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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v07 ch44; Koi Neko v05 ch36-38

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v07 ch44

Koi Neko v05 ch36
Koi Neko v05 ch37
Koi Neko v05 ch38

Special thanks to nateinu for scanning the entire 5th volume. Sorry for the long delay. Koi Neko ch38 and Greed Packet chapters 1, 4, and 5 are still being proofread. Neko de Gomen ch26 is also being proofread, and ch27 is about halfway finished.

I’ll update this entry as each chapter is finished.


@viaggero: Do those RAWs contain colour pages? I don’t read magazine scans, and prefer to wait until the book is compiled before I read Ichinensei.

@Chore Boy: Thank you. Someone was kind enough to upload Koi Neko and Neko de Gomen to Batoto. I really don’t have the time, or a good enough internet connection to upload my project archive to another site. Even if it’s one volume, I would appreciate it very much if you or someone else were to take the time to do so.

Speaking of watermarks, I made a post on mangaupdates with a watermark suggestion for the groups that insist on using unsightly watermwarks asking the reader not to mirror their releases here. Though, the suggestion leans toward being facetious.

@Aaron: You’re welcome, and thank you. Ichinensei v07 p106 reads, “Let’s wash our hands after playing outside, bye-bye kiii~iiin.”

@moejedi: Actually, toward the bottom of the left-hand menu is a link to my hentai projects. Some of them are by really, really messed up people. Particularly the ones by Kobayashi Shounenmaru, who is like a mix between Shintaro Kago and Maruo Suehiro. The latter of which fortunately moved on to doing all-age stories (since most of his fans aren’t into the whole BDSM hentai thing).

@sandor: As far as I know, Kamiya Yuu hasn’t done anything official with the Touhou Project, just fanart, fancomics, fangames, etc. (unless participating at a doujin event like Reitaisai counts, but that would include thousands of others like Toto Nemigi).

@Anonymous: Chapters four and five of Greed Packet Unlimited will be uploaded as soon as they’re finished being proofread. I scanned and cleaned the entire second volume.