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New: Koi Neko v07 ch52; Neko de Gomen! v06 ch40-41

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Koi Neko v07 ch52

Special thanks to Nateinu for scanning this volume.

Neko de Gomen! v06 ch40
Neko de Gomen! v06 ch41

While it’s not as relevant, I’m amused that when I went to look up Kakefu-kun, a reviewer known as the Angry Videogame Nerd reviewed the NA localisation of “Kakefu’s Jump Heaven and Speed Hell”, which is known as “Kid Kool” in North America, only a few days before I researched Kakefu-kun.

AVGN: “Is that Kid Kool? What happened? He looks nothing like the guy on the cover. Now that’s what you would call cool. Shaking his fist at a wizard. A dragon humping his leg.”
North American Cover:

Japanese Cover:

I love how the North American packaging changed that derpy-looking Japanese kid into a badass to deceive people and increase sales. Though, the Japanese localisers are more nefarious in being deceptive with their covers to fish for sales, like with the Ultima III: Exodus (Japanese “ウルティマ・恐怖のエクソダス”) localisation and port:

Despite appearing everywhere in the packaging and manual, none of those characters appear in the game. The Japanese commercial advertising Ultima III: Exodus spends 3/4 of its time focusing on the bust and thighs of the pink miniskirt cleric/mage, which has led to a lot of people purchasing a difficult RPG only to find she doesn’t exist in the game. With that being said, looking up Ultima on Pixiv brings up a lot of fanart for the nameless pink miniskirt cleric/mage.

In any case, Ichinensei’s 48th chapter and Neko de Gomen’s 42nd chapter are currently in the proofreading stage. I started working on the Neko de Gomen drama CD. There are 10 tracks:
Track 01: PINKの奇跡 (Pink no Kiseki) Song: Transcribed
Track 02: 〈第一幕〉彼女の異常な日常 ( Kanojo no Ijou na Nichijou) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 03: 猫でごめんあそべ (Neko de Gomen Asobe) Song: Transcribed
Track 04: 〈第二幕〉かみら南蛮アタック ( Kamira Nanban Attack) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 05: それ行け!やよい (Sore Ike! Yayoi) Song: Instrumental
Track 06: 真夜中すぎのModerato (Mayonaka Sugino Moderato) Song: Transcribed
Track 07: 〈第三幕〉オールキャスト総進撃(前編) ( All Cast Soushingeki [First Part]) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 08: NYAN NYAN NYAN!! Song: Instrumental
Track 09: 〈第四幕〉オールキャスト総進撃(後編) ( All Cast Soushingeki [Last Part]) Voice Drama: X_X
Track 10: 1mのアリバイ (1m no Alibi) Song: Transcribed

I was hoping to transcribe the first part of the voice drama, but those hopes were dashed right when I heard the first word out of Shiraishi-sensei’s mouth. Despite there being a lot of scenes taken from the manga, the voice actors in this speak really fast, and it’s difficult for me to figure out what they’re saying word for word. I don’t know any Japanese-to-English fansub translators, so I’m not sure what I can do, since I seem incapable of brute-forcing my way through the first word (unless it’s kagaku/science).


@dayrains: Ah, OK. Thank you for the information regarding “Chitose Get You”.

@Proto: Ah, Christmas in July. I’m glad you’re happy. Look forward to the next chapter that’s coming soon!

@Nekochild: Thank you. The Japanese reviewers weren’t clear on whether the game was good or bad. When you speak of Yui and Disgaea, do you mean his fanart and doujins? I wasn’t aware that he did anything official for that series.

@Chore Boy: You’re welcome. It’s tankoubon. There’s a number of people that write it as “tankoban” for some reason. The simplest would be to refer to the compilations as “tanks”.

@viaggero: Thank you for the link. I saw that series on Yahoo’s webcomic reader, though I only read the first chapter then.

@Waspire: You’re welcome. I hope your copy of Ichinensei arrives safely.

@Archer: Something I’m wondering is if they temporarily removed that content merely to give “Witcher 2″ a R17 rating in North America, so they could stock the game at normal retailers to increase sales. “Witcher 2″ is rated R18 just about everywhere else, including Japan.

@Anonymous: There’s three of you, so I don’t know if you’re all different people. But I only own one copy of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” for personal reading. I was under the impression that it was serialised in an online magazine, and that it was fully scanlated. One of the first google results for the Japanese title is mangafox, which kind of bothers me.

The only manga I scanned is Greed Packet Unlimited, and I bought 2 copies for each volume. I doubt I’ll have time to order another copy of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” and scan it, since I’m busy with my own projects. I have a feeling that I might have to scan the rest of Koi Neko myself if Nateinu burned himself out. With that aside, there’s a chance that a digital version of “Musou Kikou—Adolescence Avatar” might be available for sale at some point in the future here:

(They have digital versions of a lot of works published by ASCII Media Works and Kadokawa Shoten.)

Speaking of which, a digital version of Moriyama Daisuke’s “World Embryo” is available here:

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch47; Neko de Gomen! v06 ch39

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch47

Finally back to this series. Special thanks to Jonathan for scanning the 8th volume.

Neko de Gomen! v06 ch39

Yayoi versus the bank robbers Ishiba and Shade. This chapter has been stuck in the proofreading stage for less than three months. Though, it’s over 60 pages long. Ch40-41 are still in the proofreading stage along with Koi Neko’s 52nd chapter. NdG’s 42nd chapter is less than 20 pages away from being finished.


@unKanny: That sounds cool. If you can make, or show how to make such a plug-in for a PDF reader, that would be great!

@Anonymous: I tried to find an extensive list of changes for localisations and ports, but it seems no one has compiled such a thing that one could peruse at their leisure. The wikipedia article I linked is incredibly pitiful in content. I’ve seen some games that will show artistic nudity, but still remove/change things. Just to list one, the PAL and NTSC localisation for Breath of Fire IV removed a hot spring bathing scene, and a scene where a female party member drops her pants in front of a bunch of sailors. Changes similar to this also happens in Japan. For example, in 2005 Taito did a Playsation 2 port of a 1996 Saturn title called “Langrisser 3″ by Masaya, and someone thought the high-cut leotards of the female cast who are all 11-17 years-old were too risque, so they were redrawn.

As I mentioned, I haven’t kept up with newer games, so I’m curious about Disgaea. I only played the first game in that series, and I am unfamiliar with the rest by NIS. On a final note, the funniest changes I’ve ever seen are from the Japanese localisation for “Police Quest 2″, where all of the character graphics were redrawn to give them brightly coloured anime hair (seeing the black police sergeant sporting huge anime eyes and a purple afro nearly made me die from laughter).

@Kemm: Someone asked me about Puchi Hound several years ago. I believe I said that it’s unlikely since the story in the first couple volumes didn’t strike me as interesting. I prefer not to pick up other scanlator’s dead projects starting where they left off. I like working on things from the beginning. Also, as a reader, I hate it when I read a manga from one group and then have to switch to a different group for the rest of it.

@Anonymous: I don’t have any particular plans to work on Schoolmate at the moment. I have scanlated a few chapters of Azuma Yuki’s adult works in the past, though.

@Calc-Yolatuh: Schoolmate is like most of Azuma Yuki’s other manga: they meander until she somehow decides it’s time to finish it. I can’t remember the names of the characters, but the story is essentially about Maki being a precocious little brat that wants to be a gravure idol while neglecting her education when she found out that her agent, when Maki was modeling for children’s clothing catalogues, used to be a gravure idol. The story ends when Maki realises that if she does poorly in school, that means she gets to retake the same class that has her older brother as its teacher, which she considers acceptable. There’s some kind of social commentary, but the themes are so weak that you’re probably better off with some other manga unless you happen to like Azuma Yuki.

@Jammermole: I’m a fan of Saitou Kenetsu, which is why I did the Mai-Otome manga adaption. I tried watching the first episode of the Mai-Otome anime, and I hated the voice actress for Arika, and was disappointed in how SerGAR became SerGAY. Mai-Otome Zwei is based off the anime, so my knowledge from the Mai-Otome manga isn’t really applicable.

@Archer: The Exile link was interesting. It’s nice to know that companies are at least trying to pander to homosexuals. The TERA video wasn’t what I expected. If you asked a Japanese person to describe TERA in one word, it would be Eri-n. On 2ch, there’s a 25k+ discussion thread for them, and the last I checked, they were trying to port the models to Skyrim so they could live out their autogynephilic fantasies on a better game…

@Pricey: Thank you for your offer to help. The people who help me with proofreading are people that I’ve known for quite a while. I already have three people helping me, and coordinating with more than that would probably cause an increase in delays. However, if you happen to find any mistakes that they have missed, please feel free to point them out so I can fix them.

@Nekochild: The only basketball game I played was “Charles Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden”, which is less a basketball game, and more of an RPG commenting on RPGs, and other stuff with diabetes cultists, genies trying to steal the civil rights of duergar miners in Square-Enix-Goya chup mines, and so on.

Is “Rotte No Omocha EX” an anime? I remember years ago when I picked up the first two volumes of the manga and I commented on how Yui was an unfamiliar mangaka only to find out a year later that I actually talked to him a long time ago when he was known as Foxy, and he was doing fan art illustrations for “Wagaya no Inari-sama”, “Asobi ni Iku yo”, and “Ragnarok Online” (I found this out while I was clicking links to old bookmarks).

Aren’t the two Strike Witches books in the upper left corner manga adaptions? Speaking of which, is “Strike Witches: Hakugin no Tsubasa” a good horizontal shooter? The horizontal shooter I derived the most enjoyment from was “Cotton 2″ by Success for the Saturn. Due to Irem’s influence, most of the horizontal shooters I played were really difficult.

@dayrains: “Chitose Get You” has an anime adaption!? Wow, that’s news to me. Thanks for the heads up! Surprised I haven’t seen it advertised.