimed toward young readers) the doujin is R18 (meaning it’s an adult doujin). I haven’t seen any RAWs for it circulating online, though I wouldn’t mind working on it.

Neko de Gomen! v03 ch18
Neko de Gomen! v03 ch19

Thus concludes the third volume of the original eight volume print. My tentative goal for this year is to finish volume 6, since that’s when Neko de Gomen “ends”. Well, although having a proper ending at the end of volume 6, Nagano Akane decided to return to the series to do two more volumes, which uses a different artstyle and tone. A slightly more drastic change than Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s change from a gag manga to a shounen battle manga.

Neko Kissa v01 ch15
Neko Kissa v01 ch16

Finally done with the first volume! I began working on this series on December 2007. Neko Kissa began its serialisation in the 2002 October issue of Mangatime Kirara, though Toto Nemigi has been taking breaks from it to work on other serials. When I began this project, I thought it was finished at volume 3. Speaking of which, the 6th volume is due to be released on June 27th.

Also, when I pre-ordered the sixth volume, I was reminded that Neko Kissa has a Drama CD (there’s also a novelisation that was kind of bad). On a whim, I decided to check the voice cast for the Drama CD, and the person who did the voice for Lucia Milchreis is the same person who did the voice for Nokia in the Greed Packet Drama CDs: Tamura Yukari.

Wadatsumi’s 7th chapter is in the proofreading phase, so expect that in the near future. My current focus is to try and finish Wadatsumi’s 2nd volume. I finished a rough translation for chapters 8-15, and am now cleaning the pages for typesetting.


@JackBassV: I did a little research on the Stasis Field and Variable Swords, and I doubt Stasis Fencer is based on those things. Stasis Fencer is a concentrated blade of “静止空間”, which doesn’t have any physical cutting power, rather it creates a “time error” in the intermolecular forces of an object, causing the bonded molecules to break apart, which gives it the illusion that it can cut just about anything effortlessly. From what I understand, the Variable Sword is a monomolecular wire surrounded by a Stasis Field that allows it to physically cut about anything with some effort. The more I try to research these things, the more confused on the proper word(s) I should use.

@Anonymous: Ah, thank you. I just typed “一年生になっちゃったら” using a tag search on Pixiv without garnering any interesting results, though I did find the image you posted and a few others using “大井昌和”.

@Malice: Aren’t the RAWs for Nagano Akane’s “Fantasia” serial circulating on the Japanese p2p networks? At the moment, I have too many ongoing projects, so I feel I can’t commit myself to any other multi-volume serials until I finish or subdue a couple of them.

@Overboost: Now I’m tempted to do a Naruto x Ichinensei crossover credit page where An-chan screams out “Dattebayo!” XD

@Dry Roasted Peanuts: Speaking of anime/manga fans that aren’t savvy, I recently checked the forum board for Neko de Gomen on a site called mangafox, and some people were wondering why Yayoi wears the same uniform as a character from Inuyasha. ._.;

I’ll keep what you said in mind.

@Shadow: I typed in the title “Horror piled Meatie Cutie” into google and it didn’t give any results. The proper title is “Kaiki Oomori!! Nikuko-chan” by Kojima Miyako (Blog/Fansite). It’s supposed to be a 2 volume work, rather than a 4 volume one like in your link (which seems to be lacking 70+ pages from the 2 volume work). This work seems rather obscure (it doesn’t have an entry in mangaupdates). Actually, the author doesn’t seem like she has an entry in mangaupdates, either. Weird!

Anyway, I can’t commit to any new multi-volume projects right now; however, if you want to see it scanlated, I would recommend updating mangaupdates so it lists the author and her works, and possibly spreading it to filesharing sites with a properly attributed filename (e.g. [Kojima Miyako]_Kaiki_Oomori_Nikuko-chan). Maybe a scanlator with more time might be interested in working on it.