New: Osu Mesu☆Time Slip! v0.3

This is a Psuedo-Yuri TSF Adventure that that I have been working on that was released in 2005 with a scenario by Piyomizu and art by Moritan (Homepage). So far, the Japanese community consider it to be the most highly regarded TSF title along with another one called “鋼炎のソレイユ -ChaosRegion-” (Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region-), though I’m not familiar with the latter one.

I like this game for two reasons. One, I think the main character, Masumi, is the best TSF protagonist.

(Unused character art of Masumi from the game’s resource folder.)

Two, I think Piyomizu is probably the best TSF writer. Actually, one reason that I’m working on this is because Piyomizu released another title in 2013 that is the spiritual successor of Osumesu called “あい♂まい♀みすと” (Aimai Mist), which has higher quality writing, though the art by the illustrator Sakura Mikan (Homepage) is rather lacklustre. So, I hope to broaden interest in Piyomizu’s work, so Piyomizu might be able to do a better job next time.

This is an R-18 game, so the download links are in its own entry under “Hentai Translation”. I currently translated most of the graphical assets aside from the credits, which will be one of the last things I work on. I finished a rough draft for the prologue, which is over 5% of the total text, and the equivalent of 9-14 Koi Neko chapters.

I’ve been using two tools to work on this. The first one called mjarc by Proger_XP has severe wordwrapping issues. It can wordwrap the monologue at 58 characters per line, but it’s completely incapable of wordwrapping the dialogue, with the amount of text on the first line based on the length of the speaker tags. Here’s an example of the dialogue wordwrapping issue:

It also mangles the text, like “―n” becomes “・”, and sometimes it’ll do a linebreak at the end of the dialogue, and cause the invisible speaker tags “」」” to appear. I’ve been using this tool until I reached a certain point where it started causing the game to crash whenever it tries to load any changed lines past a certain part near the end of the prologue.

So, I switched to a different tool called mjdev by Haeleth, which can disassemble and assemble the .mjo script files. I disassembled the file I was working on with the previous tool, so I could see what mjarc did to the script, and it was adding br-tags to the dialogue in a haphazard way. Luckily, I can manually fix the text with mjdev, but I think I’m going to want a means to simplify this process because the br tags will have to be fixed each and every time the text is altered. Ideally, I think the monologue text can hold 58 characters in the first two lines, and 55 characters on the third line; and the dialogue text can hold 48-52 characters on all three lines. Unfortunately, mjdev isn’t without its own problems because it also seems to be incapable of assembling any script with the text_control commands necessary to display furigana over the writing, instead it ruins the specific line of text by making the characters extremely tiny, and it also ruins all of the previous text in the backlog menu by making it tiny. I fixed this by manually removing all of the script calls for the furigana, and the game seems to run smoothly afterwards. To make matters worse, when I tried to disassemble the .mjo script files for the main route and most of the character routes, they return a “fatal error: exception Failure (unknown command text_control_67 at [e.g. 0x005305]“. Finally, I did a test with one character’s route with mjarc to see if it would also cause game crashes if I change certain lines like what happened at the end of the prologue, which it does, so I can’t finish a translation patch for this game unless one of these tools is fixed.

I don’t quite know what to do about the tool issue, since the only translation project I saw that uses the same Majiro engine is for one called “Katahane”, and those people used their own hacked .exe of the game rather than mjdev and mjarc (they were using mjarc, but dropped it because the creator was busy). Personally, I like mjdev for the fact that I have access to the actual script, though I doubt its creator would be willing to go back and fix its issues with the various text_control problems.

Anyway, I highly do not recommend anyone download this yet for casual play. The translation is a rough draft without any help from a proofreader. So, it is highly likely to have spelling and grammar mistakes, and unnatural writing.

However, feedback and advice would be highly appreciated. I included the .utf and .mjs files in the update folder that can be viewed with any word processing programme. The .utf was for the mjarc tool, and I included it because the .mjs file is missing most of the Japanese text, making it difficult to crosscheck the translation. I think I’m going to manually insert the Japanese text into the .mjs file later, since the mjarc tool says it imports around 960 lines from the .utf file, which means that’s probably 900 times that I might have to copy and paste.

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  1. Taruby says:

    Volume 9 ch72 of Koi Neko is in the proofreading stage.

    Geez, working on a rough translation for Aoi Umi no Sashimi v2, Neko de Gomen’s 60-page chapter, and Koi Neko v9, and then editing and typesetting Koi Neko v9 in quick succession has been causing the thumb, index, and ring finger of my left hand to ache and burn, so I decided to get a wrist and thumb brace for it. I feel so much better now, though my speed has decreased, but that’s probably because I’ve been bending my wrist and fingers into a bad posture for so long that it has become a habit.