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New: Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch05 [J-comi]; Koi Neko v06 ch44; Neko de Gomen v05 ch33-34

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch05
Illustrated instructions on how to use J-comi’s Murasame Reader can be read here: (Google translate)

The important thing is to click on the image with the dialogue bubble and select English from the context menu. Finally, according to lambchopsil, releases for J-comi cannot be submitted to Mangaupdates for the time being.

Koi Neko v06 ch44

Neko de Gomen v05 ch33
Neko de Gomen v05 ch34

Sorry for the long wait. Both Archer and Kona have been extremely busy. Also, my internet was throttled to the point that I could barely use it for quite a while, so I’ll see if I can get back to working on my projects again. I’ll update this post when ch45-46 of Koi Neko clear the proofreading stage.

As for “Aoi Umi no Sashimi”, I think I’m going to do the following starting from the first chapter:
All panels will be split by a “=====”.
Thought bubbles will use italic text.
Sound effects will be bracketed with asterisks.


@Calc-Yolatuh: Wow, I just checked the XLG and was surprised that they also worked on “Bakekano”. That’s by the same guy that did “Okawari Naporitan”, which I wrote a tentative script for the first chapter a long time ago when I thought it was going to be a magazine one-shot.

Speaking of which, I never finished reading “Yubisaki Milk Tea”.

@waspire: Houbunsha’s website currently only lists the manga being released up to this March, so I don’t know if Ichinensei ni Nacchattara’s next volume is going to be released this April.

@sensualaoi: I don’t remember the CVs bothering me. However, I do remember most of the BGM themes being nothing short of obnoxious.

@Galen: Thank you very much for the colour pages for chapter 50, Galen. Though, the 2-page spread has a horrendous amount of bleed-through. Hopefully it won’t be too much work to fix that.

@Drunkguy: Thank you for your feedback, along with everyone else. It is appreciated, and I feel much more comfortable now that I have a better idea how to do things. Personally, I’m hoping that the publishers will take note and allow people to transcribe and translate the text for their digital manga. It takes significantly less time to just translate the manga, opposed to scanning, cleaning, and typesetting them. So, it might be preferable in the long-term for a single person like me to transition to such a format. Though, the number of people unable to get the reader to operate does mean that I’m going to continue doing scanlations for Neko de Gomen.