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New: Neko de Gomen! v04 ch20

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Neko de Gomen! v04 ch20

Chapters 21-26 of v4 are cleaned. I think I’m going to clean all of the chapters from v4-6 before I start editing. My goal is to finish volume 6 by the end of this year.

Speaking of which, while browsing google in order to find some fanart for Neko de Gomen, I found out that the entire eight volumes are being hosted on Akamatsu Ken’s website “”. I decided to add a banner to “” on this site’s menu (Be sure to refresh the page). Also, I was surprised when I saw “Aoi Umi no Sashimi” on “”, I’ve been trying to find both copies of that series for over half a decade, thus my opinion of Akamatsu Ken has elevated greatly. In any case, if anyone is interested in digitally reading the original eight volumes of Neko de Gomen in Japanese in a legal way that supports Nagano Akane, I recommend visiting “”. Hopefully this will inspire Nagano Akane to allow her other out-of-print series to be hosted there.


@B1: You’re welcome, in the past I used to be able to finish around a volume’s worth of chapters every month.

@Anonymous: Ah, did “Aiko Desho” actually contain anything that was morally problematic? From what I remember, “Aiko Desho” was fairly clean. Whereas Ichinensei has some rather risque drawings that caused the series to be banned on sites like Mangafox (I was surprised it was p104-105 of volume 6 that led to that decision rather than p093-094 of volume 4).

@Rizaria: The scanner for Koi Neko, KamenWriter, disappeared. So, Koi Neko is on hiatus until one of the following happens:
1) KamenWriter returns with more scans.
2) Someone offers to scan Koi Neko in HQ
3) An anonymous (Japanese) person scans v4 and up.
4) I finish scanning Greed Packet Unlimited and then scan Koi Neko myself.

In any case, I’m sorry for the long delay.

@Zaorish: You’re welcome. Something that I have wondered for a long time: are you a staff member of Lililicious or just a fan of that website?

New: Neko Kissa v02 ch17; Wadatsumi v02 ch08-15 (end)

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Neko Kissa v02 ch17

Neko Kissa meets Little Red Riding Hood.

Wadatsumi v02 Ch08
Wadatsumi v02 Ch09
Wadatsumi v02 Ch10
Wadatsumi v02 Ch11
Wadatsumi v02 Ch12
Wadatsumi v02 Ch13
Wadatsumi v02 Ch14
Wadatsumi v02 Ch15

The end.

Ch20 of Neko de Gomen is nearly finished. I think I’m going to do the same thing as Wadatsumi, and clean all of the pages for the chapters in the fourth volume before I typeset them.


@dayrains: Ah, geez. Now I’m curious what happens since I only follow Ichinensei’s volume releases to maximise my enjoyment. Speaking of which, I wonder if Ooi Masakazu is still doing chapters every other month, or if he’s back to his old monthly schedule. Greed Packet Unlimited seems to be dipping into a one-chapter-every-other-month schedule as well. Waiting for volume 5 to be released in the hopes the character profile, that I’m purposefully stalling releasing chapters for, is included.

@Anonymous: So, if I’m reading your comment correctly, the problem is that the Aiko Desho project doesn’t have editors? Usually it’s scanners or translators disappearing, or being busy, that causes a project to go into hiatus.