New: Koi Neko v11 ch85

Koi Neko v11 ch85


Thank you for catching that error.

You don’t need my permission or consent to give me a digital hug, though it doesn’t lead to a release of Oxytocin, so…

They’re book compilations, and I own most of the physical books for the projects I work on to support the original author (doing otherwise would make me a parasite). Exceptions include projects like “Neko de Gomen” and “Boukun Tyrano-san”, since they were out of print (though I bought some of Nagano Akane’s newer works to support her). The only one I did as a scanlation because I uploaded a picture from my digital camera to this blog is “Greed Packet Unlimited”, though I used to upload pictures of the books I ordered to Mr Sleep’s forum board, and “Koi Neko” was among the ones I picked up since then, I believe.

Personally, I have a difficult time finding out about manga that might interest me, so I thought uploading photos and short descriptions of the ones that interested me might be useful for others who are also looking for books to purchase. There’s the additional benefit that if someone is unsure about something, then I can give further details, so they don’t make a blind purchase. So, no. You’re not supposed to look at the pictures and feel jealous; especially nowadays when more and more manga are being sold digitally.

Ooi Masakazu has been working on way too many serialisations, which was impacting the overall quality of his manga. It’s pretty easy to tell that he was physically exhausted in the last volume of Ichinensei.

I’m opposed to those communities because of their racist double-standards. I used to work with this one cool person from Japan, but he disappeared after he became fed up with the shameless nastiness of these kinds of communities. One site owner in particular was distributing the works of others without permission (the only reason his community became popular was because of this), and later started selling his own digital works (while also charging people to have access to downloads of the work of others that he’s distributing without permission). Then he became aggressive when people started distributing his stuff by destroying these people’s communities, calling up their parents, and so on. It’s freaking awful, and all of these western artists/writers that do similar things are the worst. Seriously, if for some reason I started producing my own content for digital sale, and I started pulling the same kind of crap, I should be killed immediately.

Parallel Worlds has a Parallel Proofreading Tower, which is a reference to the Parallel Tower here. Scroll down and look at the fanart, and watch the videos to get a full understanding.

Unfortunately, words without actions won’t cheer me up. The only thing I can do about my feelings is either to destroy the source of the problems, or find something else to distract myself with.

Thank you for the improved batch script. I don’t have anything ready, so I’m currently in no rush if you need to take the time to code a useful application. Though, aren’t there Windows emulators for the other OSes? I know my Linux friends use WINE in order to run Window’s applications.

I have to wear a wrist and thumb brace for both of my hands in order to type for prolonged periods (they make it especially difficult for me to use keyboard shortcuts), though that’s not quite the same as having a broken/fractured hand.

I read a couple chapters, and I’m impressed that the author was thoughtful enough to avoid triggering my bingo card of things I dislike in these kinds of works. From the short description, I thought the author was going to change the main character’s name, and have the narrative refer to the character by the new name, but the author at least seems to have a partial understanding that things can hardly be as simple as that in regards to personal identity and habits (Piyomizu is one of the few writers I know who fully understands this). Thank you very much for sharing.

Speaking of which, I’ve been reading a web serial called “Pact” by Wildbow. It’s still ongoing, but the author follows a fast and reliable release schedule that leaves me excited for each new update.

Most people don’t discuss the series I work on in this blog; this place isn’t well-suited for such discussions. I had to go to 4chan through an archive service and this one Russian-language forum board to read useful feedback on Ichinensei to get a comprehensive idea of what I was doing right, and what I was doing wrong. Of course Koi Neko isn’t being discussed on either site, so I’ve finally run out of communities that don’t upset my sensibilities. I’ve asked in past blog entries for alternative English communities, and it doesn’t seem like any exist.

You’re welcome.

It’s been over 2 years, and things have been steadily getting worse as I lost my ability to give more and more English manga-related community site owners the benefit of the doubt. I deluded myself into thinking that Batoto’s site owner, Grumpy, was trying to make a good filesharing community, and that all of my issues with them were a phase that would be sorted out eventually. However, he’s more interested in making money, and removing certain series because he doesn’t like the contents, so I have no choice but to have a lower opinion of him than I have for Noez, whose actions made me stop visiting Mangafox when I found out that they had no good intentions as well a long time ago.

You’re welcome. Koi Neko deserves better than to be ruined by my poor writing skills. Every time I open Photoshop and try to think of ways to typeset the dialogue, I instead think about negative things that cause me to waste my time.

You’re welcome. I can’t ignore these kinds of things; it’s one of my personality flaws.

Don’t worry, I’m not having suicidal thoughts. It’s more like I want to contact every single person who’s being exploited by the owners of these bad communities and give them simple instructions so that they can shut down such communities, or freeze their Paypal accounts, and so on. Haceldama believes this would turn everyone into losers, so I have to restrain myself from doing such.

You’re welcome.

You’re welcome. Fortunately, I don’t think I have been hounded by ungrateful fans. The closest thing to fan-induced stress was way, way back when I distributed files on file dump websites, and people would complain about the ones I used. But that was like over 5 years ago.

You’re welcome. I also have similar issues with continuing things when I stop reading them. There’s quite a few light novels I own that I only read halfway to three-quarters through because I stopped and didn’t feel like picking them back up again. Usually this can be avoided by dedicating enough time so I can read it in one sitting, or continuous sittings without extended breaks.

I have all of the pages for Koi Neko cleaned, so they just need a translation inserted, and some redrawn text over art (it’s easier to redraw the art when I have the English text on the screen).

The only problem I have with the majority that uses Batoto is their apathy, which I’m guilty of as well. It’s kind of like seeing a video of someone putting a baby bunny under a glass pane and then crushing the cute bunny into a bloody pulp (fortunately, the people who saw this video didn’t sit around and maybe complain a little about it, but rather they got off their butts and hunted the evil person who did it to prevent them from murdering more bunnies).

I’m unaware of anyone bad-mouthing me. The only recent negative comment about me that I read was someone who said I was cancer; this person thought I was dropping Ichinensei because of some panel that was based on a photograph of infamous origins when I was only asking readers whether or not it would be in good taste to include the photo in the credit page. I didn’t feel insulted; I also thought I would’ve been cancerous if I dropped Ichinensei for such a silly reason.

I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. I hope some of my answers in this post have cleared things up. In any case, thank you for scanning Koi Neko.

You’re welcome.

I think it will eventually be resolved when 2ch finds out about them, and decides to do everything within their means to rid the internet of their presence; the 2ch folks made over 107 one-thousand comment threads to plot the rehabilitation/destruction of some mangaka called Masao. She was tracing other people’s art, and when confronted with it, she reacted in an extremely rude, nonchalant way. The best thing about the whole ordeal is when Akazawa RED showed up and made a car analogy about people like her.

The amount of text in Ichinensei’s last volume was so sparse, I was able to finish it in close to a week back in September.

Accidentally confused your comment with Anon, who was working on a reading app. Thanks to the confusion, I found out I accidentally trashed one of his comments in the last entry, so thank you very much. As for your latest comment, I had to turn on a feature that forces all comments to be moderated before being posted because I didn’t want to annoy people who came to this blog to only see 6,000 spam bot comments. The feature is supposed to be a one-time thing per user, so I might keep it on.

I’ll give an example of the kind of feedback I found useful. On the Russian-language forum board, the users were discussing the Christmas chapter in Ichinensei, and one of them thought the line where Santa said “Fauna from the Land of Hentai” was funny. The original line in Japanese was something like “さすがHENTAIの国” (As expected of the HENTAI country). I didn’t think the original had the same impact in English as it did in Japanese, so I worked with the idea that going to a country like Australia and seeing kangaroos was a “さすが” thing, so I made another step that going to Japan and seeing Yume could be a “さすが” thing in a similar way because of how some foreigners believe Japan is crawling with deviants.

The amount of people who give critical feedback on this blog are very few (e.g. Sandor). People seem to be more open about their feelings on other websites, which I understand. Like one guy Archer likes called TheSpoonyOne deleted the comments of users from SomethingAwful who thought his Dr. Insano segments weren’t interesting. Thanks to people like him, I doubt very many people feel comfortable leaving comments elsewhere.

You’re welcome. I almost thought you would just say “thanks for Koi Neko” and leave it at that.

As for returning to scanlation, I doubt it. If Anon finishes his reading app, I might do manga translations in the same way Romhackers make their translation patches.

Yeah, Calc-Yolatuh mentioned Crazy’s a long time ago, but when I went there, I only saw a shoutbox. I don’t think anyone on there discusses Koi Neko.

You’re welcome.

When you’ve got my back, does that mean you would follow me into a mine field, or push me into it (“Well, you are the burglar. Go down and burgle something.”)?

You’re welcome. Greed Packet Unlimited is in need of a Japanese to English proofreader. I still haven’t contacted Present about his translator, but I really don’t think I can send e-mails to him, or even my normal proofreaders; I don’t want to let my negativity seep into my e-mails, since those guys have enough personal problems as it is.

You’re welcome. I probably could have finished Koi Neko if I worked on the raws after I finished Ichinensei, though Archer was super busy, so he probably wouldn’t have proofread it before I went through a tiring and stressful period back in November/December. However, it would’ve been easier for me to silently add corrections, than it is to write dialogue.

You’re welcome.

Ooi Masakazu’s other serial “Okusan” is like “Ichinensei ni Nacchattara”, so I would recommend that you check that out if you want a similar dose of interesting character interactions versus pointless fight scenes and action.

I already did the cleaning for Koi Neko. My problem is that I can’t bring myself to write the dialogue, or work with people because I feel negative (if I can’t send an e-mail to Kona, who I’ve known nearly since the beginning, then there’s little chance that I can work with a stranger).

With that being said, I do not enjoy working with typesetters; it creates a huge amount of work on my part to examine each page and translate the dialogue in a .txt file. I did this for “Bakuretsu Tenshi” for Dynasty Scans and “Gestalt” for Mangascreeners (that they didn’t use because their scanner disappeared). The main problem is that I need to go over the translation multiple times to make sure I have a good idea of the context and how things mesh together, and a lot of the times I only notice a mistakes when I’m slowly taking my time to typeset the dialogue (I also keep going back over my translations and changing things over the course of writing the translations on J-comi).

14 Responses to “New: Koi Neko v11 ch85”

  1. Mat says:

    >:D *Hugs forever~~

  2. Leso says:

    I know words might be meaningless, though I’d like to be able to give you something back; Your work translating series has entertained me and cheered me up a little when I was feeling down, and I’d like to do the same for you. We all could use some joy.
    Ps; Yay, earthquake.

  3. Geese1 says:

    Thanks as always for the new chapter. Hope things start looking up for you in the near future.

  4. manga2x says:

    Hi Taruby, thank you for doing scanlation on Koi Neko. I know this is a word from someone that you never met or known. but, don’t worry about Koi Neko, just think about yourself. To be able to keep on going for this long. this is already an achievement. you have done enough.

  5. Ultimate says:

    Awesome A Koi Neko update!~ Your Koi neko and Greed packet updates are always my favorite and brighten my day! XD. I Hope things get better for you and we see more updates in the near future~

    -just another fan passing by! =P

  6. lambchopsil says:

    Thanks for Koi Neko. To answer your comment on Oct 1, 2013, I’ve been reading Koi Neko since the beginning~ It’d be sad if you stopped, but I totally understand why you would. I’ve asked myself a similar question about quitting MU

    I haven’t actually been reading this blog and its comments for the longest time, but I went back to some older posts/comments, and I can understand why some people are frustrated with MangaUpdates… So many things have changed in the last 8 years ><

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh no wonder my comments didn’t appear, though after I noticed the second comment didn’t appear I decided it was probably some protection thing!
    As for feedback, I must admit that I sometimes check comments from people for certain series. Batoto, mangahere and mangafox comments section are truly plagged by many idiotic people and I enjoy reading their whining, a good example being them getting angry because Lotte no Omocha is heading for a Lotte end.
    Also reading those kind of comments, I’ve almost never noticed actually feedback from any of those sites. And I must admit I must say I hadn’t noticed feedbacks on Ichinensei on 4chan either, but maybe I don’t look enough (I made most Ichinensei threads lately).
    As for Koi Neko, I think I’ve seen a few threads before, but not as much as Ichinensei or Greed Packet Unlimited. Are you still stuck in proofreading hell for GPU? I would offer to help, but I must admit I don’t think I have the power for that, I tried helping proofreading for Aiko Desho as freelance for a little while and figured I wasn’t really any good for that kind of stuff. I’ve noticed people proofreading stuffs in 4chan though, so if you still need help I could try to call them out for you next time I see them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are there any plans to resume the neko kissa scans?
    I ask because it looks like you’re about to finish scanlation on koi neko (one 1 volume and half to go) and I really enjoy that series.

  9. Gorilla says:

    Been a while since I visited your site. Have been a fan of the series you’ve worked on since the beginning of your scanlator career. Sadly your latest projects hasn’t really agreed with my tastes and my reason to visit these past few years have been Ichinensei ni Nacchattara which I think should have ended a long time ago. I’ll finish it some day though because of the work you have put in.

    I have to agree with you on these online readers. Everyone of them are only interested in making money (with some exceptions maybe) and people support them because its convenient and easy. Mangaupdates removing group links doesn’t really help getting the traffic to where it belongs.

    As for Batoto it was suspicious from the start. If they really were supporting the community and scanlators then they should have made their revenue numbers public from the start. It was clear it was a money grabbing attempt to ride on the other evil aggregator sites popularity while trying to portray themselves as the good guys. And people bought it.

    Anyway thanks for your many years of service.

  10. masterchief11777 says:

    Thanks for the new Koi Neko ch ^^
    i have question on the Masterminde of this group i scanned the Complete Fantajia 1-5 of nagano akane if you need she it´s my Plesure give it to you ^^

  11. sensualaoi says:

    I’ll talk about the English tg community later. First, with regards to piracy it is hard to feel sorry for many of those companies or publishers when they’ve essentially given the middle to finger to those dirty foreigners. For example, Minori, one of the more xenophobic examples, once banned foreign IP addresses from visiting its site while leaving a very rude message in English following the Rape-lay incident, then filled a C&D at a fangroup that was translating one of their visual novels, and only removed the IP banning a year or two later after they’d done so, having been convinced of the scent of money when they reached an agreement to work on an official English translation with that group. Now their site has a friendly page in English as if nothing happened. Would you want to support a company that actively shunned you and tried to block you, even if you wanted to pay for their work?

    Most of what is scanlated will never be officially localized. The people who read scanlations generally can’t read Japanese and are unlikely to pay an arm and a leg to ship a Japanese volume overseas. Companies like DLsite which offer digitial downloads for h-works
    handicap their English site by having fewer offerings than in English. Then to add salt to the wound, they have anti-piracy measures, and make it difficult to register on the Japanese version of the site without a Japanese address, katakana/hiragana name, and a Japanese credit card. It practically becomes necessary for someone to rip the raws for anyone outside of Japan to even look at their obscure ts wank-manga.

    This does not prevent raws from circulating on the non-english web though. Often even if there is no English scanlation, and zero discussion of the manga in English, someone has at one point scanned the manga and posted it on Japanese blogs and file-sharing sites. Taking existing pirated raws, and translating them usually only opens it up to a wider reading audience who wouldn’t purchase it anyway. The authors who aren’t xenophobes usually enjoy knowing their work is more widely read (even if they’re not being paid), and remark about any overseas popularity on twitter, and it’s the publishers, their lawyers and their bots who send out the C&D notices everywhere, just in case they might translate a visual novel into Czech someday.

    Now about the English tg community. I don’t know about the incident that you’re talking about, (I’m suspecting you’re referring to the Farhad forum and that western ranma ½ page), but I’ve had my own frustrations which are hard to put into words. Generally I don’t let it bother me to the point of leaving, since it’d be silly to let myself be worked up about internet spaceships, but there have been cases. The last notable one was with a certain titular Gender Bender Twister Extreme, an OEL that has raised 30K in kickstarter donations + sales on indygogo and desura, mainly due to intense fetish marketing and SEO/page rank manipulation, and because it has its own heavily spammed thread pinned on more than one site. The authors have been immune and insulting to any objective criticism, and have squandered the donations they received while trying to delete threads or posts (on Farhad or their steam green-lit page) that hurt their feelings or prospects of a sale. But it’s mostly tolerated due to nepotism, since they chat with everyone and are friends with people who run several tg sites, and because people want to support western authors. I had a page linking to criticism of the project, but it doesn’t have the page rank to show up on a search and compete when the authors have posted topics asking for donations on literally no less than 30 forums. The look at me and support me attitude is the opposite of the humbleness you find on twitter or pixiv, or at comiket, and we lost a frequent and productive poster because of the emotions (or loss of anonymity) stirred up from that incident.

    A lot of the English tg community also has an emotional desire to suppress lolicon, despite their own closeted and not sociably acceptable fetish. Fictionmania, a place not known for showcasing good stories, has banned a ton of age regression stories. I’m thinking that maybe if I finally make the leap into the Japanese ts community I can escape stone-age belief systems.

    Well then, should you decide to continue to scanlate more (or to quit) by all means use that watermark of a loli stomping on a guy’s balls. It’d be a glorious postmodern way to satire and rage-quit or block future uploads to batoto, and if you’re going to quit, throw a fit and leave in style. It’s not like you owe the batoto whiners or leeches who don’t help, and can’t be bothered to visit your site any special services. Some of them take translations, remove the credits, and typeset them again verbatim and then pass them off as their own under a new group name too.
    (I’m starting to miss how it was a few years ago when the internet was still fresh and had to scour the internet for your niche interests, while being rewarded by discovering new things, homepages with midis and animations, and individual voices along the way. That was before people locked their profiles down on facebook, before link farming ruined google searches and internet surfer apathy set in; it was when Cracked didn’t dominate searches, and before everything people thought was worth looking at was grouped together and presented on just a few major portals.)

    I tried to read a few chapters of the Pact to get a feel for the direction, mostly from the ending, but there seems to be more suspense than action, the beginning was so slow I couldn’t even skip it, and I’m not into grim-dark devil-worship stories.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You’re wrong though, you don’t need a Japanese cc to buy stuff from dlsite maniax, I’ve been buying stuff from them for years and only had problem when they changed their charging ways, but it was eventually corrected in less than half a year.

  13. Leso says:

    Hi, how’s everyone?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say. It seems like Nekogurui Minako-san has started to be translated a little while back. Didn’t notice until today though.