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New: Koi Neko v8 ch62-67

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Koi Neko v8 ch62
Koi Neko v8 ch63
Koi Neko v8 ch64
Koi Neko v8 ch65
Koi Neko v8 ch66
Koi Neko v8 ch67

I haven’t heard back from Kona, so I’ll be uploading the rest of the chapters in one week intervals, and update this post accordingly. Once I receive feedback from Kona, I’ll upload a v1.2 of each chapter. Nateinu hasn’t sent any raws for the upcoming volumes yet.

Greed Packet Status:
I finished ch12-17 of volume 3 sans the 6 colour pages.
SemiBitter replied in March, but hasn’t finished the colour pages for ch12-13 yet…
It seems Present finished the scanlation for “E.A.r.T.h.”, so I’ll have to read that to see how they translated a few terms for consistency.

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara Status:
I did a rough translation for v9, but haven’t heard from Jonathan yet.
Anonymous kindly uploaded raws for v9, but they suffer from some instances of severe bleedthrough like this:

I could use these, but I would rather work with HQ scans without bleedthrough, since it would involve less work on my part. Actually, I think it would be less work if I scanned the volume myself than it would be to fix the bleedthrough and redaw the art for the two-page spreads.

I plan to finish v3-4 of “Greed Packet Unlimited” before taking personal responsibility over “Ichinensei” and “Koi Neko”. I don’t know how long I should wait on others. Sorry for the delays…