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New: Ichinensei v07 ch43

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Ichinensei v07 ch43
Rin and Iori ship fans rejoice~!

Unfortunately, the next Koi Neko chapter hasn’t successfully escaped from the proofreading Gulag. In any case, I found out that Greed Packet Unlimited is actually on hiatus. Months ago, Kamiya Yuu developed an illness that required him to fly to America for surgery. Since then, Kamiya Yuu has been recuperating. Due to this, I highly doubt Greed Packet’s 5th volume is going to be released this year. I finished the editing for chapters 4 and 5 of Greed Packet Unlimited, but I held them in the proofreading Nether Realm because I was hoping that the 5th volume would have a profile with the romanisation of a character I tentatively translated as “Kes”. So, rather than risk waiting until next year, I’m going to do a poll so readers can decide on a preferred romanisation. Click on the below image to vote.

Her name in Japanese is “ケイス” (Keisu). Her name is based off the former name of Asmo, which was KES. KES is pronounced as “ケーイーエス” (Key’ee’es) or “ケス” (Kesu). In a profile from a copy of Dengeki Maoh, her name is romanised as “Keys”. This magazine also romanised Cella’s name as “Sela”. So, it’s really anyone’s guess what romanisation Kamiya Yuu intends for her. The poll will end on October 15th, and I think there’s a vote limit of 100 users.

Also, which is preferable: Wife or Waifu? Foolish Hair or Ahoge? This is for Greed Packet Unlimited.

With all of that out of the way. It seems Manick and Lambchopsil from mangaupdates have taken a stance on unethical online readers. I’m mostly bringing this up because I’m currently having a difficult time finding English-language communities in regards to manga. I’m strongly opposed to visiting or associating with sites that unethically profiteer off other people’s works along with communities ran by administrators who commit double standards regarding whose copyrights should be respected (i.e. people who think it’s alright to fileshare stuff from Japanese artists, while it’s wrong for other people to fileshare stuff from the administrators themselves, the administrators’ friends, etc.).

Calc-Yolatuh mentioned an online reader called Batoto, which uses ad revenue to pay for its servers, though I don’t know what they do with the excess funds. Like do they have any safeguards against embezzlement? Is it even ethical for scanlators to receive some of the ad revenue? Some groups like SaHa believe that scanlators making money off donations/commissions puts them on the same level as the Japanese doujin community that sells fancomics, fanart, fanfiction, fangames and so on which use copyright characters. Regardless, my only interest in Batoto is that—out of most of the English-language scanlation readers I have seen—they might be the lesser of all evils. On one hand, I’m hedging my bets on Akamatsu Ken’s online reader “”, since he expressed interest in having users transcribe the Japanese text, and then letting people write translations for this text so people can read the manga in Chinese, English, and so on. On the other hand, Akamatsu Ken doesn’t want to compete with publishers for a good reason that he explained, so “” is only going to fill a certain niche.

In any case, if Batoto happens to be ran by caring people, then it might be in my best interest to support them. By support, I mean putting a banner for Batoto on the left-hand side of this site, and possibly advertising it in my credit pages. At the moment, “Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou”, and two chapters of “Ichinensei ni Nacchattara” are on Batoto. Except for Greed Packet’s first chapter (since I’m going to do a v2.0 later this month), please fill the rest of the site with my projects. I happen to like reading comments on the series I have worked on, which is why I feel so bad that I had to give up on visiting so many communities. I’m hoping Batoto will fill this void for me. Also, if there are any other good manga communities that share the manga I have worked on, or cater to similar themes like the themes in the manga I have worked on, please let me know. n_n;


@moejedi: I’m not privy to the tastes of other translators. I do know there are some translators that you can commission to do scanlations, but I don’t know if they do translation scripts (i.e. SaHa does scanlation commissions, and they put a credit stamp over the actual manga’s art in order to advertise their service).