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New: Aoi Umi no Sashimi v2 ch9; Koi Neko v8 ch62-66 (v2.0) and Koi Neko v9 ch68-70

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Aoi Umi no Sashimi v2 ch9
Illustrated instructions on how to use J-comi’s Murasame Reader can be read here: (Google Translate)

This series is a side-story for another of the author’s stories called “Jiji Baba Fight”, which is now available on J-comi along with another story. I don’t know if doing an English translation for “Aoi Umi no Sashimi” helped caused this, but I would still like to thank everyone here who probably made this possible. You’re awesome, thanks~!

v8 v2.0:
Koi Neko v8 ch62
Koi Neko v8 ch63
Koi Neko v8 ch64
Koi Neko v8 ch65
Koi Neko v8 ch66

Koi Neko v9 ch68
Koi Neko v9 ch69
Koi Neko v9 ch70


Aoi Umi no Sashimi v2:
・Ch10-17 have a rough translation script.

Greed Packet v1-v4:
・Ch4-25 are complete, except for 3-colour pages for ch20, which I’ll scan and edit when Ichinensei v9 arrives.
・I’m looking for an experienced Japanese to English translator to proofread the chapters (Umeboshi is too busy with a new family to keep up with scanlations, and one of my anonymous readers recommended that I ask for help).

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v9:
・I personally ordered a second copy that should arrive around August 30th. I’ll scan and work on it immediately upon its arrival.

Neko de Gomen v7 ch43:
・Finished a rough translation for this 60-page chapter.
・I’m planning to do v7-8 as translations for J-comi to help support Nagano Akane.

Koi Neko v9:
・Ch68-75 are in the proofreading stage (ch68-75 have been have been proofread by Kona).

Koi Neko v10:
・Scanned by nateinu
・Finished a rough translation for the entire volume.
・Completed ch76, which has been proofread by Kona.

Osu Mesu Time Slip:
・13% complete with a rough draft translation.
・A Russian hacker called Nik is currently testing the game to see if he needs to adapt his php tools for it. Once he’s done, I can continue working on it.