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New: Koi Neko v09 ch71-75

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Koi Neko v9 ch71
Koi Neko v9 ch72
Koi Neko v9 ch73
Koi Neko v9 ch74
Koi Neko v9 ch75

I have a substantial buffer of chapters of Koi Neko ready (i.e. ch74~83). I’m going to be releasing them on a weekly schedule like this:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..

In any case, my package with Ichinensei’s last volume arrived. Unfortunately, it’s unbelievably hot right now (32°C). So, I’ll debind and scan it as soon as it cools down enough. Kindly give me your moral support, so I can avoid burning the left side of my right index finger, or cause the glue to sandwich between two pages like last time, please~!

Also, these are the things that also arrived with Ichinensei’s last volume:

Click thumbnail for a high-resolution screenshot.

From left to right, top to bottom:
山田くんと7人の魔女(7) (Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo)
山田くんと7人の魔女(8) (Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo)
さつきコンプレックス(2) (Satsuki Complex)
乙女ほるもん(1) (Otome Harumon)
俺、ツインテールになります。(4) (Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.)
C3-シーキューブ- episode CLOSE / the last part(17) (C³—C-cube—episode CLOSE/the last part)

ぼくは麻理のなか(2) (Boku wa Mari no Naka)
星刻の竜騎士(5) (Seikoku no Dragonar)
ねこぐるい美奈子さん(1) (Nekogurui Minako-san)
ねこぐるい美奈子さん(2) (Nekogurui Minako-san)
ねこぐるい美奈子さん(3) (Nekogurui Minako-san)
ねこぐるい美奈子さん(4) (Nekogurui Minako-san)
のら女子高生(1) (Nora Joshi Kousei)

問題児たちが異世界から来るそうですよ?乙(2) (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kurusou desu yo? Zɛd)
ぷちはうんど(8) (Puchi Hound)
とんぬらさん(9) (Tonnura-san)
快感少女・ナックルズ(2) (Kaikan Shoujo Knuckles)
おきつね日和(1) (Okitsune Biyori)
一年生になっちゃったら(9) (Ichinensei ni Nacchattara)

Click thumbnail for a high-resolution screenshot.

I’ve been following this series since it was mentioned with great praise a little over a year ago, and I think Mizusawa Yume is an extremely charismatic writer. “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu” is basically a madcap parody of the Super Sentai genre with a cast of eccentric and weird characters. The story begins with the main character, Mitsuka Souji, giving a 3-page ode to the twintail hairstyle, thus establishing himself as a maniac. After which, the story really begins with Souji eating a late lunch with his childhood friend, Tsube Aika, at a café owned by Souji’s insane mother, Miharu, who suffers from Chuunibyou (A syndrome where she suffers from the same delusions as a second year middle schooler). Earlier that day, Souji unintentionally wrote “Twintails” in school because there wasn’t a “Twintail Club”, which led to the teacher scolding Souji, and Souji talking back to the teacher. Despite the café being closed, a tall foreign-looking girl called Thoearle (Or Thouars) was listening to Souji’s ranting. Thoearle decides that Souji’s the one she’s going to use to stave off some alien invasion because his love of twintails is over the top, which is to mock other Sentai stories where the warriors are powered by love, justice, family, friendship, or how many digits of pi they know (Pi Rangers). So, Thoearle tries to diplomatically, and then forcefully make Souji wear some henshin bracelet that causes him to transform into a little girl with twintails, thus begins Thoearle’s reign of terror.

I think the best way to describe Thoearle is that some aspects of her physical appearance is similar to Lala from “Toloveru Trouble” in that she’s an alien who’s tall, has long hair, big breasts, wears a lab coat, and lives in a secret base Miharu had built underneath her café. Unlike Lala, who has a plain personality, Thoearle is a pathological liar that can come up with the most complex and convoluted pieces of BS with a seek-time of zero. It’s not immediately obvious that she’s lying, but when Souji and Aika begin to unravel the truth behind things like why Souji becomes a little girl, and why Aika has a costume with a slit down its chest, it becomes clear that the reason Thoearle was lying about these things was because she’s also a bully that gets a perverse thrill out of humiliating and demeaning Souji and Aika (the only person Thoearle treats with respect is Souji’s mother).

Also, the best way for me to describe the invading aliens is to picture the Xenomorph from the movie “Alien”. During the scene where the crew crawls into the ducts, and finds the captain. Instead of being in some makeshift cocoon, the captain is found sitting on a pink-coloured sofa while stroking Jonesy the cat as the Xenomorph stands off to the side watching intently.

I wouldn’t mind if this somehow manages to gain a manga adaption done by a competent artist, though I think an anime adaption would be terrible, since I doubt there’s any voice talent who can do many of these characters justice. Though, speaking of anime adaptions, is the “C³—C-cube” anime any good? I remember asking Gamerkun a long time ago, but he said that a friend labeled it as moe-trash. I like the books because they’re written by Minase Hadzuki, who is one of my favourite Japanese writers, particularly because he appeals to my fetish of having massive amounts of text flying around in his flash movies on his homepage. I love lots of text flying around the screen, one of my favourite games for the Sega Saturn called “Baroque” had a really awesome intro with flying text (I recently found out that this had a remake for the PS2/Wii, though the graphics look rather low-budget, and the voice acting doesn’t have the charm of the claustrophobic text from the original).

*Click image to watch video on Youtube*

I think “Nekogurui Minako-san” has some of the coolest covers that I have seen for a manga. If anyone is curious, the things that the characters are shouting are the following:
Vol.1 ねこすきいいいいい (I looooove cats)
Vol.2 またたびいいいいい (Catniiiiip)
Vol.3 な…撫でなさいっっっ///// (Pl… Please pet meeee *blush*)
Vol.4 猫こそ正義っっっ!!!!! (Cats are Justiiice!!!!!)

This is similar to other manga where the cat characters are anthropomorphised as nekomimi (e.g. Chokotto Hime). Though, this particular series takes the love of cute little kitties to an absolutely, disgustingly ridiculous extreme. Ailuromania: The Manga, if you will. Also, under the jacket are the true faces of the characters in this manga, like so:

It’s kind of funny how people prefer the young of OTHER species to their own. Imagine sitting next to a human baby. Now, imagine sitting next to a basket full of kittens! If your face begins to look like Minako’s in the above image when you imagine the latter, then congratulations! You’re a cat faggot~♬