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Not New: Koi Neko v11 ch86-87

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Koi Neko v11 ch86
Koi Neko v11 ch87

I uploaded these two chapters a long time ago, so they’re technically not new. Kona sent corrections for ch87 on his own, so I was able to force myself to fix it. He also sent me an e-mail, so I need to reply to it, which I don’t want to do because I still feel negative…

In any case, I finally worked up the courage to read the comments from the last entry. I was worried because I don’t like talking about things that I’m sore about; I thought someone would say something that would cause me to suffer from intense insomnia.

In any case, I still need a date for my deadline. This isn’t some momentary bout of depression that I will get over naturally. And right now, it’s highly likely that this will be my last post on this website unless something happens that will allow me to associate working on scanlations with positive things. If only instant messengers didn’t stress me out; I would just open up a chatroom, so people could harass me to finish Koi Neko in real-time, or something.


@Mat; Leso; Geese1; manga2x; Ultimate; Gorilla:
You’re welcome. Thank you all for the kind words.

Thank you for reminding Manick back in March. I haven’t visited Manga-Updates in such a long, long time.

I needed a Japanese-to-English proofreader for Greed Packet Unlimited. Basically someone highly experienced in both Japanese and English to check for translation mistakes while also improving the dialogue so it’s closer to the original while sounding elegant.

I doubt if there’s a possibility that I will resume Neko Kissa. The scans for the 2nd and 3rd volume were terrible, and weren’t much fun to work with, which was exacerbated when I had my first conniption years and years ago that led me to start having negative thoughts whenever I tried to work on this series. I just checked, and I did clean up to page 32, so I guess I could upload the .psd files for this series along with KN and GPU.

I haven’t read Fantasia by Nagano Akane, aside from one or two chapters that were scanlated by an extremely old group. I think it was a group called Artistic Inks, or something like that. I think I found your raws uploaded, so I’ll be sure to read it whenever I have time. Thank you for taking the time to scan this old series!

Considering how long it has been since you posted, I’m going to guess that talking was pointless.

Actually, I understood Minori’s reasoning when they did their IP block. They believed that their foreign visitors would magically contact Japanese politicians to put the pressure on them to counter foreign pressure from elsewhere. While they handled it poorly, they didn’t do anything that would cause me to hold a grudge against them. A Japanese creator who doesn’t enjoy their work being distributed is not automatically a xenophobe. They don’t like it for the same kinds of reasonable or stupid reasons that everyone else on the internet gets uppity about other people distributing, modifying, or remixing their creations. Even then, I doubt it’s for a reason more stupid than some scanlator that gets upset over a foreign scanlation team using their scans without permission (I still don’t know how these kinds of people sleep at night).

Like Anonymous pointed out, you don’t need a Japanese credit card for places like DLSite. You’re relying on either wrong, or extremely old and outdated information. The only part that is probably still true would be the kana part, but you can use any kana for that, so it’s a simple matter of following a guide to register.

Ironically, it’s actually cheaper for a lot of regions (including North America) to import manga/books from Japan using what was known as BK1 than it was to buy them locally. The opposite holds true for things like anime DVDs, though.

The people you described about the OEL sound really awful. I actually saw the author on a different forum board that has nothing to do with manga (it’s a free indie-game board), and he’s already in a position to upset my double-standard sensibilities; he only needs to get angry if someone distributes the full-version of his OEL. That said, I didn’t know you had a page after all this time…

The Japanese TS communities are indeed less terrible than their English counterparts. Hopefully, they stay that way. Though, I haven’t found any works that are an accumulation of everything I like with none of the things I intensely dislike yet. ”小柄”+”獣耳”+”百合”+”ファンタジー/SF” works are nearly impossible for me to find.

I’m going to have to decline from finishing off with a watermark; doing that would put me in the same position as Minori where a lot of people would misunderstand my intentions, and then ascribe some negative trait about me to make it easy to dismiss my feelings and bear a grudge. I would rather people incorrectly assume that I’m going to magically bounce back on my own volition.

I like Pact because I can go to the comment section and discuss the story and characters with other readers. It’s fun speculating on how a character will solve their problem, or analyze the symbolism like the green beetles and green crabs (I learned a lot about the Egyptians). The story feels significantly less grim-dark when we refer to the antagonistic chronomancer policechief as Lardo, and the imp that wants to twist the natural order of things as Paws.

That’s nice to know. Everyone should experience the cat faggot manga in English~♪