New: Koi Neko v8 ch62-67

Koi Neko v8 ch62
Koi Neko v8 ch63
Koi Neko v8 ch64
Koi Neko v8 ch65
Koi Neko v8 ch66
Koi Neko v8 ch67

I haven’t heard back from Kona, so I’ll be uploading the rest of the chapters in one week intervals, and update this post accordingly. Once I receive feedback from Kona, I’ll upload a v1.2 of each chapter. Nateinu hasn’t sent any raws for the upcoming volumes yet.

Greed Packet Status:
I finished ch12-17 of volume 3 sans the 6 colour pages.
SemiBitter replied in March, but hasn’t finished the colour pages for ch12-13 yet…
It seems Present finished the scanlation for “E.A.r.T.h.”, so I’ll have to read that to see how they translated a few terms for consistency.

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara Status:
I did a rough translation for v9, but haven’t heard from Jonathan yet.
Anonymous kindly uploaded raws for v9, but they suffer from some instances of severe bleedthrough like this:

I could use these, but I would rather work with HQ scans without bleedthrough, since it would involve less work on my part. Actually, I think it would be less work if I scanned the volume myself than it would be to fix the bleedthrough and redaw the art for the two-page spreads.

I plan to finish v3-4 of “Greed Packet Unlimited” before taking personal responsibility over “Ichinensei” and “Koi Neko”. I don’t know how long I should wait on others. Sorry for the delays…

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  1. anotheranon says:

    I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t point it out. Still is awesome to hear that V9 is in the works but sad at the same time because it is the last volume.

  2. starburst says:

    oh man that second to last page of neko. that is a grave marker. but for who’s grave?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I noticed another vol9 raw of Ichinensei on share but it’s probably the same raws but I guess I could check and see if it is or not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yup sadly, it’s the same raws.

  5. david says:

    What about Neko de Gomen! ‘s status? I have been waiting a long time for that.

  6. Anon says:

    The post is dated April and not May, weird.

  7. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for more Koi Neko!

  8. Kemm says:

    About Green Packet, you say v3 is in the works. What about ch5 and v2?

  9. viaggero says:

    I’m waiting for my ration loli m(-_-)m thanks guys…

  10. Sensualaoi says:

    If you ever get annoyed with your readers do a release in Sanskrit or something.

  11. thatoneposter says:

    Don’t worry about the delays. I’m just glad you’re still around. I hope you pick up another over-the-top TG comedy like Gacha2 or Ichinensei when you finish translating the latter.

  12. Kemm says:

    @Sensualaoi don’t tell me that next chapter of Nanka Kanojo ni Inumimi to Shippo ga Haetan Daga Ore wa Dousurebaii? will be in Sanskrit… Old English is still in use by some scholars and Latin is the official language of the Church (with italian pronunciation, but that doesn’t matter), but Sanskrit is truly dead for what I know.

  13. Taruby says:

    v3ch18 of Greed Packet Unlimited is in the proofreading stage. One more chapter left to go before I’m finished with the third volume.

    @david: “Neko de Gomen!” is available on J-comi, so I think I’m going to do a translation for that service in some form in order to help Nagano Akane. But I want to finish a few of my projects before I attempt this. Some manga on J-comi are available in PDF format, but “Neko de Gomen!” seems to only be available on the digital reader (with a HQ version for J-comi premium members).

    Ideally, I want to convince Akamatsu Ken to implement a system where a transparent .png file can be laid over the original .jpg pages to give the readers a scanlation-like experience. The current system is one where readers can transcribe the Japanese and switch to a different language that automatically gives a machine translation unless someone translates it by hand. My main issue with the current system is that the text blocks the bottom parts of the pages, decreasing the reader’s ability to enjoy the manga fully.

    @Anon: The April date was a mistake. I was trying to use a feature that posts a blog entry on a specific date. Thanks for catching that error.

    @Kemm: I haven’t heard back from Umeboshi (Japanese to English proofreader), so all of the Greed Packet chapters are stuck in the proofreading stage. Greed Packet is my most complicated project, and Umeboshi convinced me when he submitted corrections and improvements for the first chapter that I really need a more experienced translator to help proofread. I plan to send Umeboshi another e-mail after Semibitter sends the fixed colour pages for chapter 12.

    @Sensualaoi: Personally, I find fake releases, watermarks, and such to be annoying, so I don’t do those kinds of things.

    @thatoneposter: I haven’t seen any TG manga that I really want to work on as scanlations. The few TG manga I read that I thought were interesting enough to make me check for raw scans were already picked up by other scanlators that were using magazine raws.

    With that being said, I’ve been working on an ambitious non-scanlation translation project, which is refreshing because I’m learning all sorts of new things. Though, I don’t think I have made enough progress to mention it publicly (2% complete).

  14. Koi neko fan says:

    weee you give me happines today, thanks bro!

  15. thatoneposter says:

    @Taruby: What were the interesting TG manga you saw that was picked up by other groups? Also, have you ever thought of picking up something that has been dropped by other groups?

    Good luck on your new project! I look forward to hearing more about it.

  16. Sensualaoi says:

    How shall we define “real?” If one produces something with intent it must be real, and if it is the first of its kind it is also real while all copies are fake, which includes all scanlations. But of course that doesn’t mean a “fake” is without value. Indeed, the first and only translation of a manga into Sanskrit as opposed to American English would be a significant revival and should not be called worthless when derivative works have been framed in our art museums . Mr. Ashoka would also be most pleased with you and put in good words for you for the next rebirth cycle, although this is irrelevant since the method to happiness in this life requires heeding others as blithely as possible…….if I am annoying you then shall I continue?

  17. Taruby says:

    Koi Neko v8 ch63 is available for download. Please check the topic post for the link. Chapter 64 will be available next week.

    @thatoneposter: “NOT LIVES” by Karasuma Wataru as a recent example.

    As for picking up dropped projects, I picked up “Gestalt” by Kouga Yun, which led to the original scanlators contacting me and asking to do a joint, and I agreed, but their scanner went missing, and… well… I found out firsthand why that project died in the first place. Fortunately, it was later localised in English. Also, Haceldama told me that he found the story to be pointless, so I guess it was a good thing I didn’t finish it (I did translations for v1 and some of v2). n_n;

    While I’m not firmly in this stance, I don’t think I am going to be doing any new “scanlation” projects in the future. As I complained about in previous blog entries, I have become disillusioned by the shameless and unfair behaviour of the moderators and some users in the English-language TG manga communities, and I hope to move on to a different kind of community that doesn’t upset my sensibilities.

    @Senusalaloi: It’s a matter of proper attribution, which I consider to be important. If I were to upload a file that’s labeled as the Japanese raws for the 8th volume of Koi Neko when it’s really the Chinese raws for the 7th volume of Ichinensei, then the file misattributed as Koi Neko would be a fake.

  18. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  19. White-Fox says:

    Thanks for anther release. It’s a bit sad that I have just learn that Koi Neko is only 12 Volumes.

  20. Taruby says:

    Greed Packet v3 ch19 is now in the 8th floor of the Parallel Proofreading Tower of Parallel Proofreading World. Sent an e-mail to SemiBitter to see if he has made any progress on the 6 colour pages for the 3rd volume. I haven’t scanned the 3 colour pages for the 4th volume yet.

  21. Taruby says:

    Koi Neko v8 ch64 is available for download. Please check the topic post for the link. Chapter 65 will be available next week.

    Also finished v4 ch20 of Greed Packet Unlimited except for the covers (I have both the regular and limited edition ones) and colour pages. Haven’t heard back from SemiBitter yet.

    @White-Fox: Koi Neko really starts to drag its feet after the story-arc in the 9th volume. Anyway, Mashima Etsuya is working on a new story called “Zombie-chan” that is being serialised in the same magazine as Koi Neko. It’s a dark comedy kind of like one of Mashima’s older one volume stories about a sickly, psychopathic girl that takes inspiration from “Mein Kampf”, who comes into possession of some gullible shinigami’s scythe that she promptly uses to send all of her classmates to hell (that she later visits and takes over, and then literally brings back hell on earth). One of the characters in Zombie-chan looks like Nao in a maid uniform, and she loves fatties. The story looks interesting, though I’m going to pity anyone that tries to scanlate it since all of the Zombies’ dialogue is text-over-art.

  22. lambchopsil says:

    Your link for ch64 points to ch63

  23. victor rama says:

    thx for koi neko :D
    so you will finish koi neko till vol 12 right ? :D
    will you do zombie-chan next?

  24. Taruby says:

    Koi Neko v8 ch65 is available for download. Please check the topic post for the link. Chapter 66 will be available next week.

    Also finished v4 ch21 of Greed Packet Unlimited. Though, I still have ch21.5, which is 10 pages long that I’m going to include in the ch21 .zip file.

    @lambchopsil: Thank you for the correction, Lambchopsil.

    @Victor Rama: You’re welcome. I’m still waiting on Nateinu for the scans, but I was hoping to finish Koi Neko this year.

    I don’t have any plans to work on any new scanlation projects. Especially with Kona being inactive. I was doing scanlations in order to learn new things and improve various skills, but I believe I’m close to exhausting all of the things I can learn from doing this due to the lack of communities I can visit where I can garner feedback.

    Also, seeing some dead websites in my bookmark list has made me wonder what I should do if this website dies. I don’t have an online presence anywhere else. Well, hopefully I’ll finish my projects before that happens.

  25. Mat says:


  26. sensualaoi says:

    More importantly, some of the sexy but artsy stuff must be saved. Bakun-G_,Wonderful ch 2,and certain kemono chapters… do not have direct links.

  27. Taruby says:

    v4ch21(and 21.5) of Greed Packet Unlimited is in the proofreading stage (it’s a 42 page chapter). Semibitter, aka schizzer12 from FoOlRulez, sent me the .psd files for GPU’s 6 colour pages for the 3rd volume (he’s been extremely busy with work and school). The pages are close to finished sans a few things. So, I’ll work on these, and then contact Umeboshi to see if he’s alive.

    Also, I finally figured out how to change the header of this blog so that it links to the main website… I had to dig through the CSS code to find a specific instance of “php bloginfo(‘url’)” that I could change to without affecting the rest of the blog. This should solve the potential problems where someone bookmarks/links to the blog rather than the main page.

    @sensualaoi: Thank you for letting me know. I reuploaded the missing chapters to mediafire.

  28. Novei says:

    Only just checked in and honestly just relieved to see you’re still going. I honestly don’t have much to offer other than a sincere thank-you for all the work you already have done on scanlating manga and a good luck with your future releases! Keep up the great work.

  29. Taruby says:

    Koi Neko v8 ch66 is available for download. Please check the topic post for the link. Chapter 67 will be available on the 1st of June along with something else.

    @Novei: You’re welcome. If you happen to spot anything wrong in any of my recent releases (grammar, spelling, etc.), please let me know.

  30. Geese1 says:

    Thanks again for more Koi Neko!

  31. sandor says:

    Geez, as if it wasn’t obvious enough at the end of 65 that the big wish was Nao’s to catify Shinta, there was enough foreshadowing for it, and yet they’re still trying to run with the pretense of acting like it’s still a mystery to the reader. It reminds me of the TMNT 2k3 series, where it wasn’t supposed to be obvious that Shredder was the evil utrom, and then they tried to maintain suspense for several episodes before they revealed it in a big denouement that was supposed to be this big surprise. But then I actually have a friend who really WAS surprised by that, he totally didn’t see it coming. Somehow.

  32. Taruby says:

    Koi Neko v8 ch67 is available for download. Please check the topic post for the link. Nateinu hasn’t sent any scans yet, so you’ll have to endure the cliffhanger for an indeterminate amount of time, unfortunately. =P

    @Geese1: You’re welcome.

    @Sandor: Hello, Sandor. How have you been doing? Haven’t seen you or Calc-Yolatuh for quite some time.

    Shinta’s hellacious haircut is pretty obvious, isn’t it? I immediately thought that cat was Shinta the first time I read that chapter years ago. Thankfully, Mashima doesn’t use it as a red herring.

  33. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for another chapter!

  34. onii-chan says:


    > made me wonder what I should do if this website dies

  35. onii-chan says:

    ‘eh, helps to finish the post before clicking submit.

    Do what SaHa does. Release an updated batch torrent of everything once per quarter.