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New: Neko de Gomen v04 ch23-24

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Neko de Gomen v04 ch23
Neko de Gomen v04 ch24

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara’s 42nd chapter is finished and currently in proofreading la-la-land in anticipation for its September release. I finished it early since one of my proofreaders is busy preparing for a wedding.

Neko de Gomen’s next chapter is actually one chapter long, but I’m going to be scanning and cleaning Greed Packet Unlimited before working on that one.

With that out of the way, I accidentally found out about something that is rather dire:
The only posts worth reading is the first and probably any subsequent posts by cmertb. The thread got locked because too many people don’t know how to control themselves. I’m not going to join in any efforts unless the mangaupdates administrator, Manick, decides on an official policy. Even then, I would rather keep a distance from drama, especially one involving a ruthless Chinese company (with offices in New York City) that is fully willing to engage in underhanded tactics in the short-sighted goal of maximising profits. Just to give a pertinent example that this Chinese company will not play nice, read this comment by Kimi-chan toward the bottom (I would recommend ignoring any other post in that blog entry if you dislike scanlator drama).

Anyway, the only reason I’m even mentioning this is because there’s a lot of young people on the internet unaware of how dangerous these kinds of companies can be. Just like the standard procedure when dealing with an internet overrun with advance-fee fraudsters, spambots, spyware-laden advertisements, and so on, please make sure you, your friends, and your acquaintances are in hazmat suits. In this case, equipped with some kind of adblock plugin compatible with your browser, along with something like ghostery (I’m pretty sure these will also make using online readers much faster, so it’s essentially a double-win).


@Draiker: Koneko Pancake is interesting enough that it might be a worthwhile scanlation project. Though, I think I should focus on finishing my other projects before starting one that is currently ongoing (for all I know, Koneko Pancake might run as long as Ichinensei ni Nacchattara). Then again, there’s a number of other manga I wouldn’t mind scanlating if I had the time. Out of the books in the August 1st post: “Magical Change”, “Okasubekarazu!! Junketsutokku!”, and “Nyatto” are things I find equally as interesting as Koneko Pancake. Though, I haven’t seeen tankoubon RAWs for any of them, and I think someone else is working on Nyatto using mangazine scans. Hm…

@Calc-Yolatuh: Judas has been localised in English by some defunct American company. I think it’s called Tokyopop. One thing I found amusing is the difference between the American and Japanese covers of Judas.

Japanese Covers (Type the name in the search engine for the rest).
American Covers.

@nateinu: Thank you, and good luck.

@sandor: Yeah, that’s the problem with starting a project where only the first three volumes were scanned. I would have been stuck at the end of the third volume if Kamenwriter didn’t offer to scan most of the 4th volume before disappearing.

New: Koi Neko v04 ch34-35

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Koi Neko v04 ch34

Koi Neko v04 ch35

Sorry for the long wait. A couple of the proofreaders needed extra time to finish these chapters. Also, special thanks to nateinu for scanning these two chapters! Nateinu might also scan the fifth volume. It’s nice to finally be able to work on this series again after such a long hiatus.

Currently, chapter 23 of Neko de Gomen is finished, and chapter 24 is 8/20 complete. I’m releasing Neko de Gomen in bundles composed of the multi-chapter story arcs that are generally two to three chapters long.


@Chore Boy: Three of the books in the top row have anime adaptions. Well, “High School D×D” is an upcoming anime (The only reason I even noticed this series is because it’s based on a light novel serial that was illustrated by Miyama Zero, who I like a lot—that, and there’s a nekomimi character). Then again, I don’t watch anime, so I don’t know if the adaptions for “Mayo Chiki” or “Kore wa Zombie desu ka?” are any good. The light novel for “Kore wa Zombie desu ka?” was described by one of my acquaintances to have been written by someone with the mentality of a middle school student, and after reading the manga, I can understand why (Sacchi’s a good choice for the manga adaption, since Sacchi is a son-of-a-bitch—I don’t know whether or not there are RAWs or scanlated chapters floating around for it, but “Saishu & Roid Mel” [Japanese: サイシュー&ロイド める!!] is my favourite story by Sacchi).

@Dumbledork: Anonymous did mention Ichinensei eventually turns into an action comedy manga later on, which makes me wonder as well if Ooi Masakazu is starting to run out of ideas. I know one creative mangaka, Tenkla, describing in the afterword of his ongoing work “Yomeiro Choice” how he has a difficult time coming up with his ideas.

@sensualaoi: The two books in the bottom right corner are light novels. The one on the left published by Shueisha with the long-cat title more appropriate for an ero-game actually gained some infamy on a Japanese BBS I frequent. Apparently, the writer managed to upset enough people that they rated it with one star out of five on with the only praise going to the illustrator. The last time I seen these people so upset was when a high budget visual novel company, F&C, did a work called “Thirua Panic” that almost catered to their interest, but the scenario writer seemed to be more interested in trolling people with the protagonist’s prudish approach to everything (Another thing I found interesting about this R18 novel game is how F&C had someone do a one-shot manga adaption for it as an advertisement in the now-defunct Dengeki Gao, which was aimed towards children—kind of like if a tobacco or alcohol company advertised their goods in a publication to minors who can’t purchase such a product yet). In any case, I’m interested in reading what upset these people so much.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Yeah, I’ve been following Minadzuki Suu since his earlier work “Judas”. His works have a really strong emotional appeal to them in such a way that I assumed based on “Judas” that Minadzuki Suu was a yaoi mangaka, hahaha! I believe I have the first volume of “Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora”. That’s the one with the loser guy who is obsessed over some manga character that somehow comes to life, but doesn’t act the same way she does in the manga, right? The way she acts, she strikes me as some kind of embodiment of misogyny (the funniest moments for me are after she meets the mangaka that drew her character). Probably take a year or two before the second volume is published since the magazine “Young Animal Island” is released like four times a year or something ridiculously spaced out.

@Josh: You’re welcome. I’m currently waiting for the 5th volume of Greed Packet Unlimited to be released. The reason why I’m waiting is that I’m hoping the 5th volume will contain the character profile for a character I tentatively translated as “Kes”. The character profiles in one of the Dengeki Maoh magazines had romanised her name as “Keys”, while also romanising Cella’s name as “Sela”. I already finished the editing and typesetting for the 4th and 5th chapters way back in January/February. So, once her name is confirmed, I’ll probably be able to release multiple chapters. In the event that the 5th volume doesn’t have her profile, I’ll give up on waiting and create a poll so readers can decide on a preferred romanisation.

New: Ichinensei v07 ch41; Neko de Gome v04 ch21-22

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Ichinensei v07 ch41

The infamous kancho chapter. Chapter 42 will be released around September 1st.

Neko de Gome v04 Ch21
Neko de Gome v04 Ch22

The Return of the Vampire.

I widened the blog entries, please let me know if it’s too wide for your monitor/resolution settings. Chapters 34-35 of Koi Neko are both being proofread, so expect these chapters in the upcoming days.

I haven’t made much progress since a package arrived today.

*Click for a High-resolution Image*
From left to right, top to bottom:
まよチキ! (2) (Mayo Chiki!)
まじかる☆チェンジ (1) (Magical Change)
これはゾンビですか? (3) (Kore wa Zombie desu ka)
こいこい★生徒会 (3) (Koikoi Seitokai)
ハイスクールD×D (1) (High School D×D)
To LOVEる―とらぶる― ダークネス (1-2) (Toloveru Trouble Darkness)
こねこパンケーキ (1) (Koneko Pancake)
おくさん (2) (Okusan)
そらのおとしもの (12) (Sora no Otoshimono)
ねこきっさ (6) (Neko Kissa)
侵スベカラズ!!純血特区!(2) (Okasubekarazu!! Junketsutokku!)
揉み払い師 (1) (Momibaraishi)
ダブルヒロイン (2) (Double Heroine)
にゃっと! (2) (Nyatto!)
G.L. ~気がついたら女の子になって妹を守ることになったから、とりあえず揉んでみた!~ (1) (G.L. ~Ki ga Tsuitara Onna o Ko ni natte Imouto o Mamoru koto ni Nattakara, Toriaezu Mondemita!~)
可愛くなんかないからねっ! (1) (Kawaiku nanka nai kara ne!)

Crazy that as soon as I typed in the romaji title for Koneko Pancake, I saw scans of the first volume’s RAWs. I just read through it, and it’s rather good. Kamisu Iori (15 Years-old) winds up walking through a magical doorway that spirits him away to an interdimensional shop that employs konekos. Not koneko as in kitten, but rather 娘ネコ (catgirl). Iori accidentally breaks the knob of his magical doorway, which leaves him stuck in this pocket dimension until he earns enough to fix the broken knob for his door. While this is merely my speculation, the shop seems to service troubled guests like a host club, and gives me a similar vibe to “Night on the Milkyway Railroad” (The end theme is one of my favourite songs).

Also read through Okusan. I’m surprised that no one is scanlating this series. It’s more or less as awesome as Ichinensei ni Nacchattara. Nonomiya—the character that looks like an adult version of Akira-chan from Gachagacha (Not the muchimuchi version)—is absolutely hilarious! Speaking of Gacha Gacha, Tamakoshi Hiroyuki is currently working on a new version of his old BOYS BE serial. Still curious concerning whether or not he’s going to do a 2nd part for Gacha Gacha (Since the ending of Secret was “First Part: End”).

Finally, I updated Neko Kissa’s page with information concerning its 6th and last volume. Haven’t read through my copy yet.


@Anonymous: You’re welcome. Considering all the fake files and stuff you have to deal with while using share, and the fact I can’t really use any kind of p2p programme like share, I’m not going to trivialise the importance of your ability and patience to provide the RAWs for Ichinensei. So you have my gratitude.

@Dumbledork: I sometimes wonder if the cover Engrish is the product of a machine translator, or an actual person. The average Japanese person is more proficient in English than someone from France, which actually surprised me. Though, one thing I learned is that Japan has borrowed a lot of English expressions and stuff, and some of the Engrish is actually just English based on Japanese grammar so it makes sense to a Japanese reader, but would probably look weird to a native English speaker. An example of this would be: “Let’s yes we can!” =P

@DaVince: In the event that you missed my comment. If it isn’t too much trouble, can you list the romanised words that you are having issues with in regards to Neko de Gomen? One part of me wonders if you’re talking about the multitude of sfx notes in the first chapter.