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New: Koi Neko v8 ch60-61

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Koi Neko v8 ch60
Koi Neko v8 ch61
Koi Neko ch62-65 are in the proofreading stage. Finally, v12 of Koi Neko—the final volume at 248 pages long—is going to be released on March 19th. I updated the project page to reflect this with links along with updating Ichinensei’s project page with information concerning its own final volume. Yes, both Ichinensei and Koi Neko are going to be ending this year.

I finally upgraded my internet service to one that is better than my previous one in every single way (dl/ul speed, latency, caps/limits, and fees). Right now I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things I can do without constraint. I watched “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott over the internet at a high resolution last night. Anyway, this means I don’t have to be hyper picky about what I download, which means I can actually pay attention to things like anime. Speaking of anime, can anyone suggest any series that I might enjoy? I haven’t really paid attention to what’s available, so I just downloaded the first thing that came to mind, which was some series called “Sengoku Otome”, which popped up when I was researching the Sengoku period for that one story arc in “Neko de Gomen”, which led to me reading the manga adaption by Shinano Yura. I really liked the Doyagao character Tokugawa Ieyasu.


@Groaaar: You’re welcome. Out of curiosity, what projects have you worked on? My host, Gamerkun, also worked on Spanish scanlations and fansubs, though he lost interest in both activities after he burned himself out.

@Jon Cousins: Thank you for the heads up with the Bakabt link!

@ssjd2 (Jonathan): Thank you for the offer, Jonathan. While I did ask before, did you prefer to be credited as Jonathan, or by some other nickname?

@Archer: Since I had a horrible internet service, Steam’s online activation system did not appeal to me at all. Now that I have a fibre-optic internet service, that probably shouldn’t be a problem anymore, unless the activation servers are hammered regularly. The rest of the things about Steam were mostly complaints I read about on Somethingawful that I merely filed under the “black-eyes” compartment in my mind. I can’t recall the issues expressed by the users in that community in detail, except vague ones like a work having its own DRM on top of the Steam DRM, and stuff like that leading to tears and frustration.