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New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v9 ch57-59; Koi Neko v10 ch79-ch83

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v9 ch57
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v9 ch58
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v9 ch59 (v1.2)

Koi Neko v10 ch79
Koi Neko v10 ch80
Koi Neko v10 ch81
Koi Neko v10 ch82
Koi Neko v10 ch83

I guess I should mention that Miiko is my favourite character from Koi Neko; her story arc in the 6th volume was one of the very few types of things that depresses me enough to make me cry.

Also, important! Important! This is a sample of what I plan to do with pdf files and digital download manga in the future:

I would appreciate comments, and suggestions! If you don’t, I’m going to be sad~♦ Is the default height of 2071px too high? Should the default be 1036px, or something else (my scanlations are 1200-1400px)?

Like always, I’m releasing one chapter for each respective series with the following schedule:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..

Also things that recently arrived:

Click thumbnail for a high-resolution screenshot.

From left to right, top to bottom:
戦闘破壊学園ダンゲロス(4) (Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous)
思春期ビターチェンジ(1) (Shishunki Bitter Change)
問題児たちが異世界から来るそうですよ?乙(3) (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kurusou desu yo? Zɛd)
まほマほ (3) (Maho MAho)
山田くんと7人の魔女(9) (Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo)

聖痕のクェイサー(17) (Seikon no Qwaser)
VITAセクスアリス(6) (Vita Sexualis)
アイドルプリテンダー(3) (Idol Pretender)
ココロコネクト(5) (Kokoro Connect)
ハイスクールD×D(5) (Highschool D×D)
我が家のお稲荷さま。(11) (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)

アッパーガールズ! (Upper Girls!)
ドリームハンター麗夢alternative(2) (Dream Hunter Rem Alternative)
ノットライヴス (4) (Not Lives)
化け猫システム(1) (Bakeneko System)

A lot of these are the final volumes (Maho MAho, Vita Sexualis, Idol Pretender, Kokoro Connect, Wagaya no Oinari-sam, Dream Hunter Rem Alternataive, etc.).

“Wagaya no Oinari-sama” by Matsukaze Suiren finally ends on its 11th volume. Suiren’s shoujo manga artstyle never was fully suited for this series when compared to the incredible illustrations Houden Eizou (Homepage) did for the light novels. But after the first volume, her style did slowly start to grow on me, so I can easily recommend this series for those who haven’t/can’t read the light novels.

“Dream Hunter Rem Alternative” is a comic adaption of a really old OVA series from the 80s. The main character, Rem, is a private detective who lives alone with her cat and dog (Alpha and Beta), and drives around in a Honda City AA (equipped with missiles). Besides her paranormal ability to enter people’s dreams, her special talent is—Boom! Headshot! If it has a head, Rem will blow its brains out with her Colt 44 Magnum (Rem’s Achilles’ heel is a headless samurai). Rem’s background is a mystery, but Hiura R decided to be indiscreet about Rem’s sexual orientation in the manga adaption, which was only subtly hinted at in the OVAs. With that being said, Non’s pet crow, Chrome, is pretty cool; it has a pierced beak.

Speaking of which, there’s some Simulation RPG game being developed for the PS3/Vita that has Rem as a playable character (Homepage). Although I’m slightly surprised—and weirded out—seeing characters from “Di Gi Charat”…

“Bakuneko System” was quite amusing. The protagonist, Mana, suffers from severe social anxiety, and finds out that the family cat, Sasuke, is a nekomata, and that she can talk to cats after Mana’s mother decides to send Mana off to the shrine of an aquaintance, so Mana can commute to her new school wtih Sasuke. The surreal situation, and dealing with strangers leads to Mana being constantly on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Sasuke is beyond words to describe, though she does kind of reminds me of Taruto from “Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto” (The manga by Kaishaku was incredibly mean-spirited, especially the chapter where Taruto ingests psychedelic drugs, and the arc where Taruto dies).

Actually, this series reminds me about something I picked up back in 2011 called “Koneko Pancake”. It’s been two years, and the second volume hasn’t been released yet. Makes me wonder if the mangaka dropped it like what happened to “Ikinari Neko Kick”, “Pixy Gale”, and other interesting series that I was following.


Ah, Sensualaloi was talking about a digital manga being popular for a specific reason, and you disagreed, and I brought up stuff about people on 4chan being interested in such-and-such for that specific reason, and then I mentioned 2chan who were the same way, which led to me mentioning the 2chan-centric series by Yumemisou. I thought the writing for the first title was the most interesting and clever (i.e. I still remember Futaba calling that one pig-faced jerk “鬼ちゃん”), though I guess you’re more talking about the artstyle or character designs. I don’t know anything about their other stuff, except the one that Sorimura Youji illustrated for them (One of the manga I just ordered in this post was by this artist).

Are you like Haceldama, where you download a lot of things that fill up your hard drive disks (he keeps buying new ones whenever he fills up a drive)? I never really had that kind of problem; I had a crappy internet, and games/anime are really expensive, so the ones I have are few and far between. The last physical eroge I bought was “Aimai Mist” (NSFW), and before that was “Neko Koi” (NSFW) back in 2010 (I liked Kiryuu Hina, though she might be pushing past the limits for your tastes).

Ah, I segregate characters who are unlikable—because the author wants you to dislike them—from characters that have unlikable traits that aren’t treated as flaws from within the story. I don’t mind the former; it makes for good storytelling. The latter makes me want to drop whatever I’m reading like a hot potato.

That’s OK. I also need time to think of a reply to people’s comments. The worst thing is when I misread someone’s comment and then spend a week or so trying to think of a reply that I can’t post. When this happens, I sometimes have to skip over replying to that specific comments unless it’s a question.

I love the Perry Bible Fellowship comics~!

Unless I’m mistaken, what happened with TVTropes was that the contents of the articles were affecting what kinds of ads were being displayed on the website, which led to the administrator wanting to remove all articles that dealt with certain words. One of the articles called “Token Loli” was changed to “Token Mini-Moe” for that reason. Ignoring personalities, characters that are “Moe” are ones whose physical characteristics exploit supernormal stimulus by exaggerating childish traits (large heads/eyes, stubby limbs, etc.) that elicit paternal instincts, and a lot of the times combining these traits with ones that are hyper-sexualised. A lot of Moe characters could be more aptly described as supernormal, hyper-sexualised children. I wonder how long it’s going to take before they finally realise this and then try and purge Moe from their site…

I hope you enjoyed your birthday. Mine was on the 15th of this month. Anyway, I released ch55 of Ichinensei on the 14th, and ch56 of Ichinensei and ch78 of Koi Neko on the 21st. There’s no need to send your birthday moneys to me. Let me know if you meant a different series.

I don’t know if this is an extremely small minority, but some scanlators want people to visit Batoto for other reasons, i.e. they’re control freaks. I think one of these types is Manga-Heaven (I hope I got the name right; MangaFox tried to bribe them with ~100 USD a week, and they refused). When I looked up the Batoto/Mangafox situation on 4chan a year or so ago, a lot of users on 4chan were accusing Manga-Heaven of only supporting Batoto and using watermarks because Manga-Heaven wanted money, which one of the staff members denied multiple times. Actually on a related note, when Batoto had a number of Google Adsense accounts banned due to click abuse, Shadowed Fate assumed I had a Google Adsense account, which made me feel quite awkward, since I don’t have any ads on this website, or a donation button…

I have a strong feeling Batoto would have their account terminated if you report them to their advertisers. I doubt one of their advertisers would only force them to remove a specific series, and leave it at that. Worst case scenario would be that the advertisers do a sweep by searching certain words; this is what happened with Google Adsense, which led to sites like Mangaupdates being affected. It’s probably possible to coerce these sites by threatening to report them to their advertisers, which could be dangerous if things escalate.

Good luck on your classes.

I don’t know much about other groups, but Lambchopsil said that quality proofreaders are in short supply. Being a good translator is different from being a good writer, so those who are good at both are rather uncommon.

New: Ichinensei v9 ch54-56; Koi Neko v10 ch77-78

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Ichinensei v9 ch54
Ichinensei v9 ch55
Ichinensei v9 ch56

Sorry for the long wait, Archer finally submitted corrections for the first three chapters of this volume.

Koi Neko v10 ch77
Koi Neko v10 ch78

Special thanks to Semibitter/scizzer12 for giving me tips for doing the colour pages for this chapter. Nateinu hasn’t sent scans for vol.11-12 yet.

Like always, I’m releasing one chapter for each respective series with the following schedule:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..

Also, I worked up the courage to ask Lambchopsil about the possibility to report translations on J-comi. I was 95% sure he would say no again. Instead, he asked Manick for his opinion, and Manick asked me to describe the scenario a reader would go through after seeing a release to find that chapter. I gave him two scenarios with one that has two different variants. I’m genuinely surprised that they’re taking me seriously.


You’re welcome.

Ah, I see. Is the tagging issue for “Astarotte no Omocha” part of the reason you’re hesitant to tag stuff on Pixiv? I do agree with you in regards to that manga completely deserving the Lolicon tag. I’m guessing the moderator is someone who likes it for a specific reason, and doesn’t want to admit that what they’re reading also panders heavily to lolicons as well. One of my acquaintances from Thailand picked it up because of its art style, a 10 year old Succubus, and ~~Elfleda. I picked it up because of p88 of volume 2.

Batoto removed Ichinensei because they’re half-assedly trying to comply with their advertiser’s policies, not particularly because the users wanted to remove it (the people who hate Shinta’s dad, hate him for a myriad of reasons). Though, I’m still perplexed why “Tolove-ru Darkness” hasn’t been removed yet; one of the characters called Mikan is a 5-6th year elementary schooler, meaning she’s 10-13 years old. She’s the same age as the characters from that popular novel illustrated by Twinkle called Lolicube (RO-KYU-BU!). Anyway, is your comment about reading off a site with watermarks a hypothetical statement, or do you know an online reader with ads that allows stuff like Ichinensei on it? If you know an advertisement service, whose policies allow for things like Ichinensei, you should suggest them to the administrator at Batoto. He said he was looking for alternative advertisers, but I kind of think he’s not really trying…

Yeah, it’s gotten to the point that I assume every anonymous poster is you. Actually, I have a confession to make. Due to a manga I read about football/soccer, I now associate the word Anonymous with Onanist (Masturbator). The manga was parodying some protest by young people wearing Guy Fawkes masks, who called themselves Anonymous (In the manga, they’re called Onanist).

OK, I’m sorry for misunderstanding.

Every time I notice a scanlation in another language for a project that I have worked on , it’s always been based off my translations rather than being its own Japanese-to-**** translation. A lot of these groups have really nice-looking websites, too. One Spanish group was using my scans, somehow turning my png files into jpg files that were 2-3 times larger (this boggles my mind). I really felt bad for them, though I didn’t bother to offer to send them the original .psd files; they didn’t bother to credit/blame me for the translation they were basing theirs off of (readers deserve to know they’re getting a Japanese>English>Spanish translation rather than a Japanese>Spanish one). Actually, another funny thing is that one of Mashima Etsuya’s fans was showing him a French scanlation of “Koi Neko” that was based off my English translation. The fan was gushing about Sakurazaki Nao being the most wonderful girl in the world, so wonderful that she can also speak foreign languages like French. The saddest part is that the French scanlation was based off my version of “Koi Neko” where I somehow kept writing her surname as Sakurabashi. One of my other projects had a character with the name Sakurabashi, but that was the first time I consistently wrote a character’s name wrong, it’s surreal.

Ah, OK. Thank you for the clarification.

Ah, I like your version better.

I just tried Ghostscript, and it seems to work with most of the .pdf files I threw at it. Awesome. Thank you so much! Since you did a huge favour for me, is there a short (~30 pages) .pdf manga/doujin that you would like me to translate to English for you?

New: Koi Neko v10 ch76; Neko de Gomen! v7 ch43-44 (J-comi)

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Koi Neko v10 ch76

As in the previous post, I have a substantial buffer of chapters for Koi Neko. I’m going to be releasing them on a weekly schedule like this:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..
I also finished the entire 9th volume of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara, however none of the chapters managed to clear the proofreading stage yet. Once one clears, it will be released with the same schedule as Koi Neko, so look forward to it!

Neko de Gomen! v7 ch43
Neko de Gomen! v7 ch44
I have decided to do the last two volumes of Neko de Gomen as translations for J-comi in order to support the original mangaka, Nagano Akane. Hopefully, this will help encourage her to allow her other series (e.g. Fantasia) on J-comi.

Once the Murasame Viewer loads, press the button with the picture of the word balloon, and then select “English” from the drop-down menu (default: 日本語).

Also, if you find any problems, or have any suggestions, please let me know! The reason I delayed doing translations for J-comi for so long is because I wanted to test out something where I create a .png overlay mask with an English translation that covers the original Japanese page. This was how it was supposed to work:
Original image:

Overlay mask:

This is the overlay mask patched over the original image using simple code:

I want to propose this idea to Akamatsu Ken, so readers would have a much more pleasant scanlation-like experience. I also want to use this technique for digital download manga. So, instead of hosting the edited original files, I only need to host the transparent translation images. However, a lot of digital download manga are stored in .pdf format, and I do not know how to add an overlay mask to a .pdf file. Someone said it was possible, but never bothered to explain. So, if you happen to know how to do this, please let me know! My original, alternative idea was to extract the images from the .pdf file, and then create an .html file that overlays the translation over the raw images, but this requires that the user have an extraction tool. I still do not know of any free .pdf extraction tools that are user friendly (the one I use was something that costs money). So, if someone has a suggestion for one of these, please let me know!


@Anonymous: Oddly enough, the readers on Batoto hate Shinta’s dad、Kazuya. The weirdest comment was that someone was hoping that Nao would punish him for his behaviour, which didn’t make much sense to me; Nao is one of the few characters who likes Kazuya.

@Tsu: Thank you very much for the moral support. Aside from the pages flying across the room, which meant that I had to reorganise them using my other copy, nothing bad happened during the debinding process.

@Leso: You’re welcome. It might be cool if we all had a cat faggot offline meeting. Then we can all bunch together, and roll around like a Katamari, picking up cats and fellow cat faggots along the way, like this:

@Geese1: You’re welcome. Nateinu still hasn’t sent scans for v11 of Koi Neko (he said he had to order an additional copy of v12). Hopefully, he gets the scanning done soon, so there isn’t a delay when I finish releasing all of the chapters for v10.

@Cat Faggot: Kom ut! Cat Faggot~♪

@Anonymous: Yeah, you mentioned that before about Puchi Hound’s French localisation, and its cancellation.

@Kemm: Working on Puchi Hound would take at least 9 months of my life. As I mentioned before, my ability to work on scanlations is waning due to the lack of good niche communities that aren’t moderated or frequented by people who commit unfair double standards, and so on. I asked multiple times in previous entries, but no one was able to suggest a good community, so after I’m done with my main projects, I’m going to try some other things, and then move on.

The only real possibility would be if Puchi Hound appears on J-comi, or if its publisher sets up something that functions like J-comi, so I can do a translation for it. If you really want me to do a scanlation, then you’ll either have to find a niche manga community that is good with themes in line with my scanlations, or rehabilitate the bad communities, or destroy them and set up a good community in their stead.

@DatGuy: Thank you for the encouragement!

@thatswhytheycallme: Thank you. You’re welcome. I haven’t read “Boku wa Mari no Naka” yet. Since you read the first several chapters, are the characters as annoying as the ones from “Sekai no Hatete Aimashou”? That’s one of the few serials I stopped following due to a growing dislike for the characters, and the way the story was progressing.

I have not read “Ame Nochi Hare” yet. When its first volume was initially released, there was a lot of confusion and discussion in the Japanese community I frequent about its contents, though no one said or showed anything that piqued my interest, so I decided to wait and see. Despite having good reviews, no one said anything about it that caught my interest, then again I think Haceldama might be the only one with some idea about the exact themes, and scenarios I find to be interesting, and which ones I dislike. Now that it’s a long-running serial, it has become increasingly unlikely that I’ll have enough open space in an my future orders to start following it (there’s other long running serials that I want to eventually get caught up with again like “Momogumi Plus Senki”).

@Chutril: You’re welcome. Sorry about the delay for Ichinensei~!

@Geese1: You’re welcome. Your dedication to comment on each and every Koi Neko release is impressive.

@Sandor: What attributes are you suggesting that kittens have that they would be more preferable to an alien species over fly maggots and human larvae? As for redeeming qualities, Archer told me that blowing on a human baby’s belly is similar in experience to motorboating. Then again, Archer was probably being facetious when he made that comment.

@SomeLoser: Basket of kittens. Indeed! You should thank Archer and Kona for the lack of awkward lines. Personally, I don’t really know what’s wrong with the lines you gave as an example:
“The money loaners broke the windows glass again, Dad. / Are you not repaying the money properly?”

That sounds like a rather direct translation, and I have a fair idea of how the original Japanese lines were written. Despite the number of discussions on the subject, an objectively good translation is one that can be recognised by its original author as something they have written if someone else were to translate it back into its original language.

Just as a test, would this make those lines sound better:
“The loan sharks busted the windows again, dad. Did you forget to pay them off?”

@Smash Attack: Nateinu is the one doing the scans for Koi Neko. Unless you meant that you didn’t know I was the one doing the scanlations for Koi Neko. Were you reading them on an online reader that removed my credit pages, or something?

@Davidsama: Sorry for the long wait for Neko de Gomen.

@Anonymous: What did the admins at mangaupdates do that is sort of retarded? I kind of know Lambchopsil, and he does visit this blog, though I don’t know if that’s because he follows Koi Neko, or if it’s just to check to make sure I’m not reporting a fake/joke release.

@Sensualaoi: I wasn’t aware that you were doing translations for that series. Lambchopsil has been rather clear about Mangaupdates’ zero tolerance stance on joke releases, particularly for April Fools day.

I’m not sure about the forum board thing, since I do recall there being scanlation groups who released their projects solely on forum boards and torrent trackers in the past. But that was long before they tightened up, and stopped allowing people to report releases that don’t have a group that’s registered in their database, I think.

As for the J-comi release thing. I’m debating whether to just point out that they do allow reports for light novel translations, so reporting translations on J-comi should be fine, or to point out that if they do refuse, then there’s really nothing holding me back from contacting all sorts of people to get rid of a bunch of bad communities, which could possibly escalate to the point that it might also affect their website, and other scanlation groups. However, the latter sounds like a threat, and it’s only based on Haceldama’s concern that everyone will turn into losers if I do such and such.