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New: Koi Neko v07 ch53-55

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Koi Neko v07 ch53
Koi Neko v07 ch54
Koi Neko v07 ch55

Sorry for the long wait~! The rest of Koi Neko v7 is in the proofreading stage along with ch60 of Koi Neko v8. The same goes for Ichinensei v8. Kona has been extremely busy with life (it takes him 2 hours to proofread each chapter), so thanks for being patient.

At the moment, I’m currently doing the second stage cleaning for Greed Packet Unlimited’s 4th volume (90/194 complete). After this, I’ll typeset/translate the 12th chapter, and check with SemiBitter to see if he finished the 3 colour pages for ch12. Once that’s done, I’ll check to see if Umeboshi (JtE proofreader) is alive and still interested in helping to fix ch5. Of course, if either of those two are dead, then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands…


Archer: Ah, I see. You also suggested Wadatsumi.

kra096: Thank you for the offer. However, SemiBitter is already helping with Greed Packet Unlimited’s colour pages. I have a terrible internet service, so it’s not feasible for me to upload and download .psd files, which is part of the reason I mostly work alone. I also hate writing translation scripts. It’s way, way faster and less tedious to do the typesetting on my own.

@drunkguy: Thank you for the words of encouragement, Drunkguy. My favourite scanlation group was KEFI, but their key staff members became busy with life, so they’re no longer around.

@commodorejohn: You’re welcome. Some time ago, I was worried that I blacklisted your comments when I blacklisted the words “John1, John2, ..” when there was an invasion of John Bots (e.g. John912). I’m glad that wasn’t the case. Actually, if anyone’s comment doesn’t show up within 48 hours, please feel free to let me know. Also, I try my best not to delete comments—even if they’re flames or trolls—unless they’re from bots, but sometimes I make mistakes.

@Anonymous: Ah, one thing about a formal Japanese education is that it doesn’t train you to read manga unless the manga uses the standard formal Tokyo dialect. It’s for this reason why some manga aimed towards an adult demographic are easier to read; there isn’t much slang, or nonstandard dialects (e.g. Kansaiben). I chose to work on Gachax2 as my first project because I knew it was going to be localised in English, so if I messed up and made mistakes, then it’s not as big of a deal.

@noneedtoreply: I already replied to your comment in the last entry’s comment section, but I noticed that you were talking about the anime community, rather than the scanlation one. In your case, it sounds like you’re dealing with mostly younger people. I haven’t tried it with anime, but with games it’s just a matter of finding people around your age-group or older. I would recommend IRC or newsgroups, since no one has to really use them nowadays (younger people use streaming sites).

@Rachid: Thank you. Short of things like dying, or having a serious conniption, I’ll try my hardest to finish Greed Packet Unlimited, Ichinensei, and Koi Neko. I don’t know about my other projects, or any new projects, though.

@Crissa: To be honest, I’m a rather mediocre translator and writer. I spend a lot of time researching things, which is why I can catch some idiomatic expressions. Also, Archer and Kona are really good proofreaders, who fix my writing so that the end result reads sensibly. Like you, I have moments where some characters don’t make sense, like Shinta and Wakaba from Koi Neko are sometimes really difficult to understand when they’re talking to each other without straight-forward characters like Nao joining in. It’s for this reason why I want to work with Umeboshi, since his Japanese is really good (though he doesn’t know much kanji), so I can learn better ways to portray things in English.

@digitalromance: I thought about that for a year or so, and I don’t think that would work for a number of reasons.
1) I don’t have any skills that attract people. I can only provide information. The things that attract people is original content, or fileshared content that they can’t easily obtain elsewhere.
2) If I’m a moderator, then there’s nothing stopping me from becoming a bully. I think you’ve seen on other boards where moderators lock topics, delete people’s posts, and other shenanigans similar to police brutality. Also, since my dissatisfaction is from people being insufferably unfair and apathetic to this unfairness, then it would only be a matter of time before I would be confronted by such people. If I fight with them, then there’s a chance that they will punish me for my impudence.

Basically, there’s a low chance that I can start a community, so it would be a waste of time that distracts me from my scanlation hobby. Even if I somehow start a successful community, I don’t think it would last long before I initiate a fight and inevitably lose, which likely means the end of my scanlation hobby.

@Nekochild: Ack, you’ve been waiting for at least 20 days~! Sorry about that. =(

@DatGuy: Thank you. I believe Gari from Solaris-SVU might be more deserving of the “hardest working mofo in scanlations” title. There aren’t very many one-person scanlators like me who do most of the scanlation tasks on their own, but Gari has been doing it for much longer than I.

@Indighost: As far as I know, I don’t have an estimated date when I will die. However, the longer it takes me to finish my projects, the higher the percentage I’ll die from an accident and never complete them. n_n;

@Chase: I didn’t realise you were an editor, despite the advice you gave in the past. Actually, I don’t have any idea what projects you edited. Speaking of which, I haven’t visited that board ever since I lost my temper two years ago.

@SeraphicMist: Actually, I’m an unrepentant drama-llama. I started scanlating at the tail-end of the first-generation scanlation era, and have been a part of some drama fest with Dynasty Scans, or more particularly, their editor Quincy. I started scanlating Gachax2, and Quincy contacted me to let me know that they were also working on it, and they would like for me to join them as the translator (if I didn’t, then one of us would have to quit). I agreed to join them because I thought I could learn stuff. After we did the second chapter, I noticed that Quincy removed the honorifics, and I asked Quincy about it and he told me that he didn’t like them, so I asked if we could do two versions. Quincy gave me a lot of conditions, like I was only supposed to release my version after theirs, and that I’m not allowed to release on torrent trackers or report it to sites like mangaupdates. I decided to be rebellious and release mine as soon as I finished them, but I kept to the agreement not to release mine to trackers or report it to news sites, so it was pretty much a private thing for people that visit a certain forum board. Later, I started working on Mai-Otome, which I did report to news sites, and someone saw that I was working on Gachax2, and reported it to mangaupdates. Quincy found out, and quickly removed me from the Dynasty Scans team. I don’t know if I gained a bad reputation for doing this; Casusby later became the head of the group, and I did the translations for Bakuretsu Tenshi for them without any drama-llama stuff on my side.

I do agree that some scanlators are nonsensical and silly. Some of them are like fanfiction writers who use other people’s characters without permission, and then make an original character that no other fanfiction writer is allowed to use. In scanlation terms, it’s the same as if a French team takes my scans and translations, and uses them without my permission for their own release. There’s zero reason for me to become upset with them if they do this.

The most important thing that I care about in this hobby in relation to other scanlators and readers is that they support the original mangaka, and that’s really it for me. I saw a vote on mangaupdates, and a lot of users have a really messed up morality where they think it’s OK to download scanlations unless it’s localised in their region. I never understood this because technically everyone is obligated to import the originals. This is why I included links to BK1, so people can import manga through SAL shipping, which is actually cheaper than walking to their bookstore and purchasing the localised version depending on the region.

Well, in any case, thank you for your previous help. I hope Batoto turns into a good environment for people. The more I read his posts, the more I think the administrator, Grumpy, is a good person.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch48; Neko de Gomen v6 ch42

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v8 ch48
Neko de Gomen v6 ch42

According to the ftp, I released 350 chapters for a total of 2.4gb worth of content. I’ve been scanlating for 7 years now. I find it hard to believe I spent that much time working on manga. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my current projects before I die.

My motivation for working on manga was to improve my English, Japanese, and to learn various other skills. Haceldama has been helping me since the beginning (I didn’t start properly crediting him until several chapters later). My current host, Gamerkun, was helping for a short while (Mai-Otome and Gachax2), and Kona has been helping me ever since Mai-Otome. Had some help from Mr. Sleep for a short while (Koi Neko v1), and I don’t have a firm idea when Archer started helping (I know it was a little before Greed Packet Unlimited’s first chapter). Archer and Kona have been an enormous help over the years, and I think I’m rather lucky that both of them are helping me. Most of the policies I use in my releases are thanks to Haceldama.

With that being said, my pace has slowed down due to a waning enthusiasm. All things considered, I guess this is natural. The project that has suffered the most from this is Neko Kissa; I like working on Neko Kissa when I’m in a certain kind of mood, but I haven’t been in such a mood ever since I started becoming disillusioned a great deal by the communities I used to participate in. Haven’t had any luck whatsoever in finding a community that I feel comfortable participating in without upsetting my sensibilities, and the ones that are decent are either too fast for a person like me (4chan) or dead (Mr. Sleep’s community).

Well, in any case, I’m 10/24 finished with Koi Neko’s 58th chapter. Nateinu debinded his copies of volumes 8-10 of Koi Neko, and is slowly working his way through scanning them. Once I’m done with the last two chapters from the 7th volume of Koi Neko, I’m going to do 2 more chapters of Ichinensei, and then proceed to finish the 3rd and 4th volume of Greed Packet Unlimited.


@Lasserine: Someone pointed out a possibility of patching scanlation overlays through a pdf plug-in. I haven’t heard further details from this person, so I’m currently putting any efforts to translate Aoi Umi no Sashimi (and a couple other things) on hold for now.

@Anonymous: I also noticed that someone was doing Okusan by Masakazu Ooi as well. Well, I hope those groups persevere in their efforts.