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New: Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch06-08 [J-comi]; Koi Neko v06 ch45-46; Neko de Gomen! v05 ch35-38

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Aoi Umi no Sashimi v01 ch06-08
Illustrated instructions on how to use J-comi’s Murasame Reader can be read here: (Google translate)

Thus concludes the first volume of this series. The Torozoku arc is pretty much the longest and most dramatic arc in this manga. The following Garazoku and Sea Dragon King arcs are much shorter and less climatic, which makes me wonder if it was because the author was forced to conclude this work in a small number of chapters. Speaking of which, this is a gaiden series based off a past work by Nishikawa Shinji called “Jijibaba Fight” where Nagisa, Tsunami, and Osanai were minor characters. I don’t believe I have seen scans for “Jijibaba Fight”, which is a shame.

Koi Neko v06 ch45
Koi Neko v06 ch46

Nateinu sent scans for the rest of v06, so I can focus on this series again. I already did a rough translation and the rotation, resize, and initial cleaning for the volume, so all that’s left is the extra cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting portions.

Neko de Gomen! v05 ch35
Neko de Gomen! v05 ch36
Neko de Gomen! v05 ch37
Neko de Gomen! v05 ch38

Well, that’s it for v05 of Neko de Gomen. The next volume has only 4 chapters. The first one being 60 pages long. I believe I finished 30 or 40 pages thus far. Nagano Akane went back to her old habit of cramming as much pointless text as possible, which is kind of wearisome.

Ichinensei’s 8th volume is NOT going to be released this May. Ooi Masakazu said on his blog that it should be released in the first half of this year, so hopefully that might mean it’s going to be released this June.

Still haven’t heard back from Umeboshi for Greed Packet’s 5th chapter, so that series is still stuck in the proofreading stage. I don’t blame Umeboshi, since the 5th chapter nearly killed me when I was working on it. I’m not in too much of a hurry, since the series is still on hiatus. Well, once it warms up, I’ll start scanning the 3rd volume. Since Greed Packet Unlimited is a sequel to Yuu’s previous series “E.A.r.T.h.”, I probably should reread that manga at some point to see if there’s any terms used between it and GPU. I think someone was scanlating “E.A.r.T.h.” but I don’t know if they finished it. =\


@Drunkguy: I asked lambchopsil if translations for J-comi could be listed on mangaupdates, but he said not for the time being. Once I’m finished with Aoi Umi no Sashimi, I’ll probably try generating a discussion on their forum board to see if I can get people interested in having the mangaupdates staff implement something to keep track of manga translations on J-comi.

@Anonymous: Yes, Haru is a reverse-trap. Which is convenient, considering how many projects I picked up under that category. This time unintentionally.

@Crissa: Hello Crissa. I’m surprised to see you here. You post on another board I kind of visit under a different name, though I don’t believe I ever spoke to you on there.

@Cloud: I checked both links, and they work for me. Let me know if you still have problems.