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New: Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch01-04 [J-comi]; Neko de Gomen v05 ch30-32; Neko Kissa v02 ch18

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch01-04

Found out that I can edit a translation in English for manga hosted on J-comi. Feedback is vitally important even if it’s just as simple as stating that you read the chapter so I know I’m not wasting my time. I would like to know about everyone’s experience reading the manga in English on that site. Is the way I wrote the script intuitive and easy to understand, or is trying to associate a translation with the Japanese text cumbersome and annoying? Suggestions about how I can go about making things easier for you is very important right now, so I can do things better for the future chapters.

Also note that I wrote this by myself, so there’s bound to be grammar and spelling errors, unnatural sounding sentences, and possibly translation mistakes. I have three (four for Greed Packet) proofreaders for a reason, just so you know! However, mistakes can be fixed by anyone with a J-comi account, so this is kind of like Wikipedia or Mangaupdates.

Here’s some instructions courtesy of The Lion of Genesis:
1. The three options next to the cover are “Read in large size”, “Read in normal format”, “Read one page at a time”. The first two mimic an actual manga, showing the two pages one next to the other. The last one is the format adopted by most scanlations. I do my edits in large size, which I recommend.
2. Whichever you pick, do note that manga is read from right to left, and that includes the direction in which you change pages.
3. To toggle line translation, click the green-backgrounded balloon in the bottom corner of each page.
4. Pick English on the bottom option that’s faced towards the balloon (which is left on the left page, right on the right page).

Finally, one last thing, I PMed Lambchopsil from mangaupdates, and translations for J-comi cannot be accepted as a release for now. I think this also pertains to other scanlation information sites. So please don’t submit this to such sites.

Neko de Gomen v05ch30
Neko de Gomen v05ch31
Neko de Gomen v05ch32

Baby dinosaurs and a parody of Kawaguchi Kaiji’s manga “Chinmoku no Kantai” (The Silent Service). Actually, working on these chapters made me start reading the wide-ban vol.1 out of 11 (over 600 pages each) for this series. I think it’s rather interesting, and probably something Archer might like.

Neko Kissa v02 Ch18

Welcome to the Cat Gathering~!

Manga still in the proofreading stage:
Greed Packet (chapter 5 and volume 2)
Neko de Gomen (chapter 33-38)

Manga in progress:
Neko de Gomen ch39 (typesetting 30/60 pages)
Neko Kissa v02 (rough translation script)
Greed Packet v03 (rough translation script)

Also, make sure to check out the previous post for chapters for Koi Neko and Greed Packet Unlimited in case you missed them. Also, there’s one magic used in the 9th chapter of Greed Packet Unlimited that does not make sense to me. “フラフマンラストラツ”, and its romanisation is “Burafumanrasutoratsu”. Casio used this magic to knock away everyone around him. Burafuman might be Brahman or Brahmin from Hinduism. I don’t know how the rest fits into it. Any help in order to solve this will be appreciated.


@david: If things turn out well, I’m thinking of doing translations for Neko de Gomen’s 7th and 8th volume on J-comi as well. Though, since I did a lot of work joining the double pages, I’ll probably still do scanlations of those two volumes.

@Seraphic Mist: Thank you for your time and efforts in that regard. Gachagacha “Secret” can be read without being familiar with “Capsule”. The only time there’s any reference to “Capsule” is when a couple characters from it appear in the last couple chapters of “Secret”.

@Anonymous: OK, that makes sense, thank you. Though, that essentially destroys all my plans to add a banner link to Batoto and advertise it in my releases until they do something about that.

@Mat: Unfortunately, it seems that Ichinensei’s 8th volume is NOT going to be released this March. Apparently, Ooi Masakazu is taking a slight break on it to focus on his other series. I’ll keep checking to see if it gets an April release.

@someloser: I haven’t had any problems importing risque manga, either. Though, I have heard some stories about people in Canada sometimes having mean-spirited customs workers getting away with all sorts of things since they have no overhead.

@moejedi: There’ll be more Ichinensei. Though, I don’t know when.

@Tsu: Thank you for trying. Hopefully someone else can help. Currently, if all else fails, I’ll probably go with Brahmin’s Last Rite. In reference to the shmashana ghats where bodies are cremated by the waterside and left to drift away.

@Calc-Yolatuh: I’ve been following Doi Sakazaki’s works. The last volume of “Yomeiro Choice” felt uninspired and rushed. I didn’t understand why it felt that way until I found out that Doi is working on a new serial whose title eludes me at the moment. Have you read that one?

@audio: You’re welcome. Nateinu is probably going to have scans for volume 6 sometime soon, so look forward to more Koi Neko. n_n

New: Greed Packet v01 ch04; Koi Neko v05 ch40-43

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Greed Packet v01 ch04

Sorry for the long delay. Also, there’s one magic used in the 9th chapter that does not make sense to me. “フラフマンラストラツ”, and its romanisation is “Burafumanrasutoratsu”. Casio used this magic to knock away everyone around him. Burafuman might be Brahman or Brahmin from Hinduism. I don’t know how the rest fits into it. Any help in order to solve this will be appreciated.

Koi Neko v05 ch40
Koi Neko v05 ch41
Koi Neko v05 ch42
Koi Neko v05 ch43

Haru hates humans. But does Haru hate them with the same intensity as AM (Allied Mastercomputer)?

Proofreading for chapters 42 and 43 of Koi Neko is nearly finished. Just need the last member of the Proofreader Triad’s meticulous scrutiny. I’ll update this post when that happens. Also, chapters 5-11 of Greed Packet Unlimited are in the proofreading stage. Yes, I finished the typesetting for the entire second volume! Currently writing a script for the third volume of GPU while I wait to see if Nateinu finds the time to scan Koi Neko’s 6th volume after returning from his trip for the holidays.

Also, I received a package with Koi Neko’s 10th volume. I’m really looking forward to working on this series.

*Click for a high-resolution Image*
From left to right, top to bottom:
可愛くなんかないからねっ! (2) (Kawaiku nanka nai kara ne!)
狐の悪魔と黒い魔導書 (2) (Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho)
かむかむバニラ! (1) (Come Come Vanilla!)
星刻の竜騎士 (1) (Seikoku no Dragonar)
ハイスクールD×D (2) (High School D×D)
これはゾンビですか? (4) (Kore wa Zombie desu ka)
G.L. 2 〜ブラを買いにいったら男に戻れなくなったので、とりあえずキスをしてみた!〜 (2) (G.L. ~Bra wo Kai ni ittara Otoko ni Modorenakunatta node, toriaezu Kiss wo shitemita!~)
揉み払い師 (2) (Momibaraishi)
コイネコ (10) (Koi Neko)
幻影戦獄伝デモニオ (Genei Sengokuden Demonio)
侵スベカラズ!!純血特区!(3) (Okasubekarazu!! Junketsutokku!)
To LOVEる―とらぶる― ダークネス (3) (Toloveru Trouble Darkness)

High School D×D is rather good. I only noticed it because Miyama Zero did the illustrations for the light novels. Normally, I try to avoid books that have actions scenes, or have so many characters that it’s difficult to keep track of them. Though, Japanese reviewers were kinda harsh toward Mishima Hiroji’s skills as an artist for the manga adaption. I’m curious if the anime adaption is going to be any good. The afterward omake in the second volume of the manga gives me the impression that the anime is going to be some fanservice-heavy, boob-bouncing anime from the way one of the characters was criticising the lack of bouncing breasts in the manga, and that it has to be corrected to be more like an anime.

Koi Neko’s 10th volume felt rather awkward when I read it since I was too accustomed to the artstyle in the 5th volume. Supposedly, Mashima Etsuya has been using 3D models to help with the posing. My favourite scene is perhaps when Nao redecorates Shinta’s room into one of those nightmare rooms. I was surprised to see Etsuya make a couple characters parade around in sexy swimsuits while bombarding the reader with a series of bust/crotch/butt fanservice shots in the last chapter. I felt like I was reading Gacha Gacha rather than Koi Neko when he did that. Speaking of Gacha Gacha, Tamakoshi Hiroyuki is done with his new “BOYS BE… next season” serial. I noticed that in one of the volumes while “BOYS BE… next season” was running, both it and Gacha Gacha were listed as ongoing, which gives me the impression that Tamakoshi Hiroyuki has plans to continue Gacha Gacha at some point.


@Mat: Ichinensei was released a week early because it was Newtonmas!

@Anonymous: Yeah, they’re using Google’s advertisement service. So, it’s not much of a surprise when I think about it. However, that does lead to the issue that Batoto isn’t feasible to support until they switch advertisers. There’s too many series on there already that violate Google’s terms of use that Batoto listed. Though, Google was content to ignore such violations in the past until someone complained about it to prove a point. This makes me wonder, if the unethical online readers are all using ad networks like Google, it would be easy to get most of the manga on them removed if one complains to the advertisers.

@sandor: I failed to perform any of those rituals~! If I was superstitious, I would assume that might be the reason why I caught a cold on that day. While miserable, I did have a lot of free time to typeset Greed Packet Unlimited.

@Calc-Yolatuh: One of the cool things about Ichinensei is that it has appeal to readers who normally despise lolicon manga. You’re right about it not being surprising for it to be missing. What is surprising is that “Dance in the Vampire Bund” is on Batoto when it’s one of the manga, along with “Kodomo no Jikan”, that was used in an argument to make Google stricter with its advertisement service.

@Anonymous: I’ve been keeping track of things on Kamiya Yuu’s twitter. He’s been drawing since the summer Comiket, though he was too ill to attend it back then. He hasn’t said anything about restarting Greed Packet Unlimited yet, but here’s to hoping.

@commodorejohn: Since I haven’t seen the Japanese raws for the compilation on the net, it might be unlikely. I’m hoping Miyonescy actually manages to get another manga published in the near future, so that Boukun Tyrano-san might get reprinted. That way I can order a copy (I prefer not to order things used).

@Alex Vostox: Thank you. I hope you have a nice year as well.