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New: Koi Neko v06 ch48

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Koi Neko v06 ch48

My internet has been acting crappy, so let me know if the download is corrupt. One of my proofreaders, Archer, is really busy, so it will be a while before the last three chapters are ready to be released.

Anyway, I just found out that Suihei Kiki, the mangaka behind “Mika ni Harassment” decided to release all of his doujins digitally on Melonbooks. This includes his “Mika ni Harassment” remake, which apparently is an all-age R-15 manga rather than an adult R-18 manga. So, I decided to create a banner for his works on Melonbooks on the lefthand side of this site (Refreshing might be necessary). Melonbooks accepts western credit card payments, but if anyone needs a guide on how to purchase from Melonbooks, please ask!

If you enjoyed the “Mika ni Harassment” manga, please consider showing your support by purchasing the digital sequel. I’m going to buy it as soon as my internet is straightened out. Suihei Kiki has shown goodwill by not including any DRM for all but the first couple douijns being sold on Melonbooks.

One thing I’m curious about is if the .pdf is password protected. If it isn’t protected, I’m going to do something unique that functions like a translation patch people use for games and stuff. Basically, it’s where I take all of the layers of a normal scanlation but remove the background layer so it’s just the redrawing, cleaning, and text. I then make an html file that takes the images from the pdf and uses them as a background image with the scanlation portion imposed over it. I thought of this idea when people pointed out how J-comi would be more convenient if it was like a scanlation, rather than the raw images with a text translation next to it. If this doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll create an example with one of the manga I worked on. I think it’s an interesting idea, because the patch images generally amount to 10-20kb for images without any redrawn art and around 60-120kb for images with the art redrawn, so they’re fairly light-weight and quick to distribute.


@Yo_L2: Thank you for your patronage. It’s simpler for me to maintain conversations when I have something to say, which I usually don’t. It’s easier for me to respond to questions, though.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Normally, I research the mangaka of the manga I work on. In Shiina Kazuki’s case, his works are being published by Kill Time Communication (KTC), and they’re one of the few publishers that make their webpage worth visiting to check out the contents of whatever they’re publishing (they’re also progressive with digitally selling some of their works without DRM). Though, most of their publications are adult-oriented (NSFW) or pseudo-adult seinen light novels and mangas. Doi Sakazaki, the mangaka who worked on “Yomeiro Choice” was also doing adult works for KTC at some point (though most of his adult works were for a different publisher).

Actually, that reminds me, there was an all-age seinen manga serialised in KTC’s Comic Valkyrie a long time ago by Przm Star called “NEKOTAMA!!” that was never compiled into a volume, which annoyed me since I was looking forward to it. I have yet to see the magazine raws for it, which is regrettable.

@Drunkguy: I rarely, if ever, post on Mangaupdates, either. Usually I only check the forums if one of the 5 recent topics catches my interest while I go there to report one of my projects. Well, if you do start a topic about J-comi somewhere, let me know (with a link). =)

New: Koi Neko v06 ch47

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Koi Neko v06 ch47

Chapters 48-51 of Koi Neko are currently in the proofreading stage.

In other news, v11 of Koi Neko is going to be released next month, and Ichinensei ni Nacchattara’s 8th volume is due the month after that (June). Yay! Unless Koi Neko ends in its 11th volume, it’s going to be my longest project. “Gachax2: Secret” was 11 volumes long. Then again, Tamakoshi hasn’t listed it as finished, so there’s a possibility that it might restart in the future, especially since the last volume for Tamakoshi’s “Boys BE: next season” is going to be released next month. Tamakoshi Hiroyuki also did a one-shot that is similar to Gachax2 for Enix’s Big Gangan that is due to be released on the 25th of this month.

Finally, an editor called SemiBitter did p150-151 of Koi Neko’s 50th chapter. So, I updated my last post accordingly.


@Anonymous: As far as I know, Batoto hasn’t bribed anyone. On the other hand, Noez has committed the very definition of bribery. An important thing in my opinion is that the person who runs Batoto, Grumpy, is willing to communicate with people and is open to suggestions. He explained why Batoto can’t have series like Ichinensei on their site because all of the ad networks that would allow it are insufficient for maintaining server costs or something, but he was looking into alternatives. Though, that doesn’t exempt him from the possibility that he’s secretly running Batoto as a business-like service no better than the typical bootlegger. But I want to give him the benefit of the doubt for now because the only sites I check for feedback for the series I work on is 4chan (through woxxy’s archive service) and Batoto. I have yet to find any other sites or communities where I can read discussions about my projects. =\

Thank you for letting me know about Hidoi~! Translators and their status with “E.A.r.T.h.”. I have the physical books, but I guess the raws would be nice. Hopefully they’re good enough for scanlation purposes. The first 3 volumes of GPU were actually scanned and uploaded, but their quality is quite poor (I used the 2nd and 3rd one so I could quickly do a rough-draft translation, though).

@Drunkguy: I hope mangaupdates will be receptive to it as well. If you have friends that might be interested in it, please let them know.

@Kemm: Yeah, I’ll probably have to contact Hidoi~! Translators to see what happened to “E.A.r.T.h.”. Though, if you or anyone else wants to find out for me, I would appreciate it.

@Ultimate: GPU is set in the same universe as “E.A.r.T.h.”, whose events are sort of the reason for the things that happen in “Greed Packet Unlimited”. None of the characters from the previous series appear in GPU, though. Kamiya Yuu was doing another sequel set in the same universe called “E.A.r.T.h. (the endless)” for Dengeki Comic Genesis, though that went on hiatus the same as GPU (I think Kamiya Yuu only did one or two chapters for it).

@Calc-Yolatuh: Yeah, I know about that. Kona and Haceldama hated that story because it was kind of weird and mean-spirited. I actually own the volume compilations done by Shiina Kazuki because they had kemonomimi characters…