New: Koi Neko v10 ch76; Neko de Gomen! v7 ch43-44 (J-comi)

Koi Neko v10 ch76

As in the previous post, I have a substantial buffer of chapters for Koi Neko. I’m going to be releasing them on a weekly schedule like this:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..
I also finished the entire 9th volume of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara, however none of the chapters managed to clear the proofreading stage yet. Once one clears, it will be released with the same schedule as Koi Neko, so look forward to it!

Neko de Gomen! v7 ch43
Neko de Gomen! v7 ch44
I have decided to do the last two volumes of Neko de Gomen as translations for J-comi in order to support the original mangaka, Nagano Akane. Hopefully, this will help encourage her to allow her other series (e.g. Fantasia) on J-comi.

Once the Murasame Viewer loads, press the button with the picture of the word balloon, and then select “English” from the drop-down menu (default: 日本語).

Also, if you find any problems, or have any suggestions, please let me know! The reason I delayed doing translations for J-comi for so long is because I wanted to test out something where I create a .png overlay mask with an English translation that covers the original Japanese page. This was how it was supposed to work:
Original image:

Overlay mask:

This is the overlay mask patched over the original image using simple code:

I want to propose this idea to Akamatsu Ken, so readers would have a much more pleasant scanlation-like experience. I also want to use this technique for digital download manga. So, instead of hosting the edited original files, I only need to host the transparent translation images. However, a lot of digital download manga are stored in .pdf format, and I do not know how to add an overlay mask to a .pdf file. Someone said it was possible, but never bothered to explain. So, if you happen to know how to do this, please let me know! My original, alternative idea was to extract the images from the .pdf file, and then create an .html file that overlays the translation over the raw images, but this requires that the user have an extraction tool. I still do not know of any free .pdf extraction tools that are user friendly (the one I use was something that costs money). So, if someone has a suggestion for one of these, please let me know!


@Anonymous: Oddly enough, the readers on Batoto hate Shinta’s dad、Kazuya. The weirdest comment was that someone was hoping that Nao would punish him for his behaviour, which didn’t make much sense to me; Nao is one of the few characters who likes Kazuya.

@Tsu: Thank you very much for the moral support. Aside from the pages flying across the room, which meant that I had to reorganise them using my other copy, nothing bad happened during the debinding process.

@Leso: You’re welcome. It might be cool if we all had a cat faggot offline meeting. Then we can all bunch together, and roll around like a Katamari, picking up cats and fellow cat faggots along the way, like this:

@Geese1: You’re welcome. Nateinu still hasn’t sent scans for v11 of Koi Neko (he said he had to order an additional copy of v12). Hopefully, he gets the scanning done soon, so there isn’t a delay when I finish releasing all of the chapters for v10.

@Cat Faggot: Kom ut! Cat Faggot~♪

@Anonymous: Yeah, you mentioned that before about Puchi Hound’s French localisation, and its cancellation.

@Kemm: Working on Puchi Hound would take at least 9 months of my life. As I mentioned before, my ability to work on scanlations is waning due to the lack of good niche communities that aren’t moderated or frequented by people who commit unfair double standards, and so on. I asked multiple times in previous entries, but no one was able to suggest a good community, so after I’m done with my main projects, I’m going to try some other things, and then move on.

The only real possibility would be if Puchi Hound appears on J-comi, or if its publisher sets up something that functions like J-comi, so I can do a translation for it. If you really want me to do a scanlation, then you’ll either have to find a niche manga community that is good with themes in line with my scanlations, or rehabilitate the bad communities, or destroy them and set up a good community in their stead.

@DatGuy: Thank you for the encouragement!

@thatswhytheycallme: Thank you. You’re welcome. I haven’t read “Boku wa Mari no Naka” yet. Since you read the first several chapters, are the characters as annoying as the ones from “Sekai no Hatete Aimashou”? That’s one of the few serials I stopped following due to a growing dislike for the characters, and the way the story was progressing.

I have not read “Ame Nochi Hare” yet. When its first volume was initially released, there was a lot of confusion and discussion in the Japanese community I frequent about its contents, though no one said or showed anything that piqued my interest, so I decided to wait and see. Despite having good reviews, no one said anything about it that caught my interest, then again I think Haceldama might be the only one with some idea about the exact themes, and scenarios I find to be interesting, and which ones I dislike. Now that it’s a long-running serial, it has become increasingly unlikely that I’ll have enough open space in an my future orders to start following it (there’s other long running serials that I want to eventually get caught up with again like “Momogumi Plus Senki”).

@Chutril: You’re welcome. Sorry about the delay for Ichinensei~!

@Geese1: You’re welcome. Your dedication to comment on each and every Koi Neko release is impressive.

@Sandor: What attributes are you suggesting that kittens have that they would be more preferable to an alien species over fly maggots and human larvae? As for redeeming qualities, Archer told me that blowing on a human baby’s belly is similar in experience to motorboating. Then again, Archer was probably being facetious when he made that comment.

@SomeLoser: Basket of kittens. Indeed! You should thank Archer and Kona for the lack of awkward lines. Personally, I don’t really know what’s wrong with the lines you gave as an example:
“The money loaners broke the windows glass again, Dad. / Are you not repaying the money properly?”

That sounds like a rather direct translation, and I have a fair idea of how the original Japanese lines were written. Despite the number of discussions on the subject, an objectively good translation is one that can be recognised by its original author as something they have written if someone else were to translate it back into its original language.

Just as a test, would this make those lines sound better:
“The loan sharks busted the windows again, dad. Did you forget to pay them off?”

@Smash Attack: Nateinu is the one doing the scans for Koi Neko. Unless you meant that you didn’t know I was the one doing the scanlations for Koi Neko. Were you reading them on an online reader that removed my credit pages, or something?

@Davidsama: Sorry for the long wait for Neko de Gomen.

@Anonymous: What did the admins at mangaupdates do that is sort of retarded? I kind of know Lambchopsil, and he does visit this blog, though I don’t know if that’s because he follows Koi Neko, or if it’s just to check to make sure I’m not reporting a fake/joke release.

@Sensualaoi: I wasn’t aware that you were doing translations for that series. Lambchopsil has been rather clear about Mangaupdates’ zero tolerance stance on joke releases, particularly for April Fools day.

I’m not sure about the forum board thing, since I do recall there being scanlation groups who released their projects solely on forum boards and torrent trackers in the past. But that was long before they tightened up, and stopped allowing people to report releases that don’t have a group that’s registered in their database, I think.

As for the J-comi release thing. I’m debating whether to just point out that they do allow reports for light novel translations, so reporting translations on J-comi should be fine, or to point out that if they do refuse, then there’s really nothing holding me back from contacting all sorts of people to get rid of a bunch of bad communities, which could possibly escalate to the point that it might also affect their website, and other scanlation groups. However, the latter sounds like a threat, and it’s only based on Haceldama’s concern that everyone will turn into losers if I do such and such.

14 Responses to “New: Koi Neko v10 ch76; Neko de Gomen! v7 ch43-44 (J-comi)”

  1. White-Fox says:

    Thank you for the chapters.

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for more Koi Neko!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The latest retarded thing of them was remove the ‘lolicon’ tag from Astarotte no Omocha and lock the tagging list because apparently it has ‘no loli sexualization’ and ‘no loli romance’ even though the story says otherwise.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well you gotta remember the people at Batoto are the kind of people you’d see on a site that doesn’t allow loli content. After all they went as far as removing Ichinensei ni Nacchattara from it for that very reason, so you shouldn’t be surprised these kind of people would infest this site.
    Though I’ll admit I never go to batoto so I didn’t think it was that bad. I’d rather read off a site with watermarks than support a site like that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And yeh it’s a shame about Puchi Hund.
    On a sidenote it seems all the anonymous you replied to were me lol.

  6. Kemm says:

    Once you finally manage to convince Akamatsu, I’ll start going to j-comi for scanlations. I was waiting till I improved my japanese proficiency, since it’s dificult for me, time consuming and a pain to read translations there in its current format. I tried to once and it was about 3 times worse than that time I saw an anime chapter with the subtitles randomly showing up between 30 seconds and 2 minutes before the given line was said (and went away with similar timing).

  7. Kemm says:

    BTW @sensualaoi, I started reading that series, and the reason they removed it was that the first chapter was mostly typesdetted by paint (that was accepted, though they have nice handwiting-like fonts out there you could have used), th second one was in old english, the third one was in latin and all of the rest also had their things (one was in braille and had to be read in a web browser for it to change to english, another one was mirrored upside-down, a third was in pieces…) and you refused to make proper versions for them, so all your releases of the series are treated as joke releases. I’ve only seen 2-3 people relettering your chapters, and only one of them got past chapter 1, but I never managed to find the suppossed 2nd chapter.
    It’s on the erms of the site that M-U doesan’t allow neither joke releases (even April Fools; especially April Fools) nor webcomics without any kind of quality proof (like bein hosted in a site that makes prints of their series), for example, and any groupo that regularly tries to get past that will face consequences (in this case, the removal of the series until a second translator makes a non-joke version from scratch).

  8. Sensualaoi says:

    My point regarding that series is that the information marking its existance, genre, author and so forth should stay. I do not actually care if they choose to delist my “scanlation” but I see manga updates as a site for catalogging scanlations in addition to raw series.

    Actually the second chapter was translated by someone else simultaneously while another person worked from a translation I gave him. So there were three english versions of it, and four/five English versions of chapter 1, most of which were removed from batoto. There was an indonesian and latin version of chapter 3, and someone worked from the poor latin translation to bring it back into English a few months oater. I know because the chapter ending in Latin (and not Indonesian) had a mistake which was translated back into English and made me laugh a bit since I thought he had worked fresh from the raw Japanese. He did not credit me at all either so I guess he took credit for the mistake.

  9. sandor says:

    There’s no English button, the button with the word bubble just toggles between green and orange when I click it and it stays Japanese either way, and there are little boxes with 4 hexadecimal characters inside each all over the page, which I am sure are 2-byte codes for foreign characters as 256 combinations isn’t enough as it is for ascii for English. I have wasted 10 minutes trying many, many different things at random, since I have absolutely no idea what anything means, and the only thing I managed to do is go forward pages with the left pointing triangle at the bottom of the page and go back pages with the right pointing triangle. Please release as actual zip files like usual.

  10. Could you please do Neko de Gomen! as a regular scanlation as well? J-comi is just a miserable freaking reading experience.

  11. Taruby says:

    I inserted the text for v7 ch44 of Neko de Gomen for J-comi, and updated the topic post accordingly.

    @Sandor: Here’s a crappy visual guide that I made (Click for a full resolution image):

    Also, here’s an old guide to using J-comi: (Google Translate)

    Finally, if you want to harass Akamatsu Ken: (English Facebook) (Japanese Facebook) (Personal Blog)

    @Kemm: Your comparison with the horrible out-of-sync subtitles sounds more dreadful to me than reading a script translation. In the past, people had to import the books, and then use a translation they printed out from their computer to read them before someone had the idea of scanning the books and plastering the pages with text (scanlation). If I had to make an analogy, it would be like the difference between playing an old FPS game like “Hexen” with a keyboard, and playing a newer FPS game like “Half-life” with a mouse and keyboard. The latter is better in every way, but it’s still possible to play the old games once you get used to the control scheme. My biggest problem with J-comi is that the text window covers the bottom portions of each page, which is stupid. I think the text window would be much better and less intrusive if it was put on the left and right sides of the screen.

    @commodorejohn: In the future, I want to pursue the overlay image mask idea. If I do a scanlation, then people will be reading the chapters on Batoto and Manga Fox, but not J-comi. I would prefer that people read the translations on J-comi because that way they’re supporting the mangaka, and not greedy scanlators and Chinese business entrepreneurs.

    If there’s anything I can do to make the translation scripts currently on J-comi less horrible, please let me know. I only released them like that because people like davidsama were pestering me about why I haven’t done anything with Neko de Gomen for over a year. If you want to help me, I wrote about a couple things I would like to know how to do in the topic post.

  12. Kemm says:

    @Taruby. I know. I’m t saying that reading from a script is bad, but j-comi’s current formart of white over semi-transparent gray adds extra difficulty. Reading from a black-on-white printed paper, though equally time-consuming at first sight, is friendlier to the eyes.

  13. Kemm says:

    *I’m NOT saying

    I wonder where the “no” went.

  14. SomeLoser says:

    @Taruby – (re: money loaners…) It’s just has a rather clunky flow to it. I’ve recently come up with the theory (more for fansubs than scanlations, but it still serves) that a line is good if I can believe that those words cane from that mouth.

    Yeah, your “loan sharks” phrasing is pretty much in line with what I came up with. “Those loan sharks broke the windows again, Dad. Did you miss another payment?” (Your “pay them off” makes it sound more like he forgot to bribe them than pay money he owed to them.)


    I tried using Irfanview to extract from a .pdf file, it takes some inital setup (you have to install ghostlight as well as the irfanview plugins). Just open the PDF file with Irfanview, then use the ‘Extract all frames…’ command in the Options menu. It then saves each page as a separate image file.