New: Ichinensei v9 ch54-56; Koi Neko v10 ch77-78

Ichinensei v9 ch54
Ichinensei v9 ch55
Ichinensei v9 ch56

Sorry for the long wait, Archer finally submitted corrections for the first three chapters of this volume.

Koi Neko v10 ch77
Koi Neko v10 ch78

Special thanks to Semibitter/scizzer12 for giving me tips for doing the colour pages for this chapter. Nateinu hasn’t sent scans for vol.11-12 yet.

Like always, I’m releasing one chapter for each respective series with the following schedule:
1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 1st..

Also, I worked up the courage to ask Lambchopsil about the possibility to report translations on J-comi. I was 95% sure he would say no again. Instead, he asked Manick for his opinion, and Manick asked me to describe the scenario a reader would go through after seeing a release to find that chapter. I gave him two scenarios with one that has two different variants. I’m genuinely surprised that they’re taking me seriously.


You’re welcome.

Ah, I see. Is the tagging issue for “Astarotte no Omocha” part of the reason you’re hesitant to tag stuff on Pixiv? I do agree with you in regards to that manga completely deserving the Lolicon tag. I’m guessing the moderator is someone who likes it for a specific reason, and doesn’t want to admit that what they’re reading also panders heavily to lolicons as well. One of my acquaintances from Thailand picked it up because of its art style, a 10 year old Succubus, and ~~Elfleda. I picked it up because of p88 of volume 2.

Batoto removed Ichinensei because they’re half-assedly trying to comply with their advertiser’s policies, not particularly because the users wanted to remove it (the people who hate Shinta’s dad, hate him for a myriad of reasons). Though, I’m still perplexed why “Tolove-ru Darkness” hasn’t been removed yet; one of the characters called Mikan is a 5-6th year elementary schooler, meaning she’s 10-13 years old. She’s the same age as the characters from that popular novel illustrated by Twinkle called Lolicube (RO-KYU-BU!). Anyway, is your comment about reading off a site with watermarks a hypothetical statement, or do you know an online reader with ads that allows stuff like Ichinensei on it? If you know an advertisement service, whose policies allow for things like Ichinensei, you should suggest them to the administrator at Batoto. He said he was looking for alternative advertisers, but I kind of think he’s not really trying…

Yeah, it’s gotten to the point that I assume every anonymous poster is you. Actually, I have a confession to make. Due to a manga I read about football/soccer, I now associate the word Anonymous with Onanist (Masturbator). The manga was parodying some protest by young people wearing Guy Fawkes masks, who called themselves Anonymous (In the manga, they’re called Onanist).

OK, I’m sorry for misunderstanding.

Every time I notice a scanlation in another language for a project that I have worked on , it’s always been based off my translations rather than being its own Japanese-to-**** translation. A lot of these groups have really nice-looking websites, too. One Spanish group was using my scans, somehow turning my png files into jpg files that were 2-3 times larger (this boggles my mind). I really felt bad for them, though I didn’t bother to offer to send them the original .psd files; they didn’t bother to credit/blame me for the translation they were basing theirs off of (readers deserve to know they’re getting a Japanese>English>Spanish translation rather than a Japanese>Spanish one). Actually, another funny thing is that one of Mashima Etsuya’s fans was showing him a French scanlation of “Koi Neko” that was based off my English translation. The fan was gushing about Sakurazaki Nao being the most wonderful girl in the world, so wonderful that she can also speak foreign languages like French. The saddest part is that the French scanlation was based off my version of “Koi Neko” where I somehow kept writing her surname as Sakurabashi. One of my other projects had a character with the name Sakurabashi, but that was the first time I consistently wrote a character’s name wrong, it’s surreal.

Ah, OK. Thank you for the clarification.

Ah, I like your version better.

I just tried Ghostscript, and it seems to work with most of the .pdf files I threw at it. Awesome. Thank you so much! Since you did a huge favour for me, is there a short (~30 pages) .pdf manga/doujin that you would like me to translate to English for you?

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