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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch51

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v08 ch51

Today is my birthday. It’s the Truth™.

Ichi ch52-53 are still stuck in the proofreading stage along with Koi ch60.


@Anonymous: Kona only mentioned 4chan as an example.

@weasel: The issue isn’t with the drawing in the Ichinensei chapter, but rather with using the source image in the credit page. Objectively, the photograph itself is relatively benign. However, at its best, using it feels distasteful to me in the same way as using someone’s photograph of their family that they thoughtlessly uploaded to Facebook before the internet started circulating it for their own devices.

@Anonymous: If true, that sounds worse than my previous Facebook example. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I’m glad I took this seriously. The worst part is that I doubt the people responsible have been brought to justice. From what I recently learned from Rick Falkvinge, the opposite is more than likely, which is infuriating.

@sandor: The omake page was Archer’s idea. I thought it was funny because I know someone who was aspiring to be a vagina inspector. Your simplistic version would make for a decent demotivational poster, though.

@Anonymous: The photograph’s association with Highlander Syndrome has become a sort of meme. I doubt Masakazu has any knowledge of its origins, so it’s eery how things developed this way. Though speaking of memes, I still haven’t figured out the source for the “Morocco” meme Masakazu used in an older chapter.

New: Ichinensei v08 ch49-50; Koi Neko v07 ch56-59

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Ichinensei v08 ch49
Ichinensei v08 ch50

OK, serious time. Ch51 of InN introduces “Highlander Syndrome”, which is a total fantasy created by some South Korean (South Korean Website). One of the photographs used to illustrate a Highlander Syndrome sufferer (the obviously young girl with a cigarette in her hands) was used as an illustrative reference by Masakazu in Ch51. The problem is that according to my proofreader Kona, it’s:
“The picture of the unfortunate Russian child named “Natasha” (referred to as “Sammy” elsewhere), probably on an imageboard like 4chan where it has been circulating randomly for years. Rumor has it that she was molested and possibly killed by her father, although it’s very difficult to find any actual information. Regardless, the picture is in extremely bad taste, IMHO.”

Is this true? I’m not talking about the molestation and murder, but rather that this photograph has been circulating across the internet before it was used by the South Korean website, and ultimately used by Ooi Masakazu. Originally, I was going to include it in the credit page just to point out one of the myriad of references used in InN; however, this kind of thing is indeed in rather bad taste like Kona pointed out. So, I’m wondering if there’s a way I can salvage this in a tasteful way, or if I should scrap the whole idea, and then ask Archer to come up with something else (a fair number of Ichinensei’s credit pages are Archer’s ideas). Ch51 is technically past the proofreading stage, and this is the only thing holding it back.

Koi Neko v07 ch56
Koi Neko v07 ch57
Koi Neko v07 ch58
Koi Neko v07 ch59

Nateinu sent scans for Koi Neko v08 ch60, which is in the proofreading folder. He hasn’t scanned the rest of the volume yet.


@Athena`: Minoru only finds out about Yayoi’s secret toward the very end of “Neko de Gomen!”. Well, he does briefly figure it out in an earlier chapter, but Yayoi uses a time machine to travel back in time to prevent that from happening by bludgeoning him nearly to death.

@Geese1: You’re welcome. You are perhaps the most dedicated fan of Koi Neko that I have ever seen.

@Zerfines: Yeah, my spelling is also really crappy. I have to use an English spell-checker for it.

@sandor: After this, Mashima Etsuya drags his feet until the 12th volume before revealing more details. While it’s not a powerful cat with ill intentions, a character introduced in v08 called Inaho kind of fits in that role.

@Archer: Shinta probably doesn’t have to worry about issues such as statutory rape. Nao is known throughout the community and commutes to school, so she has an identity in human society. The other cats are a different story.